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Teen Fiction

  • Almost Impossible
    Williams, Nicole Nicole A.
  • All The Stars Left Behind
    Graham, Ashley
  • Archivist Wasp: A Novel
    Kornher-Stace, Nicole
  • The Bird And The Blade
    Bannen, Megan
  • Brightly Burning
    Donne, Alexa
  • Bring Me Their Hearts
    Wolf, Sara
  • Bruja Born
    Córdova, Zoraida
  • Chemistry Lessons
    Goldstein, Meredith
  • City Of Bastards
    Shvarts, Andrew
  • Dive Smack
    Brodsky, Demetra
  • Driving By Starlight
    Deracine, Anat
  • Eden Conquered
    Charbonneau, Joelle
  • Final Draft
    Redgate, Riley
  • Freshmen
    Ellen, Tom
  • The Merciless Iv: Last Rites
    Vega, Danielle
  • Life L1k3
    Kristoff, Jay
  • Mariam Sharma Hits The Road
    Karim, Sheba.
  • Purple Hearts: A Front Lines Novel
    Grant, Michael
  • Tangled Planet
    Blair, Kate
  • The Things We Promise
    Burke, J. C.
  • Undead Girl Gang
    Anderson, Lily
  • The Way You Make Me Feel
    Goo, Maurene
  • A Reaper At The Gates
    Tahir, Sabaa
  • Always Forever Maybe
    Rissi, Anica Mrose
  • Fat Girl On A Plane
    Devos, Kelly
  • Neverworld Wake
    Pessl, Marisha
  • Give Me Some Truth
    Gansworth, Eric L.
  • Planet Hulk: A Novel Of The Marvel Universe
    Pak, Greg