Sensory Break Room Guidelines

Photo of a room with dim lighting, comfortable seats, and calming items

This calming space is for children 17 and younger who are having difficulty managing their emotions or behavior and need a quiet space. With the help of an adult, children can regulate their emotions in this room and then use the rest of the library. 

  • Please limit visits to 20 minutes, and be considerate if others are waiting.
  • A responsible parent or caregiver, 18 or older, must stay in the room with the child.
  • Everything in the room remains in the room. Please put things away after using them, and tell a staff member if something is broken or needs attention.
  • Library technology, such as tablets and computers, is to be used outside the room.
  • If you need supportive items outside the Sensory Break Room, ask for a sensory kit or an activity bin at the Kids Desk.
  • Please ask staff if you need assistance.