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Teen Fiction

  • The Art Of Feeling
    Tims, Laura
  • Wicked Like A Wildfire
    Popović, Lana
  • Ferocious
    Stokes, Paula
  • The Hearts We Sold
    Lloyd-Jones, Emily
  • Little & Lion
    Colbert, Brandy
  • The Authentics
    Nazemian, Abdi
  • Our Broken Pieces
    White, Sarah, (author
  • The Secret History Of Us
    Kirby, Jessi
  • Spellbook Of The Lost And Found
    Fowley-Doyle, Moïra
  • These Things I'Ve Done
    Phillips, Rebecca
  • This Is Not The End
    Baker, Chandler
  • Truthers
    Girard, Geoffrey
  • Solo
    Alexander, Kwame
  • We Now Return To Regular Life : A Novel
    Wilson, Martin
  • Of Jenny And The Aliens
    Gebhart, Ryan
  • Omega
    Accardo, Jus
  • I Am Number Four : The Lost Files. Hidden Enemy
    Lore, Pittacus
  • Sparks Of Light
    Taylor, Janet
  • When I Am Through With You
    Kuehn, Stephanie
  • Changes In Latitudes
    Malone, Jen
  • 16 Ways To Break A Heart
    Strasnick, Lauren
  • The Gallery Of Unfinished Girls
    Karcz, Lauren
  • Ash And Quill
    Caine, Rachel
  • Forever In Love
    Colasanti, Susane
  • Generation One
    Lore, Pittacus
  • I Am Number Four : The Lost Files, Secret Histories
    Lore, Pittacus
  • Jonah
    Kelly, Nikki
  • Legion
    Kagawa, Julie
  • The Library Of Fates
    Khorana, Aditi
  • No Good Deed
    Connolly, Kara
  • Pretty Fierce
    Scott, Kieran
  • Reign Of Serpents
    Herman, Eleanor
  • Returned
    Little, Kimberley Griffiths
  • The Revenge
    Jayne, Hannah
  • Rosie Girl
    Shepard, Julie
  • Vindicated
    Reyes, M. G. (Maria Guadalupe
  • Words On Bathroom Walls
    Walton, Julia
  • I Am Number Four : The Lost Files, Zero Hour
    Lore, Pittacus
  • Black Moon
    Russell, Romina
  • First We Were Iv
    Sirowy, Alexandra