New kids' nonfiction

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Youth Nonfiction

  • Girls Who Code: Learn To Code And Change The World
    Saujani, Reshma
  • Runny Babbit Returns: Another Billy Sook
    Silverstein, Shel
  • Cyber Spies And Secret Agents Of Modern Times
    Lassieur, Allison
  • Eyes & Spies: How You're Tracked And Why You Should ...
    Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
  • Interdependence Of Species
    Monroe, Elliot
  • Journey To America: A Chronology Of Immigration In The 1900s
    Kravitz, Danny
  • Swept Away: The Story Of The 2011 Japanese Tsunami
    Rissman, Rebecca
  • Total Devastation: The Story Of Hurricane Katrina
    Burgan, Michael
  • Deep-Cover Spies And Double-Crossers Of The Cold War
    Langston-George, Rebecca
  • How To Do Homework Without Throwing Up
    Romain, Trevor
  • Ice Road Truckers In Action
    Rea, Amy C.
  • 12 Great Tips On Writing Poetry
    Pearson, Yvonne
  • 12 Tips For Managing Stress And Anxiety
    Spalding, Maddie
  • Busting Boredom With Technology
    Omoth, Tyler
  • Demeter
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • Poseidon
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • Behind Enemy Lines: The Escape Of Robert Grimes With The ...
    Chandler, Matt
  • Death Camp Uprising: The Escape From Sobibor Concentration Camp
    Yomtov, Nelson
  • Outrunning The Nazis: The Brave Escape Of Resistance Fighter Sven ...
    Chandler, Matt
  • Saluting Our Grandmas: Women Of World War Ii
    Barlow, Cassie B.
  • Tunneling To Freedom: The Great Escape From Stalag Luft Iii
    Yomtov, Nelson
  • Discover Orcs, Boggarts, And Other Nasty Fantasy Creatures
    Sautter, Aaron
  • Breaking Barriers
    Hetrick, Hans
  • Busting Boredom In The Great Outdoors
    Omoth, Tyler
  • Heroes Under Pressure
    Hetrick, Hans
  • Heroic Comebacks
    Tougas, Joe
  • Pokémon Alola Region Handbook.
  • Littlebits
    Lovett, Amber
  • Brave Red, Smart Frog: A New Book Of Old Tales
    Jenkins, Emily
  • Netflix
    Green, Sara
  • Parker Brothers
    Green, Sara
  • Journeys: Young Readers' Letters To Authors Who Changed Their Lives
  • Mystery & Mayhem: Twelve Deliciously Intriguing Mysteries
  • School Rules! Projects: Planning And Polishing Pointers To Make You ...
    Henke, Emma MacLaren
  • Writing Radar: Using Your Journal To Snoop Out And Craft ...
    Gantos, Jack
  • Columbia Space Shuttle Explosion And Space Exploration
    Orr, Tamra
  • Invention Of Facebook And Internet Privacy
    Orr, Tamra
  • Obama Vs. Mccain And The Historic Election
    Orr, Tamra
  • The Snow Queen
    Andersen, H. C. Hans Christian
  • Tucson Shooting And Gun Control
    Orr, Tamra
  • Macbeth
    Shakespeare, William
  • 13 Art Materials Children Should Know
    Marchioro, Narcisa
  • Architecture & Construction
    Reeves, Diane Lindsey
  • Arts & Communication: Exploring Career Pathways
    Reeves, Diane Lindsey
  • Blue Moon Soup: A Family Cookbook: Recipes
    Goss, Gary
  • Business & Administration: Exploring Career Pathways
    Reeves, Diane Lindsey
  • Electrical Engineering: Learn It, Try It!
    Sobey, Edwin J. C.
  • Engineered!: Engineering Design At Work
    Hunt, Shannon Shannon Chantal
  • Explore Makerspace!
    Klepeis, Alicia
  • Marketing, Sales & Service: Exploring Career Pathways
    Reeves, Diane Lindsey

Youth Biographies

  • Pelé, The King Of Soccer
    Simon, Eddy
  • Who Is Ralph Lauren?
    O'Connor, Jane
  • Shoe Dog: A Memoir By The Creator Of Nike
    Knight, Philip H.
  • Who Was Lewis Carroll?
    Pollack, Pam
  • Victoria: Portrait Of A Queen
    Reef, Catherine
  • Maya Lin: Thinking With Her Hands
    Rubin, Susan Goldman
  • Meet Cindy Sherman: Artist, Photographer, Chameleon
    Greenberg, Jan
  • Fierce: How Competing For Myself Changed Everything
    Raisman, Aly