Freaky Fiction

By Christine Goertz

Get your chills and thrills from this list of supernatural stories. (recommended for 5th grade and up)

  • Cuckoo Song

    2015 by Frances Hardinge

    This is one of the creepiest blends of horror, fantasy, magic, and mystery that I’ve ever read. Its haunting imagery will give you the creeps, and the ghouls that terrorize the main character will undoubtedly keep you up at night.

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  • Rot & Ruin

    2010 by Jonathan Maberry

    Who doesn’t love a teenager’s snarky perspective of the zombie apocalypse?

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  • Shadowshaper

    2015 by Daniel José Older

    Do you like stories set in New York? Caribbean lore? A resourceful and talented heroine with amazing hair? Murals that come to life, warning of mayhem to come? A perfect blend of heritage, art, and the supernatural, this culturally rich novel is urban fantasy at its finest. It will leave you spellbound for days.

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  • The Dead-tossed Waves

    2010 by Carrie Ryan

    Another zombie story, but this one is quietly creepy and told from the perspective of a teenage girl stranded in a cult-like village.

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  • The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

    2013 by Holly Black

    Vampires are out in the open, but quarantined in Coldtown. Humans can enter, but it’s almost impossible to leave...alive. This action-packed story will leave readers breathless right to the very end.

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  • The Charmed Children of Rookskill Castle

    2016 by Janet S Fox

    Traditional creepy ghost story, I chose this one for its atmospheric unease and mystery.

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  • This Is Not a Test

    2012 by Courtney Summers

    I know, I know. Another zombie story? The zombies take a backseat in this dark tale of a girl trying to survive an outbreak of the undead along with her classmates, while coping with the abandonment of her sister and struggling to find a reason to live.

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  • City of Bones

    2007 by Cassandra Clare

    This is one of the best urban fantasy series around. It’s full of disgusting demons, angels, reckless vampires, sassy fairies, and altruistic werewolves. All of your favorite supernatural weirdos are kept in check by the glamorous shadowhunters.

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