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Youth Nonfiction

  • Your Vote Matters: How We Elect The Us President
    Katzman, Rebecca
  • Ancient Worlds: Travel Back In Time And Discover The First …
    Willis, Justine
  • Chicago: History, People, Landmarks: The World's Fair, Wrigley Field, Frank …
    Orr, Tamra
  • Made In Asian America: A History For Young People
    Lee, Erika
  • Three Summers: A Memoir Of Sisterhood, Summer Crushes, And Growing …
    Sabic-El-Rayess, Amra
  • What Do We Know About The Nazca Lines?
    Hubbard, Ben
  • Witch Hunt: The Cold War, Joe Mccarthy, And The Red …
    Balis, Andrea
  • Out Of The Park!: True Stories Of The Greatest Players …
    Buckley, James, Jr.
  • Lucy!: How Lucille Ball Did It All
    Guglielmo, Amy
  • Spying On Spies: How Elizebeth Smith Friedman Broke The Nazis' …
    Moss, Marissa
  • A Child's Introduction To Asian American And Pacific Islander History: …
    Hirahara, Naomi
  • Captain America: Meet Sam Wilson!
    Paasewe-Valchev, Mayonn

Youth Biographies