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Teen Fiction

  • The King Of Crows: A Diviners Novel
    Bray, Libba
  • Seven Deadly Shadows
    Alameda, Courtney
  • Yes No Maybe So
    Albertalli, Becky
  • All The Stars And Teeth
    Grace, Adalyn
  • The Queen's Secret
    De la Cruz, Melissa
  • Together We Caught Fire
    Gibson, Eva
  • What I Want You To See
    Linka, Catherine
  • The Gravity Of Us
    Stamper, Phil
  • A Good Girl's Guide To Murder
    Jackson, Holly
  • What Kind Of Girl
    Sheinmel, Alyssa B.
  • Belle Révolte
    Miller, Linsey
  • Diamond City
    Flores, Francesca
  • Devil Darling Spy
    Killeen, Matt
  • Layoverland
    Noone, Gabby
  • Not So Pure And Simple
    Giles, L. R. Lamar R.
  • Spell Hacker
    England, M. K.
  • Black Girl Unlimited: The Remarkable Story Of A Teenage Wizard
    Brown, Echo
  • The Blood Countess
    Popović, Lana
  • Dark And Deepest Red
    McLemore, Anna-Marie
  • Don't Read The Comments
    Smith, Eric Eric A.
  • Echoes Between Us
    McGarry, Katie
  • The Hand On The Wall
    Johnson, Maureen
  • Strange Exit
    Peevyhouse, Parker
  • Wildfire
    Mac, Carrie
  • The Storm Of Life
    Capetta, Amy Rose
  • This Vicious Cure
    Suvada, Emily