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Teen Fiction

  • Nice Try, Jane Sinner
    Oelke, Lianne
  • The Retribution Of Mara Dyer
    Hodkin, Michelle.
  • Meet Cute
  • A Quiet Kind Of Thunder
    Barnard, Sara
  • Seraphina
    Hartman, Rachel
  • A Taxonomy Of Love
    Allen, Rachael
  • Together At Midnight
    Castle, Jennifer
  • Lock And Key
    Dessen, Sarah
  • The Cruel Prince
    Black, Holly
  • A Conspiracy Of Stars
    Cole, Olivia A
  • Gunslinger Girl
    Ely, Lyndsay
  • Love, Life, And The List
    West, Kasie
  • Everless
    Holland, Sara
  • You'll Miss Me When I'M Gone
    Solomon, Rachel Lynn
  • How To Ruin A Summer Vacation
    Elkeles, Simone
  • What Happened To Goodbye
    Dessen, Sarah
  • Madness
    Brewer, Zac
  • Mask Of Shadows
    Miller, Linsey
  • The Memory Trees
    Wallace, Kali
  • Odd & True
    Winters, Cat
  • On The Free
    Voorhees, Coert
  • Plague Land
    Scarrow, Alex
  • R.I.P. Eliza Hart
    Sheinmel, Alyssa B.
  • Rules Of Rain
    Scheier, Leah
  • Select
    Weisenberg, Marit
  • Starfish
    Bowman, Akemi Dawn
  • The Way It Hurts
    Blount, Patty
  • Zero Repeat Forever
    Prendergast, Gabrielle
  • Three Sides Of A Heart: Stories About Love Triangles
  • As You Wish
    Sedoti, Chelsea