Gallery Talk: Marcia Whitney-Schenck

Sunday, August 20, 2023
1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Radmacher Room

Artist Marcia Whitney-Schenck leads a visual tour of her exhibit at the library, Where There Are Wild Things: Nature in Image and Poetry.

She'll also share some of the poetry and other art that have inspired her work. Enjoy light refreshments after the gallery talk.

How does one best reflect and express one’s encounters in nature? Is there a “best” way, or do the ways intertwine, inevitably? Poets invite us to conjure up images through words; artists visualize those words by way of images. Whitney-Schenck is a Chicago-based artist and novelist who is fascinated with the connections between words, images, and nature. Using watercolor and acrylic, Whitney-Schenck depicts the natural world using a wide-ranging visual vocabulary (abstraction, impressionism, expressionism) and pairs those images with poems. She invites us to slow down, as one must do in the natural world, and read the poems that accompany her creations, by both famous and relatively obscure poets, to garner new insights as to how nature changes and molds us.

Whitney-Schenck is the author of Triptych, a novel that focuses on a medieval statue in three separate narratives going backwards in time. She is a signature member of the Illinois Watercolor Society and the International Society of Experimental Artists.

Find more about Whitney-Schenck on her website.

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