Meet the Summer Reading Assistants

If you've spent even a little time at the library this summer, chances are you've seen one of our Summer Reading Assistants assisting eager readers at the Camp Imagine desk.

With bright smiles and positive attitudes, Abby, Michael, Logan, and Anna answer questions, offer encouragement, and reward Summer Readers with well-deserved badges and prizes. We recognize their effort and thank them for their service to the reading cause.

Name: Elizabeth "Abby" Antwi-Nsiah

Years as a Camp Counselor: 1

Favorite Summer Reading moment: One little girl was really excited to turn her badge sheet into the Camp Mailbox and started screaming "It's time!" when her mom told her she could finally turn it in.

Best experience as a Summer Reading assistant: Whenever I see kids come into the library and immediately run to the Summer Reading desk. It's nice to see everyone so excited.

Number of badges earned: 5

Favorite badge: Hero

Favorite part of the library: My favorite part of the library is how happy everyone is to be here. The runner-up is definitely the tent. People can't resist making a tent joke when they walk by.

Interests: I love dancing!

Name: Michael Antwi-Nsiah

Years as a Camp Counselor: 2

Favorite Summer Reading moment: There’s a family with two kids, and the first time they checked in with me, we realized that I had the same name as the youngest boy. He was amazed that someone else had the same name as him and ever since then they’ve loved checking in with me.

Best experience as Summer Reading assistant: All the cool kids I get to meet that love reading. All the time I see kids who just want to play video games and will do anything to get out of reading so it’s refreshing to see that there’s still hope for the future.

Number of badges earned: 4

Favorite badge: Adventurer

Favorite part of the library: I love how friendly everyone on the staff is. I don’t think anyone has ever passed the Summer Reading desk without saying hello in some shape or form.

Interests: I like watching baseball, and even though I don’t play college baseball, my intramural career seems to have a lot of promise.

Name: Logan Sutherland

Years as a Summer Reading Assistant: 2

Most inspiring Summer Reading story: Not one story, as it happened several times, but parents would often tell me that this program gets their kids way more into reading than they would be otherwise. Those parents are always so incredibly grateful to us and the library for designing a program that encourages reading.

Best experience as Summer Reading assistant: Finding out that one of my favorite patrons was asking about me after the summer, and reading the notes that her grandmother would help her write.

Number of badges earned: 2

Favorite badge: Vet, because the monster's so cute.

Favorite part of the library: The Bookmobile, definitely. I like to call it 'guerrilla librarianing'—taking the library to the streets!

Interests/goals: I'd like to become a voice actor for an animated TV series like Samurai Jack, Avatar: The Last Airbender, or Steven Universe.

Name: Anna Yabloch

Years as a Summer Reading Assistant: 3

Favorite Summer Reading moment: My kindergarten teacher comes by with her granddaughter, who participates every year! I love seeing her come by and I'm happy I get to catch up with her every time.

Best experience as Summer Reading assistant: I love seeing all parts of the community come by and sign up for the reading program. I'm happy to see patrons of all reading abilities participating and receiving their badges!

Number of badges earned: 10 already!

Favorite badge: Chef

Favorite part of the library: As a Russian speaker, I absolutely love the Russian collection. As a kid I borrowed books and movies from the kids' Russian collection and still do as an adult, but from the adult collection.

Interests/hobbies/goals: My hobbies include reading, cooking, and crafting. My interests range far and wide, but two of my main ones right now are health and politics, which are part of my goals as well!

It's Not too Late to Start Earning Badges!

There's still time to get in on the fun. If you need a book suggestion to get you started on a badge, such as Be a Musician, Be an Athlete, or Be an Engineer, visit our Summer Reading lists page.