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  • What Milly did : the remarkable pioneer of plastics recycling
    What Milly Did : The Remarkable Pioneer Of Plastics Recycling
  • 12 children who changed the world
    12 Children Who Changed The World
  • The American Revolution
    The American Revolution
  • Four perfect pebbles : a true story of the Holocaust
    Four Perfect Pebbles : A True Story Of The Holocaust
  • My Night in the Planetarium
    My Night In The Planetarium
  • The school the Aztec Eagles built : a tribute to Mexico's World War II air fighters
    The School The Aztec Eagles Built : A Tribute To ...
  • The wild west : 1804-1890
    The Wild West : 1804-1890
  • World War II : 1939-1945
    World War Ii : 1939-1945
  • Paws of courage : true tales of heroic dogs that protect and serve
    Paws Of Courage : True Tales Of Heroic Dogs That ...
  • Water : [explore, create and investigate]
    Water : [Explore, Create And Investigate]
  • Animal testing : lifesaving research vs. animal welfare
    Animal Testing : Lifesaving Research Vs. Animal Welfare
  • Crazy totally awesome facts.
    Crazy Totally Awesome Facts.
  • Finding the rhyme in a poem
    Finding The Rhyme In A Poem
  • First children's dictionary
    First Children's Dictionary
  • Friends and frenemies : the good, the bad, and the awkward
    Friends And Frenemies : The Good, The Bad, And The ...
  • Get lit rising : Words ignite. Claim your poem. Claim your life.
    Get Lit Rising : Words Ignite. Claim Your Poem. Claim ...
  • Luna's red hat : an illustrated storybook to help children cope with loss and suicide
    Luna's Red Hat : An Illustrated Storybook To Help Children ...
  • Macbeth : a play by William Shakespeare
    Macbeth : A Play By William Shakespeare


  • Ella Fitzgerald
    Ella Fitzgerald
  • Martin Luther :
    Martin Luther : "Here I Stand..."
  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles
  • Misty Copeland
    Misty Copeland
  • Boudicca
  • Charles Darwin
    Charles Darwin
  • Andrew Jackson
    Andrew Jackson
  • Swimming with sharks : the daring discoveries of Eugenie Clark
    Swimming With Sharks : The Daring Discoveries Of Eugenie Clark
  • Frederick Douglass : the lion who wrote history
    Frederick Douglass : The Lion Who Wrote History
  • Marie Curie
    Marie Curie
  • The story of Napoleon
    The Story Of Napoleon
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton : a woman living history
    Hillary Rodham Clinton : A Woman Living History
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton : a woman living history
    Hillary Rodham Clinton : A Woman Living History
  • All about Amelia Earhart
    All About Amelia Earhart
  • All about Benjamin Franklin
    All About Benjamin Franklin
  • All about Frederick Douglass
    All About Frederick Douglass
  • All about Martin Luther King, Jr.
    All About Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • All about Roberto Clemente
    All About Roberto Clemente