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Teen Fiction

  • Before The Broken Star
    King, Emily R.
  • Nexus
    Alsberg, Sasha
  • Sorcery Of Thorns
    Rogerson, Margaret
  • Where I End & You Begin
    Norton, Preston
  • Wild And Crooked
    Thomas, Leah
  • All Eyes On Us
    Frick, Kit
  • Dark Shores
    Jensen, Danielle L.
  • The Sound Of Drowning
    Fleet, Katherine
  • This Might Hurt A Bit
    Horner, Doogie
  • The Rest Of The Story
    Dessen, Sarah
  • The Pursuit Of Miss Heartbreak Hotel
    Bonneau, Monique Designer
  • Somewhere Only We Know
    Goo, Maurene
  • The Voice In My Head
    Davis, Dana
  • Street Song
    Wilkinson, Sheena Maria
  • Keep This To Yourself
    Ryan, Tom, 1977 February 26-
  • The Wise And The Wicked
    Podos, Rebecca
  • The Kingdom
    Rothenberg, Jess
  • The Bone Charmer
    Shields, Breeana
  • Happily And Madly
    Bass, Alexis
  • The Missing Season
    French, Gillian
  • Missing, Presumed Dead
    Berquist, Emma
  • We Are The Perfect Girl
    Kaplan, A. E.