Teen Thrillers

By Mary Michell

Looking for a book that will get your heart racing and keep the pages turning? Look no further. These books are guaranteed to keep you on a the edge of your seat from the first page!

  • Don't Turn Around

    2012 by Gagnon, Michelle

    Noa is a runaway and a computer genius. She has used her computer skills to support herself and at the same time keep her identity hidden. Then one day she wakes up on an operating table with no idea of how she got there.

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  • Here Lies Daniel Tate

    2017 by Terrill, Cristin

    Like to keep those pages turning? You'll love this fast-paced story of a runaway teen who assumes the identity of Daniel Tate, a boy believed to be dead.

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  • Girl, Stolen

    2010 by Henry, April

    I couldn't put this one down, and ended up reading it in one sitting. Sixteen-year-old Cheyenne, suffering from pneumonia, is feverishly dozing in the back of the family car while her mother goes in to fill a prescription for her. Sleepily Cheyenne hears the car door open and the engine start up. Then she realizes that it's not her mom who's driving.

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  • Genuine Fraud

    2017 by Lockhart, E.

    My favorite book of the year! Don't be surprised if it takes you a while to figure out what's going on. When the book opens we meet our heroine, a girl who is 18 and rich and totally on her own. But that's okay, because she is tough and can handle anything. Chapters taking us back in time show how she got that way and who she is—and isn't.

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  • Double

    2012 by Valentine, Jenny

    Another book about a homeless boy who decides to assume the identity of a missing boy his age. He thinks it's a brilliant plan until he begins to make discoveries about his new family.

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  • No Such Person

    2015 by Cooney, Caroline B.

    Reviewers called this one "haunting, harrowing and hard to put down." Sisters Miranda and Lander witness a bad boating accident on the river by their summer cottage and befriend one of the boat drivers. Miranda can tell that her sister is falling for this guy, and also that he's hiding something. Something big.

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  • The Raft

    2012 by Bodeen, S. A.

    One of the best survival stories I've read in a long time! It's a routine cargo flight from Honolulu to Midway Atoll, out in the middle of the Pacific. Teen Robie, who lives on Midway with her parents, makes this trip all the time to visit her aunt and have some fun. But during this particular flight something goes wrong. Robie finds herself floating on a raft in the ocean totally alone.

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  • Runner

    2005 by Deuker, Carl

    Chance needs money, so he jumps at the chance to earn some cash by being a courier. All he has to do is pick up some packages and deliver them to a man at the nearby marina. But what is in these packages?

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  • The Living

    2014 by de la Peña, Matt

    The suspense never stops in this multilayered thriller. To support his family back in the barrio, Shy takes a job as a steward on an ocean liner. It seems like a great gig, serving drinks to rich people. Then one night as he's walking the deck, he swears he sees a passenger push someone overboard. Can he believe his own eyes? After all, it was dark—maybe it wasn't that at all.

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  • Vivian Apple at the End of the World

    2014 by Coyle, Katie

    This book starts off with a bang and just keeps right on moving! Seventeen-year-old Vivian's parents have recently become religious fanatics, and Vivian thinks it's ridiculous. They have warned her of the coming Rapture, in which nonbelievers in the Church of America will be left behind. I don't want to give anything away, but I will say I was totally unprepared for what Vivian finds on the day of the predicted Rapture.

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  • Panic

    2013 by Draper, Sharon M.

    Sharon Draper pulls no punches in this terrifying story of an abuction. Diamond wants to be a star. She knows she's the best dancer at the Crystal Pointe Dancing Academy. Maybe that's why she doesn't think twice before getting into a car with a film producer she meets at the mall.

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