New kids' nonfiction

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Youth Nonfiction

  • Blast Back! : The Great Wall Of China
    Ohlin, Nancy
  • Come On In, America : The United States In World ...
    Osborne, Linda Barrett
  • 50 States : Our America
  • The Great American Foot Race : Ballyhoo For The Bunion ...
    Speno, Andrew
  • Stone Age
    Janulis, Klint
  • Pirates
    Fox, E. T. (Ed T.
  • Rome
    Chrisp, Peter, consultant.
  • Ancient Egypt
    McDonald, Angela, consultant.
  • 12 Questions About The Gettysburg Address
    Miller, Mirella S.
  • 12 Questions About "Paul Revere's Ride"
    Kallio, Jamie
  • The Holocaust : Racism And Genocide In World War Ii
    Mooney, Carla
  • Fearless Women : Courageous Females Who Refused To Be Denied
    Reynolds, Toby
  • 10 Routes That Crossed The World
    Richardson, Gillian
  • Lands Of Long Ago
    Wood, A. J.
  • A Brief Illustrated History Of Exploration
    Hibbert, Clare
  • Bravo! : Poems About Amazing Hispanics
    Engle, Margarita
  • Aztecs
    Howell, Izzi
  • Just Joking Gross : 300 Hilarious And Disgusting Jokes, Tongue ...
    Pattison, Rosie Gowsell
  • Alice Paul And The Fight For Women's Rights : From ...
    Kops, Deborah
  • 100 Things To Be When You Grow Up
    Gerry, Lisa
  • Heroes & Villains
  • Girl Code : Gaming, Going Viral, And Getting It Done
    Gonzales, Andrea
  • Alcatraz : A Chilling Interactive Adventure
    Chandler, Matt
  • Garfield : Fat Cat 3-Pack. Volume 19
    Davis, Jim, 1945 July 28- illustrator.
  • Pokémon. The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide. 2, #246-491, Larvitar To ...
  • Pokémon. The Complete Pokémon Pocket Guide. 1, #001-245, Bulbasaur To ...
  • Big Nate : What's A Little Noogie Between Friends?
    Peirce, Lincoln, artist.
  • New Hampshire : The Granite State
    Hamilton, John
  • Finland
    Tan, Chung Lee
  • The Creek
    Roberts, Russell
  • The Choctaw
    Orr, Tamra
  • California : The Golden State
    Hamilton, John
  • The Blackfeet
    Wilson, Wayne L.
  • The American Revolution : 12 Things To Know
    Caravantes, Peggy
  • Wind Energy
    Woll, Kris
  • What A Waste! : Where Does Garbage Go?
    Eamer, Claire
  • This Book Stinks! : Gross Garbage, Rotten Rubbish, And The ...
    Flynn, Sarah Wassner
  • Solar Energy
    Conley, Kate A.
  • Ocean Energy
    Murray, Laura K.
  • Nuclear Energy
    Marquardt, Meg
  • Hydroelectric Energy
    Jennings, Terry Catasús
  • Geothermal Energy
    Mangor, Jodie
  • Biofuels
    Conley, Kate A.
  • 12 Questions About The Us Constitution
    Conley, Kate A.
  • 12 Questions About The Indian Removal Act
    Dils, Tracey E.
  • 12 Questions About Slave Narratives
    Sepahban, Lois
  • Wonder Woman And The World Of Myth
    Korté, Steven
  • Wonder Woman And The Heroes Of Myth
    Korté, Steven
  • Awesome 8 Extreme
    Flynn, Sarah Wassner
  • 101 Books To Read Before You Grow Up : The ...
    Schulze, Bianca

Youth Biographies

  • Who Was Princess Diana?
    Labrecque, Ellen
  • Sonia Sotomayor : A Biography
    Mendoza, Sylvia
  • Jack London And The Klondike Gold Rush
    Lourie, Peter
  • Isaac The Alchemist : Secrets Of Isaac Newton, Reveal'd
    Losure, Mary
  • I Got This : To Gold And Beyond
    Hernandez, Laurie, 2000-
  • Alexander Hamilton : The Making Of America
    Kanefield, Teri
  • The Middle School Rules Of Skylar Diggins
    Jensen, Sean
  • The Middle School Rules Of Jamaal Charles
    Jensen, Sean
  • The Middle School Rules Of Charles "Peanut" Tillman
    Jensen, Sean
  • Usain Bolt
    Scheff, Matt
  • Simone Manuel
    Scheff, Matt
  • Red Cloud : A Lakota Story Of War And Surrender
    Nelson, S. D.
  • Michael Phelps
    Scheff, Matt
  • Aly Raisman
    Scheff, Matt