Good Girls Gone Bad

By Lynnanne Pearson

You go, girl! No, seriously. Go away, girl, you're giving me the creeps. Check out these unreliable girls.

  • Gone Girl : a novel

    2012 by Gillian Flynn

    The one that started it all. Amy is many things: amazing, smart, and...well to tell you anymore would spoil the twists and turns of this delicious thriller.

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  • Luckiest Girl Alive

    2015 by Jessica Knoll

    Ani FaNelli has overcome a lot to become a high powered New York magazine editor. When she is interviewed for a documentary about her past, her perfect life slowly unravels.

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  • The girl on the train

    2015 by Paula Hawkins

    Rachel Watson's commuter train goes past the same neighborhood every day. This neighborhood used to be her own and is now home to a new couple who fascinate Rachel. One day, Rachel sees the wife of this couple kissing another man...and then this woman goes missing. Rachel is convinced this kiss has something to do with the disappearance. No one believes her because why would they believe a drunk? Rachel is determined to figure out what happened and her desire to play Nancy Drew gets her in even more trouble. Rachel is a trainwreck of a person and one girl you would not want to meet on a train (or a plane or a bar).

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  • The Good Girl

    2014 by Mary Kubica

    Mia Dennett is stood up (once again) by the man she is dating. She decides to have one more drink and catches the eye of an attractive stranger. She goes home with him, but instead of having sex, he kidnaps her. I don't think there will be a second date! The book alternates with “Before” and “After” by 3 different characters: Mia’s mom Eve, kidnapper Colin Thatcher, and police detective Gabe Hoffman. We get to know Mia through their eyes and slowly figure out why she was kidnapped. This good girl is not all what she appears to be.

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  • The Girl In 6e

    2014 by A. R. Torre

    This girl in question never leaves her house, making a tidy sum as a cam girl in the virtual sex business. She decided 3 years ago for the safely of all to lock herself in her home. You see, she has killed before and doesn't want to again. But, when a child's life is in danger, this girl must leave her careful life to save another. Not for the faint of heart as this girl will introduce you to some depraved characters and bad situations.

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  • The Hidden Girl : a novel

    2014 by Louise Millar

    Heather and Will move from London to a remote village in Suffolk. Hannah, sad over her infertility and nervous about the adoption process, obsesses over having the house child-ready. She is also upset that the villagers have not been as welcoming as she and Will hoped. Hannah becomes even more isolated when a bad winter storm and sporadic cell service leaves her cut off from much of civilization. But then she starts to hear noises in her house and no one believes her. Is she going mad or is something more sinister at play?

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  • The Girl with All the Gifts

    2014 by Mike Carey

    By this point, you are probably sick of zombie apocalypses. How many different ways can an undead, brain eating (but not brain having) creature be made to be different? Luckily, with a writer as talented as Carey (his Unwritten Graphic novel series is pure genius), the zombie apocalypse is given a fresh (as long as you don't smell the rotting flesh) look. The Girl with all The Gifts might be the one to save all of mankind (at the very least it will save your reading rut).

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