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Teen Fiction

  • She's Too Pretty To Burn
    Heard, Wendy
  • With You All The Way
    Hand, Cynthia
  • Between The Bliss And Me
    Mason, Lizzy
  • The Cost Of Knowing
    Morris, Brittney
  • Rule Of Wolves
    Bardugo, Leigh
  • Girls With Rebel Souls
    Young, Suzanne
  • Lost In The Never Woods
    Thomas, Aiden
  • Somewhere Between Bitter And Sweet
    Kemp, Laekan Zea
  • Zara Hossain Is Here
    Khan, Sabina
  • A Better Bad Idea
    Devore, Laurie
  • Bruised
    Boteju, Tanya
  • The Follower
    Doughty, Kate
  • Throwaway Girls
    Contos, Andrea
  • The Alcazar
    Ewing, Amy
  • Bloodsworn
    Reintgen, Scott
  • Down Comes The Night
    Saft, Allison
  • Infinity Reaper
    Silvera, Adam
  • Flamefall
    Munda, Rosaria
  • Prepped
    Mangle, Bethany
  • The Shadow War
    Smith, Lindsay
  • Can't Take That Away
    Salvatore, Steven
  • City Of Spells
    Christo, Alexandra
  • Fadeaway
    Vickers, Elaine
  • Odin's Child
    Pettersen, Siri
  • When We Were Infinite
    Gilbert, Kelly Loy
  • Bones Of A Saint
    Farley, Grant
  • Fire Keeper's Daughter
    Boulley, Angeline
  • American Betiya
    Rajurkar, Anuradha D.
  • The Bright & The Pale
    Rubinkowski, Jessica
  • Burn
    Ness, Patrick
  • The Castle School (For Troubled Girls)
    Sheinmel, Alyssa B.
  • Early Departures
    Reynolds, Justin A.
  • Good Girl, Bad Blood
    Jackson, Holly
  • I Think I Love You
    Desombre, Auriane
  • It's Kind Of A Cheesy Love Story
    Morrill, Lauren
  • The Left-Handed Booksellers Of London
    Nix, Garth
  • List Of Ten
    Gomez, Halli
  • The Lost Book Of The White
    Clare, Cassandra
  • Once Upon A Quinceañera
    Gomez-Hira, Monica
  • Our Last Echoes
    Marshall, Kate Alice
  • Phoenix Flame
    Holland, Sara
  • A Queen Of Gilded Horns
    Joy, Amanda Amanda Saulsberry
  • Rosie Loves Jack
    Darbon, Mel
  • Sia Martinez And The Moonlit Beginning Of Everything
    Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel
  • Sing Me Forgotten
    Olson, Jessica S.
  • Tell Me My Name
    Reed, Amy Lynn
  • The Theft Of Sunlight
    Khanani, Intisar
  • Yolk
    Choi, Mary H. K.