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Teen Fiction

  • The Grace Year
    Liggett, Kim
  • Cold As Marble
    Aarsen, Zoe
  • A Kingdom For A Stage
    Heilig, Heidi
  • The Athena Protocol
    Sarif, Shamim
  • I Know You Remember
    Donaldson, Jennifer Young adult
  • In The Hall With The Knife
    Peterfreund, Diana
  • By Any Means Necessary
    Montgomery, Candice
  • Veil
    Waller, Jae
  • The Beautiful
    Ahdieh, Renée
  • Among The Fallen
    Schwartz, Virginia Frances
  • Crier's War
    Varela, Nina
  • Now Entering Addamsville
    Zappia, Francesca
  • Thirteen Doorways, Wolves Behind Them All
    Ruby, Laura
  • 10 Blind Dates
    Elston, Ashley
  • Angel Mage
    Nix, Garth
  • The End And Other Beginnings: Stories From The Future
    Roth, Veronica
  • The Good Luck Girls
    Davis, Charlotte Nicole
  • The Last True Poets Of The Sea
    Drake, Julia
  • Scars Like Wings
    Stewart, Erin
  • House Of Salt And Sorrows
    Craig, Erin A.
  • Juliet Takes A Breath
    Rivera, Gabby
  • You're The One That I Want
    Von Ziegesar, Cecily
  • A Dream So Dark
    McKinney, L. L. Leatrice L.
  • Exile From Eden, Or, After The Hole
    Smith, Andrew Andrew Anselmo
  • The Fountains Of Silence: A Novel
    Sepetys, Ruta
  • The Grey Sisters
    Treggiari, Jo
  • A House Of Rage And Sorrow
    Mandanna, Sangu
  • The Tenth Girl
    Faring, Sara
  • Wayward Son
    Rowell, Rainbow
  • The Infinite Noise
    Shippen, Lauren
  • Six Goodbyes We Never Said
    Ganger, Candace
  • Stormrise
    Boehme, Jillian
  • Steel Tide
    Parker, Natalie C.
  • Cracking The Bell
    Herbach, Geoff
  • The Liars Of Mariposa Island
    Mathieu, Jennifer
  • The Stars And The Blackness Between Them
    Petrus, Junauda
  • The Survival List
    Sheinmel, Courtney
  • Unpregnant
    Hendriks, Jenni