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Teen Fiction

  • Havenfall
    Holland, Sara
  • Red Hood
    Arnold, Elana K.
  • All The Invisible Things
    Collins, Orlagh
  • Bent Heavens
    Kraus, Daniel
  • The First 7
    Pohl, Laura
  • Twisted Fates
    Rollins, Danielle
  • Wicked As You Wish
    Chupeco, Rin
  • The Opposite Of Falling Apart
    Good, Micah
  • The Shadows Between Us
    Levenseller, Tricia
  • We Unleash The Merciless Storm
    Mejia, Tehlor Kay
  • The Sound Of Stars
    Dow, Alechia
  • Ink In The Blood
    Smejkal, Kim
  • The Upside Of Falling
    Light, Alex
  • Glitch Kingdom
    Boekweg, Sheena
  • Heart Of Flames: A Crown Of Feathers Novel
    Pau Preto, Nicki
  • The Last Confession Of Autumn Casterly
    Tate, Meredith
  • Cloak Of Night
    Skye, Evelyn
  • The Feminist Agenda Of Jemima Kincaid
    Hattemer, Kate
  • Honor Lost
    Caine, Rachel
  • Miss You Love You Hate You Bye
    Sher, Abby
  • More Than Anger
    Bruce, Lexi
  • The New David Espinoza
    Aceves, Fred
  • No True Believers
    Lumbard, Rabiah York
  • Scammed
    Simmons, Kristen
  • Solstice
    Alison, Lorence
  • This Train Is Being Held
    Williams, Ismée
  • Deathless Divide
    Ireland, Justina
  • Foul Is Fair
    Capin, Hannah
  • Me & Mr. Cigar
    Haynes, Gibby
  • Night Spinner
    Thorley, Addie
  • Star-Crossed
    Dunn, Pintip
  • Where The World Ends
    McCaughrean, Geraldine
  • The King Of Crows: A Diviners Novel
    Bray, Libba
  • Seven Deadly Shadows
    Alameda, Courtney
  • Yes No Maybe So
    Albertalli, Becky
  • All The Stars And Teeth
    Grace, Adalyn
  • The Queen's Secret
    De la Cruz, Melissa
  • Together We Caught Fire
    Gibson, Eva
  • What I Want You To See
    Linka, Catherine