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Back to School Online Resources

The new school year has arrived and we’re here to help you hit the books. Skokie Public Library has the resources you need to be productive and successful in your studies.

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Family Science Expo

Get your science on with these wonderful resources before (and after!) our upcoming event.

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Science is Full of Characters

The stereotype that scientists are all old dudes in lab coats sporting crazy hairdos couldn't be farther from the truth! Science is full of characters of all kinds. Library books help correct our misconceptions about who scientists are and what they look like. These kid- and family-friendly reads will introduce you to some of my favorites.

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Experimenting with Science

Would you like to perform a science experiment? After checking out these kid- and family-friendly books, my hypothesis is you and your family will have a great time learning about science together.

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Many Kinds of Mango

I enjoy a variety of fruit and consider myself a budding connoisseur. I like to try new varieties when I have the opportunity, however, the mango has somehow escaped my notice until recently. I am unusually hesitant to try it, so to gain a better understanding, I looked at the following books and was delighted to find that there is much to learn from a mango. Also, in children’s books a mango is not always a fruit!

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Building Bridges to World Peace

If you’ve been wondering what books you can share with the youngest people in your life (and perhaps the oldest too!) about building bridges to world peace, I highly recommend these books as a place to start.

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