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Teen Fiction

  • Before The Devil Breaks You : A Diviners Novel
    Bray, Libba
  • La Belle Sauvage
    Pullman, Philip
  • The Big Lie
    Mayhew, Julie
  • Flashtide
    Moyer, Jenny
  • Fragments Of The Lost
    Miranda, Megan
  • I Never
    Hopper, Laura
  • My New Crush Gave To Me
    Petroff, Shani
  • Here We Are Now
    Warga, Jasmine
  • Kat And Meg Conquer The World
    Priemaza, Anna
  • Now Is Everything
    Giles, Amy (Amy S.
  • Retribution Rails
    Bowman, Erin
  • The Wicker King
    Ancrum, Kayla
  • Follow Me : The Killer You Know
    Shepard, Sara
  • Bad Girls With Perfect Faces
    Weingarten, Lynn
  • The Becoming Of Noah Shaw
    Hodkin, Michelle
  • Frankie : A Novel
    Plozza, Shivaun
  • Hellwalkers
    Smith, Alexander Gordon
  • This Mortal Coil
    Suvada, Emily
  • The Empress
    Kincaid, S. J.
  • The Scarecrow Queen
    Salisbury, Melinda
  • A Very, Very Bad Thing
    Self, Jeffery
  • Calling My Name
    Tamani, Liara
  • The Afterlife Of Holly Chase
    Hand, Cynthia
  • Expelled
    Patterson, James
  • Meant To Be
    Halpern, Julie
  • Us Kids Know
    Strong, JJ
  • Game Theory
    Jonsberg, Barry
  • Relentless
    Childs, Tera Lynn
  • The Savage Dawn
    Grey, Melissa