New kids' nonfiction

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Youth Nonfiction

  • The Best Would You Rather? Book
    Panton, Gary
  • Soccer Rules The World
    Mugford, Simon
  • Tina Charles Vs. Lisa Leslie: Who Would Win?
    Fishman, Jon M.
  • Young Explorers Around Rome
    Celli, Daniela
  • Different Kinds Of Minds: A Guide To Your Brain
    Grandin, Temple
  • A Kid's Guide To Anime & Manga: Exploring The History …
    Sattin, Samuel
  • How Benjamin Franklin Became A Revolutionary In Seven (Not-So-Easy) Steps
    Woelfle, Gretchen
  • Jane Jacobs: Champion Of Cities, Champion Of People
    Pitts, Rebecca
  • She Kept Dancing: The True Story Of A Professional Dancer …
    Mesher, Sydney
  • What's A Germ, Joseph Lister?: The Medical Mystery That Forever …
    Alexander, Lori.
  • An Anthology Of Our Extraordinary Earth
    Oldershaw, Cally
  • The Solar System
    Allan, Sophie Physics teacher
  • Ship Captains And What They Do
    Slegers, Liesbet
  • The Totally Disgusting Book Of Gruesome Facts
    Dicker, Katie
  • Beulah Has A Hunch!: Inside The Colorful Mind Of Master …
    Mazeika, Katie
  • The Essential Harry Styles Fanbook
  • The Lion Queen: Rasila Vadher, The First Woman Guardian Of …
    Singh, Rina
  • Mandela.
  • Masked Hero: How Wu Lien-Teh Invented The Mask That Ended …
    Liu, Shan Woo
  • Santiago Saw Things Differently: Santiago Ramón Y Cajal, Artist, Doctor, …
    Iverson, Christine
  • Our World In Numbers. Animals: An Encyclopedia Of Fantastic Facts
    Mead, Richard
  • Unofficial Minecraft Cookbook: 30 Recipes Inspired By Your Favorite Video …
    Lalbaltry, Juliette
  • Britannica's Encyclopedia Infographica: 1,000s Of Facts & Figures: About Earth, …
    Pettie, Andrew Andrew J.
  • The Very Young Person's Guide To Ballet Music
    Lihoreau, Tim
  • Attacked!: Pearl Harbor And The Day War Came To America
    Favreau, Marc
  • I'M Gonna Paint: Ralph Fasanella, Artist Of The People
    Broyles, Anne
  • On The Line: My Story Of Becoming The First African …
    Jones, Jennifer
  • Stone Age Beasts
    Lerwill, Ben
  • Ancient Egypt.
  • At The Poles
    Elliott, David
  • An Atlas Of Legendary Places: From Atlantis To The Milky …
    Mehnert, Volker
  • Book Of Everything: Bursting With Thousands Of Fantastic Facts.
  • The Book Of Mysteries, Magic And The Unexplained
    Macfarlane, Tamara
  • How To Talk So People Will Listen: (And Sound Confident …
    Waterworth, Lizzie
  • A Natural History Of Magical Beasts: From The Notebook Of …
    Hawkins, Emily
  • Get To Know Philosophy: A Fun, Visual Guide To The …
    Poulton, Rachel
  • The Queen's Wardrobe: The Story Of Queen Elizabeth Ii
    Golding, Julia
  • She's A Mensch!: Jewish Women Who Rocked The World
    Burk, Rachelle
  • Small Shoes, Great Strides: How Three Brave Girls Opened Doors …
    Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux
  • The Totally Incredible Book Of Unbelievable Facts
    Dicker, Katie
  • The Wheel Of The Year: An Illustrated Guide To Nature's …
    Cook, Fiona Writer
  • Pizza: The Cool Stories And Facts Behind Every Slice
    Towler, Paige
  • Facing The Mountain: A True Story Of Japanese American Heroes …
    Brown, Daniel James
  • The Maps Book
    Bourne, Joanne
  • Tomfoolery!: Randolph Caldecott And The Rambunctious Coming-Of-Age Of Children's Books
    Markel, Michelle
  • What Was The Children's Blizzard Of 1888?
    Korté, Steve
  • What Was The Donner Party?
    Hubbard, Ben
  • I'M Trying To Love Germs
    Barton, Bethany
  • 5-Minute Shark Stories
    Brydon, Alli
  • The Book Of Radical Answers: Real Questions From Real Kids …
    Taylor, Sonya Renee

Youth Biographies

  • The Untold Story Of Michael Collins: Apollo 11 Pilot
    Lüsted, Marcia Amidon
  • The Untold Story Of Sylvia Mendez: School Desegregation Pioneer
    Gonzales, Leticia
  • George Washington
    Huddleston, Emma
  • Marie Curie.
  • Theodore Roosevelt
    Huddleston, Emma
  • Robert Smalls: American Hero
    Kennedy, Robert Francis