Pie Fight!

By Jane Hanna

The Library of Congress recently announced that it had located the second reel of Laurel and Hardy’s 1927 film The Battle of the Century, which had been missing for 60 years, and purportedly contained the most epic pie-in-the-face scene in all of cinematic history. While we don't yet have a copy of that in circulation, here are some other classic dessert fights we think are totally sweet.

  • The Great Race

    Perhaps the most extensive (and expensive!) pie fight every shot. It's pure pleasure to watch Tony Curtis's "Great Leslie" walk spotlessly and stoically through a frosting frenzy. Natalie Wood manages to look stunning in a corset and healthy layer of butter cream. And Jack Lemon will have your running for "more brandy!" to steady your nerves after this chaotic climax.

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  • Singin' In The Rain

    Kathy (Debbie Reynolds) throws a pie at Don, misses and hits Don’s leading lady, Lina, "in the kisser" instead. It's a classic reaction scene, and kicks off a charming Hollywood song-and-dance romance.

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  • Blazing Saddles

    2004 by Mel Brooks

    Among the 10,000 reasons to watch this classic comedy, the terrific pie fight scene--which spills out onto another sound stage at Warner Brothers Studios!--stands out sweetly.

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  • Nanny Mcphee

    2006 by Emma Thompson

    There's a dessert fight, that's for sure. I can't quite remember if it's pies or cakes, but does it really matter? It's a sugary good time either way.

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  • Heartburn

    2004 by Nora Ephron

    Meryl Streep makes a dramatic exit from a dinner party (and a marriage!) with a well-timed pie in Jack Nicholson's face.

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  • I Love Lucy

    2005 by Lucille Ball

    In season 1, episode: The Ballet, Lucy gets a pie in the face mid-episode. But Ricky getting a pie in the face from Lucy at the end is great TV moment!

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  • The Shaggy D.a.

    2006 by Robert Stevenson

    Lots of cherry pie slinging, in a messy attempt to find a magical ring that was accidentally baked into a pie. Jo Anne Worley’s character (Katrinka Muggelberg) has quite an arm – if there were Olympic pie throwing competitions, she’d be a contender.

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