New kids' nonfiction

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Youth Nonfiction

  • Working In Education
    Kistler, Marguerite A.
  • Battleship Island: The Deserted Island
    Owings, Lisa
  • Art In Action: Make A Statement, Change Your World
    Chavez, Matthew
  • Barcelona City Trails
    Butterfield, Moira
  • Singapore City Trails
    Greathead, Helen
  • Prince Harry & Meghan: Royals For A New Era
    Sherman, Jill
  • Careers In Food And Agriculture
    Kallen, Stuart A.
  • Careers In Renewable Energy
    Nardo, Don
  • Dream Jobs In Human Services
    Mason, Helen
  • Dream Jobs In Transportation, Distribution And Logistics
    O'Brien, Cynthia Cynthia J.
  • Thoreau At Walden
    Porcellino, John
  • Working In Writing
    Burling, Alexis
  • Careers In Travel And Hospitality
    Kallen, Stuart A.
  • William And Kate
    Savery, Annabel
  • The Crayola Opposites Book
    Shepherd, Jodie
  • Too Young To Escape: A Vietnamese Girl Waits To Be ...
    Ho, Van
  • Mallko And Dad
  • Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, And Streaming Video
    Burgan, Michael
  • The Native American Family Table
    Bailey, Diane
  • Odd Jobs
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • My First Japanese Kanji Book: Learning Kanji The Fun And ...
    Sato, Anna
  • Tv Brings Battle Into The Home With The Vietnam War
    Kenney, Karen Latchana
  • Tv Captures Terrorism On September 11
    Berne, Emma Carlson
  • Tv Shows The World Freedom As The Berlin Wall Falls
    Smith-Llera, Danielle
  • Cavachon: Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Meet Bichon Frises!
    Wilson, Paula M.
  • Gross Jobs In Medicine
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • Gross Jobs Working With Food
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • Gross Jobs Working With Garbage
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • Puggle: Pugs Meet Beagles!
    Edwards, Sue Bradford
  • Gross Jobs In Science
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • Gross Jobs Working With Animals
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • Cockapoo: Cocker Spaniels Meet Poodles!
    Wilson, Paula M.
  • Labradoodle: Labrador Retrievers Meet Poodles!
    Edwards, Sue Bradford
  • The African Family Table
    Bailey, Diane
  • The Chinese Family Table
    Hulick, Kathryn
  • The Greek Family Table
    Bailey, Diane
  • Gross Jobs Working With Water And Sewers
    Clapper, Nikki Bruno
  • The Indian Family Table
    Rich, Mari
  • The Italian Family Table
    Bailey, Diane
  • The Japanese Family Table
    Rich, Mari
  • The Mexican Family Table
    Poole, Hilary W.
  • The Middle Eastern Family Table
    Rich, Mari
  • The South American Family Table
    Hulick, Kathryn
  • The Thai Family Table
    Poole, Hilary W.
  • #Metoo Movement
    Hudak, Heather C.
  • Net Neutrality
    Hyde, Natalie
  • Rocket To The Moon!
    Brown, Don
  • The American Middle Class
    Harris, Duchess
  • Artificial Intelligence And Work
    Klepeis, Alicia
  • Thinking Critically: Cell Phones
    Steffens, Bradley

Youth Biographies

  • Gal Gadot: Soldier, Model, Wonder Woman
    Sherman, Jill
  • John Lewis: Courage In Action
    Doeden, Matt
  • What's So Special About Dickens?
    Rosen, Michael
  • Who Is Pele?
    Buckley, James, Jr.
  • Who Was Leif Erikson?
    Medina, Nico
  • Dear America: The Story Of An Undocumented Citizen
    Vargas, Jose Antonio