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Youth Nonfiction

  • Between Worlds: Folktales Of Britain & Ireland
    Crossley-Holland, Kevin
  • The Far Away Brothers: Two Teenage Immigrants Making A Life ...
    Markham, Lauren
  • The Miracle & Tragedy Of The Dionne Quintuplets
    Miller, Sarah
  • Enough Is Enough: How Students Can Join The Fight For ...
    McCann, Michelle Roehm
  • Fighting For The Forest: How Fdr's Civilian Conservation Corps Helped ...
    Pearson, P. O'Connell Patricia O'Connell
  • Minecraft: Guide To Ocean Survival
    Milton, Stephanie
  • The Ultimate Unofficial Encyclopedia For Minecrafters: Aquatic: An A-Z Guide ...
    Miller, Megan
  • Into The Deep: An Exploration Of Our Oceans
    Siems, Annika
  • Ultimate Weatherpedia: The Most Complete Weather Reference Ever
    Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
  • Egyptians!
    Van Vleet, Carmella
  • Austria
    Perritano, John
  • Aztecs, Maya, Incas!
    Yasuda, Anita
  • The Book Of Kings: Magnificent Monarchs, Notorious Nobles, And Distinguished ...
    Magyar, Caleb
  • The Book Of Queens: Legendary Leaders, Fierce Females, And Wonder ...
    Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
  • Greeks!
    Van Vleet, Carmella
  • Iceland
    Orr, Tamra
  • Encyclopedia Of American Indian History & Culture: Stories, Time Lines, ...
    O'Brien, Cynthia Cynthia J.
  • Republic Of Ireland
    Wiseman, Blaine
  • Romans!
    Van Vleet, Carmella
  • Singapore
    Perritano, John
  • The Freddy Files: The Updated Official Guidebook To The Bestselling ...
    Cawthon, Scott
  • Origami: Classic Paper Folding
    Thomas, Rachael L.
  • Dog Breed Guide: The Complete Reference To Your Best Friend ...
    Resler, Tamara J.
  • Ancient Wonders
    Volant, Iris
  • Born To Fly: The First Women's Air Race Across America
    Sheinkin, Steve
  • My Big Book Of The World's Greatest Art
    Le Moine, Laetitia
  • Playing With Collage
    Baker, Jeannie
  • We Are Artists: Women Who Made Their Mark On The ...
    Herbert, Kari
  • Infinite Hope: A Black Artist's Journey From World War Ii ...
    Bryan, Ashley
  • The Women Who Caught The Babies: A Story Of African ...
    Greenfield, Eloise
  • Animal Showdown: Round 2: Surprising Animal Matchups With Surprising Results
    Drimmer, Stephanie Warren
  • Bringing Back The Lesser Long-Nosed Bat
    Daly, Ruth

Youth Biographies

  • Beyoncé
    Hudd, Emily
  • Carol Moseley Braun: Politician And Leader
    Harris, Duchess
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: The Making Of America
    Kanefield, Teri
  • Lionel Messi
    Wetzel, Dan
  • Patrick Mahomes: Nfl Sensation
    Monson, James
  • The Real Aaron Burr: The Truth Behind The Legend
    Braun, Eric
  • Serena Williams: Tennis Icon
    Huddleston, Emma
  • Tiger Woods: Golf Legend
    Williams, Doug Sportswriter
  • Who Was Sam Walton?
    Buckley, James, Jr.
  • Who Was Mister Rogers?
    Bailey, Diane
  • Reach For The Skai: How To Inspire, Empower, And Clapback
    Jackson, Skai