Help with the Headlines: The Royal Wedding

News moves fast and sometimes it's hard to navigate through it without a guide. Each week, librarian Chris chats about a hot topic in the news and points to some places to get more information.

Over the last couple years I’ve seen numerous writer’s invoke images of floods to describe the ominous torrent of modern day, always connected news consumption. And like most floods, it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed, floundering to stay above it. So, I was delighted, giddy even, to find myself happily floating along the comparatively languid currents of last week’s breaking news du jour, the Royal Wedding.

You can watch the whole deliciously pomp-filled spectacle here—I’ve conveniently skipped the first few hours and taken us right to what really matters, the bride’s sun-drenched arrival in her stunning and storied Givenchy wedding dress. Other highlights included Bishop Michael Bruce Curry’s soaring sermon on the power of love, and the The Kingdom Choir’s glorious, gospel-soaked rendition of the enduring soul classic, “Stand By Me.”

Of course, if you want to read more about it, media outlets seemed to be having a blast covering the spectacle. I especially liked this cheeky Royal Wedding FAQ put together by the New York Times, replete with whimsical animated graphics. And Allyson, one of our intrepid librarians, put together this great Royal Baby Birthday List of aristocratic reads a couple years ago celebrating the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s second child, Charlotte.