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Teen Fiction

  • As Many Nows As I Can Get
    Youngdahl, Shana
  • Bloody Seoul
    Patel, Sonia
  • Making A Play: A Field Party Novel
    Glines, Abbi
  • Not Hungry
    Quinn, Kate Karyus
  • Watches And Warnings
    Wolf, Ryan
  • Half-Blood: A Covenant Novel
    Armentrout, Jennifer L.
  • Midnight Beauties
    Shepherd, Megan
  • Of Ice And Shadows
    Coulthurst, Audrey
  • Start Here
    Doller, Trish
  • Voyages In The Underworld Of Orpheus Black
    Sedgwick, Marcus
  • Ziggy, Stardust & Me
    Brandon, James Young adult
  • The Last Hope
    Ritchie, Krista
  • The Silence Between Us
    Gervais, Alison
  • #Murderfunding
    McNeil, Gretchen
  • The Demon World
    Green, Sally Novelist
  • Mother Tongue
    Mayhew, Julie
  • Curse Of The Evil Librarian
    Knudsen, Michelle
  • Gut Check
    Kester, Eric
  • Hello Girls
    Cavallaro, Brittany
  • Swipe Right For Murder
    Milman, Derek
  • Vow Of Thieves
    Pearson, Mary Mary E.
  • They Could Have Named Her Anything: A Novel
    Jimenez, Stephanie
  • The Merciful Crow
    Owen, Margaret
  • Raven Flight: A Shadowfell Novel
    Marillier, Juliet
  • Soul Of The Sword
    Kagawa, Julie
  • The Year They Fell
    Kreizman, David
  • Broken Throne: A Red Queen Collection
    Aveyard, Victoria
  • I'M Not Dying With You Tonight
    Jones, Kimberly Kimberly Latrice
  • King Of Fools
    Foody, Amanda
  • Shadow & Flame
    Arnett, Mindee
  • Tomb Of Ancients
    Roux, Madeleine
  • War Of The Bastards
    Shvarts, Andrew
  • Knights Of Suburbia
    Kurch, P. A.
  • Shatter The Sky
    Wells, Rebecca Kim
  • Here There Are Monsters
    Bérubé, Amelinda
  • The Spaces Between Us
    Tolman, Stacia
  • You're Not Proper
    Mehmood, Tariq