Bedtime is Canceled

By Christine Goertz

Is bedtime in your house met with great reluctance? Enjoy this list of picture books as you discuss with your little one why the much resisted bedtime is actually quite important.

  • Never Ask a Dinosaur to Dinner

    2015 by Gareth Edwards

    Show your little one that getting ready for bed is a piece of cake as long as it doesn’t involve dinosaurs.

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  • Everybody Sleeps (but Not Fred)

    2015 by Josh Schneider

    Perhaps bedtime in your home gets put off because your little tyke is like Fred, who has a hefty list of things to do before sleep can even be considered.

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  • Beep! Beep! Go to Sleep!

    2015 by Todd Tarpley

    The tables are turned when a young boy’s robots refuse to go to sleep. A litany of activities must be tried in order to get these mechanical mischief-makers to bed in this hilarious and adorably illustrated picture book.

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  • An After Bedtime Story

    2016 by Shoham Smith

    If you have guests, bedtime for your little one is basically non-existent. Find out what plucky little Nina does when her parents have guests visiting in this "after" bedtime story gem.

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  • Time for Bed, Fred!

    2014 by Yasmeen Ismail

    Even the dog tries to avoid bedtime in this one.

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  • Bedtime Is Canceled

    2012 by Cece Meng

    What would happen if bedtime were officially canceled? If it’s in the paper it has to be real, right? Children happily comply with the newspaper misprint, grown-ups not so much.

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  • Goodnight Already!

    2015 by Jory John

    Need to know what to do when you are ready for bedtime, but someone else wants to stay up? Find out how Bear deals with a noisy neighbor.

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  • Max and the Won't Go to Bed Show

    2014 by Mark Sperring

    The tradition of the Won’t Go to Bed Show is being kept alive through the art of magic tricks. Warning: This picture book may inspire in-house performances.

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  • The Nuts : Bedtime at the Nut House

    2014 by Eric Litwin

    Even Mama nuts have trouble getting their little nuts to sleep sometimes. This picture book is fun and humorous with delightful illustrations. You could even say it's perfectly nutty!

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