New kids' books

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Youth Fiction

  • Minecraft: The Lost Journals
    Lafferty, Mur
  • The Boy Who Cried Werewolf
    Reynolds, J. H. Jonathan Hal
  • Holes
    Sachar, Louis
  • Changeling
    Ritter, William
  • The Echo Park Castaways
    Hennessey, M. G.
  • Serafina And The Seven Stars
    Beatty, Robert
  • Titans
    O'Hearn, Kate
  • The Twelve
    Lin, Cindy
  • Digging Deep
    Delle Donne, Elena
  • Climbing Strong
    Terrell, Brandon, writer.
  • Mystery Of The Dark Magic: Starring Doctor Strange
    Snider, Brandon T.
  • Storm Dog
    Shotz, Jennifer Li
  • Switching Goals
    Morgan, Alex Alexandra Patricia
  • The Drone Pursuit
    Appleton, Victor
  • The Sonic Breach
    Appleton, Victor
  • Awesome Dog 5000
    Dean, Justin
  • Mission To Monster Island
    Ballarini, Joe
  • Emperor Of The Universe
    Lubar, David
  • The Four Guardians
    Laney, Matt
  • The Halloweeners
    Reynolds, J. H. Jonathan Hal
  • The Haunting Of Henry Davis
    Siebel, Kathryn
  • Blastaway
    Landers, Melissa
  • The Villain Kids' Guide For New Vks
    McLeef, Tina
  • Exploring According To Og The Frog
    Birney, Betty G.
  • George And The Ship Of Time
    Hawking, Lucy
  • Wish On All The Stars
    Schroeder, Lisa
  • Gamora's Galactic Showdown: Starring Gamora
    Snider, Brandon T.
  • Invasion Of The Space Phantoms: Starring Iron Man
    Behling, Steve
  • The Secret Life Of Pets 2: The Deluxe Junior Novelization
    Lewman, David
  • Nikki Tesla And The Ferret-Proof Death Ray
    Keating, Jess
  • Level 13: A Slacker Novel
    Korman, Gordon
  • Amelia Earhart And The Flying Chariot
    Sheinkin, Steve
  • Carnival Catastrophe
    Lloyd, Natalie
  • Forever Neverland
    Adrian, Susan
  • The Girl Who Sailed The Stars
    Woods, Matilda
  • Nadya Skylung And The Masked Kidnapper
    Seymour, Jeff Fantasy fiction writer
  • Neil Armstrong And Nat Love, Space Cowboys
    Sheinkin, Steve
  • Out Of My Shell
    Goebel, Jenny
  • The Pennypackers Go On Vacation
    Doan, Lisa
  • Sky Chasers
    Carroll, Emma
  • The Circus Goes To Sea
    Klise, Kate

Easy Readers

  • Big Shark, Little Shark Go To School
    Membrino, Anna
  • Let's Recycle!
    Gleisner, Jenna Lee
  • Let's Save Energy!
    Gleisner, Jenna Lee
  • Too Many Valentines
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • I Love Books!
    Garton, Sam
  • The Best Seat In Kindergarten
    Kenah, Katharine
  • Field Trip
    Riley, J. D.
  • Llama Llama Dance Recital Fun
  • Bruce's Big Fun Day
    Higgins, Ryan T.
  • La Lluvia Torrencial
    McDonald, Kirsten

Picture Books

  • Pruna Y Perlita
    Le Normand, Véronique
  • It's Pool Time!
    Rusu, Meredith
  • The Pawed Piper
    Robinson, Michelle Michelle Jane
  • Boom! Boom! Boom!
    Wechterowicz, Przemysław
  • Humperdink: Our Elephant Friend
    Taylor, Sean
  • Curious About Summer
    Platt, Cynthia
  • How Do You Say Good Night?
    Jin, Cindy
  • Look What I See
    Barrett, Judi
  • Mimi's Picnic: Touch, Play And Smile!
    Arakawa, Shizue
  • Peek-A Moo!
    Laden, Nina
  • Space
    Kastner, Emmy
  • Space
    Musgrave, Ruth
  • Spot Goes To The Beach
    Hill, Eric
  • Just One You!
    Jaine, Lillian
  • 5 Little Ducks.
  • At The Beach
    Yoon, Salina
  • Loving Kindness: Happy Feelings For Little Ones
    Stewart, Whitney
  • Butterflies And Moths / Illustrations By Beatrice Tinarelli.
    Tinarelli, Beatrice
  • I Listen: A Book About Understanding And Connecting
    Meiners, Cheri J.
  • I Speak Up: A Book About Self-Expression And Communication
    Meiners, Cheri J.
  • Jane Foster's Summertime
    Foster, Jane, illlustrator.
  • Mama Tiger Tiger Cub
    Light, Steve
  • Deep In The Ocean
    Brunellière, Lucie
  • Jacob's Room To Choose
    Hoffman, Sarah
  • Amoya's Big Move
    Richards, Dahlia
  • Boonoonoonous Hair!
    Senior, Olive
  • Santa's Husband
    Kibblesmith, Daniel
  • Ugly Dolls: Today's The Day
    Busse, R. R.
  • This Is My Room!: (No Tigers Allowed)
    Jacobson, Jennifer
  • Seeds And Trees
    Walden, Brandon
  • Bilal Cooks Daal
    Saeed, Aisha
  • Hold Hands
    Varon, Sara
  • How Do You Care For A Very Sick Bear?
    Bayer, Vanessa
  • It's Not A Bed, It's A Time Machine
    Rapkin, Mickey
  • Gato Rojo, Gato Azul
    Desmond, Jenni
  • Chip And Curly: The Great Potato Race
    Breisacher, Cathy
  • How To Take Care Of Your Dinosaur
    Cockcroft, Jason
  • Now What?: A Math Tale
    Harris, Robie H.
  • Sea Glass Summer
    Houts, Michelle
  • Sumo Joe
    Wenjen, Mia
  • Baby Bird
    Gibbs, Andrew, -
  • Flora's Tree House
  • Fox And The Box
    Ivinson, Yvonne
  • The Girls
    Ace, Lauren
  • The Goat Café
    Simon, Francesca
  • Grandpa Cacao: A Tale Of Chocolate, From Farm To Family
    Zunon, Elizabeth
  • I Am A Wolf
    Miller, Kelly Leigh
  • What The Ladybug Heard At The Zoo
    Donaldson, Julia
  • Is 2 A Lot?
    Watson, Annie
  • Linus The Little Yellow Pencil
    Magoon, Scott