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Youth Nonfiction

  • A Child's Introduction To Ballet: The Stories, Music And Magic …
    Lee, Laura
  • The Dog Patrol: Our Canine Companions And The Kids Who …
    Laidlaw, Rob
  • How Artists See Animals
    Carroll, Colleen
  • How Artists See Play
    Carroll, Colleen
  • How Artists See Work
    Carroll, Colleen
  • Space: Stars, Supernovas, Satellites
    Jenner, Elizabeth
  • Not Playing By The Rules: 21 Female Athletes Who Changed …
    Cline-Ransome, Lesa
  • Poisoned Water: How The Citizens Of Flint, Michigan, Fought For …
    Cooper, Candy J.
  • Recycle And Remake
  • The Woman's Hour: Our Fight For The Right To Vote: …
    Weiss, Elaine F.
  • Dinosaurs!
    Freels, Korynn
  • Dark Hedges, Wizard Island And Other Magical Places That Really …
    Crandall, L. Rader
  • The Roanoke Colony: America's First Mystery
    Schweizer, Chris
  • The Great Chicago Fire: Rising From The Ashes
    Hannigan, Kate
  • Queerfully And Wonderfully Made: A Guide For Lgbtq+ Christian Teens
  • Ww84: Wonder Woman: Truth, Love & Wonder: Inspirational Quotes And …
    West, Alexandra
  • Boycotts, Strikes, And Marches: Protests Of The Civil Rights Era
    Diggs, Barbara
  • 100 Crazy Questions: Creatures
    Grossblatt, Ben
  • Bionic Pets
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • Drones
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • Girls Who Build: Inspiring Curiousity And Confidence To Make Anything …
    Hughes, Katie
  • A Lasting Impact
    Williams, Heather DiLorenzo
  • The Science Of The Coronavirus
    Gilles, Renae
  • Self-Driving Cars
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • World Of Glass: The Art Of Dale Chihuly
    Greenberg, Jan
  • Taking On The Plastics Crisis
    Testa, Hannah
  • The White House
    Collison, Campbell
  • Who Did It First?: 50 Icons, Luminaries, And Legends Who …
    Reid, Megan
  • Concrete Kids
    León, Amyra
  • Living Fossils: Survivors From Earth's Distant Past
    Hirsch, Rebecca E.
  • Making Youtube Videos
    Willoughby, Nick
  • Wolfpack: How Young People Will Find Their Voice, Unite Their …
    Wambach, Abby
  • Amazing Women Of The Middle East: 25 Stories From Ancient …
    Tarnowska, Wafa'
  • The Beast Of Bites
    Peterson, Coyote
  • Biohackers
    Kaminski, Leah at Full Tilt Press Firm
  • Copycat Science
    Barfield, Mike
  • Finding A Way Home: Mildred And Richard Loving And The …
    Brimner, Larry Dane
  • She Represents: 44 Women Who Are Changing Politics...And The World
    Donohue, Caitlin
  • The Suffragist Playbook: Your Guide To Changing The World
    Robb, Lucinda
  • Superpowered: Transform Anxiety Into Courage, Confidence, And Resilience
    Jain, Renee
  • The Treehouse Joke Book
    Griffiths, Andy
  • Folding Tech: Using Origami And Nature To Revolutionize Technology
    Kenney, Karen Latchana
  • Homecoming Tales: 15 Inspiring Stories From Old Friends Senior Dog …
    Fortner, Tama
  • The Mouth: A Nauseating Augmented Reality Experience
    Leed, Percy
  • Muscles And Bones: A Repulsive Augmented Reality Experience
    Olson, Gillia M.
  • Nanotechnology
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • Sports Gambling
    Hewson, Anthony K.
  • Superteams
    Mitchell, Bo
  • Girls Can!: Smash Stereotypes, Defy Expectations, And Make History!
    Sebastian, Marissa
  • Garfield's Guide To Drawing The World's Best-Looking Cat (And His …
    Nickel, Scott

Youth Biographies

  • Become A Leader Like Michelle Obama
    Moss, Caroline
  • Sing And Shout: The Mighty Voice Of Paul Robeson
    Rubin, Susan Goldman