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Teen Fiction

  • The Resolutions
    García, Mia
  • Broken Lands
    Maberry, Jonathan
  • Deadfall
    Wallenfels, Stephen
  • The Luxe
    Godbersen, Anna.
  • The Dark Beneath The Ice
    Bérubé, Amelinda
  • Empress Of All Seasons
    Jean, Emiko
  • How She Died, How I Lived
    Crockett, Mary
  • Wilder
    Simonet, Andrew
  • What I Thought Was True
    Fitzpatrick, Huntley
  • Ball Don't Lie
    de la Peña, Matt
  • The Color Of Lies
    Lyons, CJ
  • Dare To Fall
    Maskame, Estelle
  • The Dark Days Deceit
    Goodman, Alison
  • Flawless: A Pretty Little Liars Novel
    Shepard, Sara
  • Pulp
    Talley, Robin
  • Queer As A Five-Dollar Bill: What If You Knew A ...
    Wind, Lee
  • Seven Minutes In Heaven
    Shepard, Sara
  • Snow In Love: Four Stories
  • The Vault Of Dreamers
    O'Brien, Caragh M
  • Queen Of Air And Darkness
    Clare, Cassandra
  • Shatter The Suns: A Last Star Burning Novel
    Sangster, Caitlin
  • Four Three Two One
    Stevens, Courtney C.
  • Your Own Worst Enemy
    Jack, Gordon
  • Any Second
    Emerson, Kevin
  • The Reckoning Of Noah Shaw
    Hodkin, Michelle
  • The Incredible True Story Of The Making Of The Eve ...
    Brashear, Amy
  • The Infinite Pieces Of Us
    Crane, Rebekah
  • The Wren Hunt
    Watson, Mary
  • Nier: Automata: Long Story Short
    Eishima, Jun