New kids' nonfiction

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Youth Nonfiction

  • Indigenous America
    McDonald, Liam
  • Once I Was You
    Hinojosa, Maria
  • Artists: Inspiring Stories Of Their Lives And Works
    Hodge, Susie
  • Mister Rogers' Gift Of Music
    Cangelosi, Donna M.
  • The World's Wildest Places
    Dyu, Lily
  • Super-Dee-Dooper Book Of Animal Facts
    Carbone, Courtney
  • How Science Saved The Eiffel Tower
    Smith, Emma Bland
  • The Animal Toolkit: How Animals Use Tools
    Jenkins, Steve
  • Infinity: Figuring Out Forever
    Campbell, Sarah C.
  • Agent Most Wanted: The Never-Before-Told Story Of The Most Dangerous …
    Purnell, Sonia
  • Marcel's Masterpiece: How A Toilet Shaped The History Of Art
    Mack, Jeff
  • Kid Trailblazers: True Tales Of Childhood From Influencers And Leaders
    Stevenson, Robin
  • Animals: Together Or Alone: A Crash Of Rhinos, A Waddle …
    Cassany, Mia
  • Around The World In 80 Trees
    Lerwill, Ben
  • Working With Tools
    Armstrong, Zoë
  • Fighting For Yes!: The Story Of Disability Rights Activist Judith …
    Cocca-Leffler, Maryann
  • How To Feed Backyard Birds: A Step-By-Step Guide For Kids
    Earley, Chris
  • Our Little Mushroom: A Story Of Franz Schubert And His …
    McCully, Emily Arnold
  • Space!
  • Stacey Abrams And The Fight To Vote
    Todd, Traci N.
  • The World's Most Ridiculous* Animals: *Or Are They?
    Bunting, Philip
  • Abc Pride
    Barnes, Elly

Youth Biographies

  • Abraham Lincoln: Our 16th President
    Hansen, Sarah.
  • George H.W. Bush: Our 41st President
    Francis, Sandra
  • Amanda Gorman: Inspiring Hope With Poetry
    Tyner, Artika R.
  • Zion Williamson: Basketball's Rising Star
    Chandler, Matt
  • Jacques Cousteau
    Petrie, Kristin
  • John F. Kennedy: Our 35th President
    Harper, Judith E.
  • Kevin Durant
    Wetzel, Dan
  • Lebron James: Nba Superstar And Activist
    Schwartz, Heather E.
  • Ronald Reagan: Our 40th President
    Amoroso, Cynthia
  • Simone Biles
    Wetzel, Dan
  • Stacey Abrams: Champion Of Democracy
    Tyner, Artika R.
  • William Clinton: 42nd President
    Gaines, Ann.