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Teen Fiction

  • Bloodleaf
    Smith, Crystal Simone
  • Only A Breath Apart
    McGarry, Katie
  • The Fever King
    Lee, Victoria Novelist
  • An Affair Of Poisons
    Thorley, Addie
  • The Beauty Of The Moment
    Bhathena, Tanaz
  • The Last 8
    Pohl, Laura
  • Mike
    Norriss, Andrew.
  • Pretend She's Here
    Rice, Luanne
  • Fat Angie: Rebel Girl Revolution
    Charlton-Trujillo, e. E.
  • Squad
    MacCarthy, Mariah
  • The Truth About Leaving
    Blitt, Natalie
  • Waiting For Fitz
    Hyde, Spencer
  • What We Buried
    Boorman, Kate A.
  • Worthy Of Love
    Fenton, Andre
  • You Owe Me A Murder
    Cook, Eileen
  • Heroine
    McGinnis, Mindy
  • Cold Day In The Sun
    Biren, Sara L.
  • Lovely War
    Berry, Julie
  • Opposite Of Always
    Reynolds, Justin A.
  • Chainbreaker
    Sim, Tara
  • Chicken Girl: Life Can Be A Tough Egg To Crack
    Smith, Heather
  • Enchantée
    Trelease, Gita
  • Field Notes On Love
    Smith, Jennifer E.
  • Four Dead Queens
    Scholte, Astrid
  • The Past And Other Things That Should Stay Buried
    Hutchinson, Shaun David
  • Spectacle
    Zdrok, Jodie Lynn
  • Tarot
    Kennerson, Marissa
  • We Set The Dark On Fire
    Mejia, Tehlor Kay
  • The Weight Of A Thousand Feathers
    Conaghan, Brian
  • What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger's Journey
    Mann, Jennifer Ann
  • The Caged Queen
    Ciccarelli, Kristen
  • Court Of Shadows
    Roux, Madeleine
  • The Deceivers
    Simmons, Kristen
  • The Music Of What Happens
    Konigsberg, Bill
  • Rayne & Delilah's Midnite Matinee
    Zentner, Jeff
  • The Waning Age
    Grove, S. E.
  • Dealing In Dreams
    Rivera, Lilliam
  • The Everlasting Rose
    Clayton, Dhonielle
  • You Asked For Perfect
    Silverman, Laura
  • Barely Missing Everything
    Méndez, Matt
  • The Dysasters
    Cast, P. C.