2018 Staff Picks: Books For Early Readers

By Skokie Staff Youth Services

Our favorite books for Kindergarten through Third Graders.

  • Tiny, Perfect Things

    2018 by Clark, M. H.

    Beautiful intergenerational picture book about enjoying the little things and being curious about what's right in front of you.

    Recommended by Gudrun Priemer

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  • The Honeybee

    2018 by Hall, Kirsten

    Well-written rhyming text follows the honeybee through the seasons complimented by bright, unforgettable art from the great Isabelle Arsenault. Closes out with a short afterword about the importance of protecting bees. Recommended by Jarrett Dapier

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  • A House That Once Was

    2018 by Fogliano, Julie

    A lyrical, hypnotizing story in which kids wander an abandoned house in disrepair. They imagine who lived there and what sort of things happened inside. Lane Smith's artwork is pointillist and dreamlike with just enough detail to spur the imagination. Recommended by Jarrett Dapier

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  • The Rough Patch

    2018 by Lies, Brian

    Books about grief are hard and this one captures the desperation and depression of losing a pet and friend. It also illustrates the gradual coping process in a realistic way. This book is not just about death, it works for other "rough patches" and the road to recovery.

    Recommended by Mandy O'Brien

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  • The Word Collector

    2018 by Reynolds, Peter H.

    Jerome likes to collect the interesting words he comes across, and when he finds that they can be used to create art and connect with others, he realizes how powerful words can be. This engaging story will remind readers of the beauty of words and the joy of learning.

    Recommended by Shelley Sutherland

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  • Don't Blink!

    2018 by Rosenthal, Amy Krouse

    Don't want to go to sleep? Here's the deal, if you can make it through the whole book without blinking, you don't have to go to bed. However, every time you do blink, turn the page.

    Recommended by Gudrun Priemer

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  • The Breaking News

    2018 by Reul, Sarah Lynne

    After hearing bad news that rocks her community, a little girl wants to find a way to help those around her. Her teacher talks to her class about being a helper in hard times, and she begins to look for ways that she can show kindness to others.

    Recommended by Shelley Sutherland

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