2017 Staff Picks: Books for our Youngest Readers

Our favorite books for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

  • All Ears, All Eyes

    2017 by Richard Jackson

    As night falls, "an owl hoots in our dim-dimming woods" in this sumptuously illustrated book. Kids will enjoy hunting for camouflaged raccoons and flying squirrels as the poetic text soothes them toward sleep.

    Recommended by Laura Partington

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  • I Am Jim Henson

    2017 by Brad Meltzer

    To quote the Muppets, this “sensational, inspirational, celebrational” biography is an awesome addition to Brad Meltzer's Ordinary People Change the World series. Illustrator Christopher Eliopoulos perfectly captures Muppet magic with his fun and funny art.

    Recommended by Mandy O’Brien.

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  • Mama Lion Wins the Race

    2017 by Jon J Muth

    Jon J. Muth's newest picture book deals with something we all know too well: competition. During a tense race, Mama Lion and Tigey make pit-stops for lessons in courtesy and respect, showing us that there are many ways to be winners.

    Recommended by Mandy O’Brien.

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  • 10 Reasons to Love an Elephant

    2017 by Catherine Barr

    Three reasons to love this book: elephants are so cool! The information is fascinating and easy to understand. The pictures are simple and lovely.

    Recommended by Shelley Sutherland.

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  • Come with Me

    2017 by Holly M McGhee

    This is the kind of picture book I think is appropriate for all ages. A young girl asks each of her parents what she can do to make the world a better place. In simple but meaningful ways, they model for her how to be brave and kind. Heartwarming, poignant, beautiful. I absolutely love it!

    Recommended by Lorrie Hansen.

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  • Please Please the Bees

    2017 by Gerald Kelley

    The bees go on strike, leaving Benedict the bear to come up with creative solutions to bring them back. The scene with the bees picketing on Benedict’s front porch is particularly hilarious.

    Recommended by Christine Goertz.

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  • Egg

    2017 by Kevin Henkes

    With very few words and simple illustrations, we see that differences do not need to separate us.

    Recommended by Shelley Sutherland.

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  • Stay : A girl, A dog, A bucket list

    2017 by Kate Klise

    A heartwarming book for grownups and young kids to share about the aging loved ones in their lives.

    Recommended by Shelley Sutherland.

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  • Accident

    2017 by Andrea Tsurumi

    As someone prone to catastrophe (as well as someone who has quite literally run away to the library, well into my adulthood), this hilarious, yet deeply honest book really spoke to me. The wonderfully chaotic illustrations give both kids and adults a lot to look at.

    Recommended by Caitlin Savage.

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