Summer Reads for Kids

All year, we read tons of the latest books for kids to find the best books to read during the summer. There's something here for every age and taste. Pick them up at the library or on the bookmobile.

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Hot Summer Reads has it all! Take a dangerous journey through a violent city, witness a deadly competition for potent magic, and watch a socially terrified teen suddenly find herself in the middle of the popular group. And so much more! You'll want to read all ten of these awesome titles.


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Cool Summer Reads for grades 3-5 include cats in space, magic, and special grandparents! Enjoy these and much more in our favorite fiction, graphic novels, and nonfiction.

Breezy Summer Reads (Grades K-2)

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Breezy Summer Reads are our picks for the youngest readers in grades K-2, including picture books, early readers, and chapter books. Adventures, food, friendship, animals, and animal friendships! There's something for everyone.