Summer Beach Reads 2017

By Lynnanne Pearson

If you hear summer reading and immediately think beach reading then we have a list for you. Grab your beach chair, some SPF sunscreen, and one of these books then turn off your brain for a couple of hours.

  • Startup : A Novel

    2017 by Doree Shafrir

    Apps might come and go, but lies, sex, and cheating have never gone out of style. Shafrir is a Buzzfeed news writer, so she knows how to write engagingly about the current tech culture. Even if you don't know Snapchat from Instagram, you will find this book, which is as smart as it is fun, as addictive as those ubiquitous Buzzfeed quizzes.

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  • Priestdaddy

    2017 by Patricia Lockwood

    We all think our families are a little odd, but it would be hard to top Patricia Lockwood's family for dysfunction. In this memoir, she treats us to all the crazy details of life with a father who is a Catholic priest (a married one no less), a mother who has a penchant for morbid tales, and the time she and her husband had to move back home after suffering financial setbacks. This book is perfect for those fans of The Thorn Birds who wished Maggie and Father Ralph lived happily ever after as well as those of us who secretly enjoy reality television shows.

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  • Rich People Problems : A Novel

    2017 by Kevin Kwan

    Finally, the third book in the Rich People series is here. I am more than ready for further gossipy fun among the Asian jet set. Kirkus has called this series "part Oscar Wilde, part Judith Krantz, part Arthur Frommer." You can start with book one, Crazy Rich Asians, or you can dive right in with this one. Rich people and their problems have never been so much fun.

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  • The Sunshine Sisters

    2017 by Jane Green

    Jane Green has been called the “Queen of the Beach Reads” and she returns with more family drama in a beautiful setting. Ronni Sunshine is dying from ALS. She wants to reconcile with her daughters but faces a difficult situation. Childhood resentments have led to decades of estrangement between Ronni and her daughters. Can she repair the damage before it is too late?

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  • The Wicked City

    2017 by Beatriz Williams

    I'm a sucker for books that tell two stories, one set in the past and one in the present day. This book flips from the 1920s and the story of flapper Gin Kelley, and modern day and the life of a forensic accountant Ella Hawthorne. So, grab a glass of hootch, turn up the jazz, bob your hair, and spend some time with a romantic story that spans generations.

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  • A Night in with Grace Kelly

    2017 by Holliday, Lucy

    Love Sophie Kinsella? Then you'll love Lucy Holliday. In this charming book, Libby Lomax has a magical sofa in which old school Hollywood stars appear and offer Libby advice (and a little bit of Hollywood glamor). Libby is in love with her best friend Olly, but he has a girlfriend. When the handsome Joel comes into her life, will Libby be able to forget Olly? Grace Kelly helps Libby sort out her heart in this amusing fun book.

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  • The Party

    2017 by Robyn Harding

    If you were as addicted to (the show and/or book) Big Little Lies as I was, you will love this hot new book for the summer. An accident during a teenage sleepover party leaves the teens and the parents stunned. The fallout from the accident exposes secrets and lies that had previously been hidden behind the perfect suburban veneer.

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  • The Seven Husbands Of Evelyn Hugo

    2017 by Taylor Jenkins Reid

    An aging star (think Rita Moreno or Olivia de Havilland) with a scandalous past decides it is time to tell her life story. She chooses Monique, a young reporter with no previous experience writing memoirs, to help her. Each husband that Evelyn tells Monique about gradually reveals the real reason Evelyn reached out to Monique. If you love Hollywood scandals of the 50s through 80s, you will love the outrageous Evelyn and her many loves.

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  • A Simple Favor : A Novel

    2017 by Darcey Bell

    Looking for a summer thriller that is as twisty as those previous summer thrillers Gone Girl and Girl on the Train? Then crack open A Simple Favor. BFFs Emily and Stephanie look after each other's kids when the other has a conflict, so when Emily asks Stephanie to pick up her son, Stephanie has no problem with that favor until Emily doesn't return. This twisty book is perfect for those readers who love an unreliable narrator and being kept on their reading toes.

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  • Once And For All

    2017 by Sarah Dessen

    Every summer means a new Sarah Dessen book and, as a longtime fan of her young adult novels, I couldn't be happier to read this one. Cynical Louna is determined not to get her heart broken again, but charismatic bad boy Ambrose has other ideas. As much a fun summer romance as it is about a young girl trying to move past her pain, Dessen never disappoints.

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