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Chris Breitenbach

Adult Services Librarian

Adult Services

Chris is a part-time Adult Services librarian. This means you'll find him happily working behind the various reference desks at the library. When he's not at the library, he's a dad. He also enjoys making music, short films, and helping others to do the same.

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Help with the Headlines: The Man Booker Prize

A graphic novel makes the longlist for the Man Booker literary prize for the first time ever. Reference Librarian Chris helps us explore some of the history behind this headline.

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Help with the Headlines: The Thai Cave Rescue

It was a riveting, tension-filled time in Thailand for 12 boys and their soccer coach this week. Reference Librarian Chris helps us explore this and past headline-grabbing rescues.

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Help with the Headlines: Village of Skokie vs City of Evanston

What's going on with our water? Reference Librarian Chris helps us learn what's behind the latest headlines.

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Found in Translation

According to some polls, average American film-goers shy away from movies with subtitles. But we know that Skokie Public Library patrons are above-average! So here are 10 accessible (and wonderfully entertaining!) foreign films for those ready to adventure forth into the bounty of goodness that is World Cinema.

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EDM: An Electronic Dance Music Primer

After the infamous “Disco Demolition Night” at Chicago’s Comiskey Park in 1979, American dance music went underground. But the last decade has seen it return to the mainstream with a vengeance. Here, then, is a primer, of some of the best Electronic Dance Music (EDM) the library has to offer.

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I’m Not Crying, You’re Crying

Some movies, despite our best efforts, make us cry. Tearjerkers, weepies, melodramas, and perhaps most pejoratively, the chick-flick, these films are often oppressively fine-tuned to elicit our sorrow. Here are some movies that earned my own recalcitrant tears.

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