Skokie Spirit Shines Through (Ages 3-8)

By Holly Jin

The Skokie Spirit Shines Through campaign is meant to highlight the strength of our community, especially during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic. These picture books feature themes of being a good neighbor, self-care, gratitude, and kindness.

  • Maybe Something Beautiful: How Art Transformed a Neighborhood

    2016 by Campoy, F. Isabel

    Window art, sidewalk chalk, and colorful lights bring delight to those who happen upon them. How can you decorate your home or neighborhood to build community spirit? This title is also available as a Spanish eBook and a downloadable video on Hoopla.

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  • You Are My Friend: The Story of Mister Rogers and His Neighborhood

    2019 by Reid, Aimee

    When Mr. Rogers was a child, he was often sick and had to stay home. He wasn't able to make friends, so he played with puppets. When he was sad or angry, he played the piano. When he was worried, he looked for the helpers. What do you do when you have to stay home? This title is also available as a downloadable video on Hoopla.

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  • I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness

    2017 by Verde, Susan

    It's important to take care of ourselves during difficult times. Finding a quiet place, paying attention to our bodies, closing our eyes, and breathing often helps the worries go away.

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  • Cat up a Tree

    2011 by Hassett, John

    It's a good thing we have community helpers in Skokie who like to help! What would we do without them?

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  • Margret & H.A. Rey's Curious George Says Thank You

    2012 by Meyer, Emily Flaschner

    Community helpers keep us safe, help us learn, prepare our food, and deliver our packages. Like Curious George, you can write thank-you notes to them or show your gratitude in other ways.

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  • Last Stop on Market Street

    2015 by de la Peña, Matt

    Communities are made up people, and each person is unique and we each face different circumstances. How can we work together to make sure every person in our community has what they need? This title is also available as a DVD and a downloadable video on Hoopla.

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  • The Little Red Stroller

    2019 by Furst, Joshua

    Have you grown out of your car seat or become tired of playing with a certain toy? Don't throw it in your garage or toy box, give it to someone who could use it!

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  • The Kindness Book

    2019 by Parr, Todd

    Author Todd Parr says "kindness is thinking about people's feelings and helping them feel good." When people are sick, hurting, or scared, we can show them we care by being kind. In what ways have you shown kindness to your family, friends, and neighbors?

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  • Thank You, Omu!

    2018 by Mora, Oge

    There's a saying that "good food warms the heart and feeds the soul." Sharing a meal or baking for your neighbors is a wonderful way to show you are thinking of them.

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  • A Hat for Mrs. Goldman: A Story about Knitting and Love

    2016 by Edwards, Michelle

    Giving gifts is one way we can show people we care about them. And the best gifts are the ones we make! What can you make for someone to show you care?

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  • The Little Guys

    2019 by Brosgol, Vera

    Just because kids are little doesn't mean they can't make a difference, especially when they work together!

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