Many Kinds of Mango

By Lorrie Pomian Fisher

I enjoy a variety of fruit and consider myself a budding connoisseur. I like to try new varieties when I have the opportunity, however, the mango has somehow escaped my notice until recently. I am unusually hesitant to try it, so to gain a better understanding, I looked at the following books and was delighted to find that there is much to learn from a mango. Also, in children’s books a mango is not always a fruit!

  • Quick, Slow, Mango!

    2011 by Anik McGrory

    Kidogo (kee-DOE-go) the elephant and PolePole (POH-lay POH-lay) the monkey have opposite personalities. One likes to enjoy every moment and live life slowly and the other is always in a hurry. When it comes to picking mango fruit from a nearby tree, these unlikely friends find out whether or not one of their methods is more effective than the other.

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  • A Mango In the Hand : A Story Told Through Proverbs

    2011 by Antonio Sacre

    When Francisco’s parents offer to cook him a special meal for his feast day, he requests “delicious mangos, right from the tree” for dessert and they send him on his way to pick them. With a little bit of Spanish and a handful of proverbs, Francisco learns many life lessons that readers will benefit from as well.

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  • The Not-a-Pig

    2016 by Polly Faber

    The main characters in this easy fiction book are Bambang, an Asian tapir (not a pig), and Mango, a multi-talented young girl (not a piece of fruit). Despite a little near-trouble with their neighbor, Dr. Cynthia Prickle-Posset, and the lifeguard at the local pool, these two fascinating friends have a splendid time together as their friendship develops.

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  • Mango, Abuela, and Me

    2015 by Meg Medina

    In this award-winning picture book, Mango is a spirited parrot that helps a young girl named Mia and her abuela bridge their language gap. describes it as "an endearing tale from an award-winning duo that speaks loud and clear about learning new things and the love that bonds family members."

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  • A Mango-Shaped Space : A Novel

    2003 by Wendy Mass

    The 13-year-old main character in this book is also named Mia, and she experiences synesthesia, in which she sees colors with numbers, letters, and sounds. Mango is the name of her beloved cat.

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  • Mango Delight

    2017 by Fracaswell Hyman

    An unexpected four-hundred-meter sprint victory by Mango Delight Fuller sets off a chain of events that starts with her BFF, Brooklyn, being jealous of her and ends with her starring in the school’s production of Yo, Juliet! Through all of the chaos, Mango and the other characters in the book learn about being a good friend and choosing your friends wisely.

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