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Youth Fiction

  • Wayside School Beneath The Cloud Of Doom
    Sachar, Louis
  • Winterborne Home For Vengeance And Valor
    Carter, Ally
  • The Haunted Mask
    Stine, R. L.
  • Mary And The Trail Of Tears: A Cherokee Removal Survival ...
    Rogers, Andrea L.
  • Sarah Journeys West: An Oregon Trail Survival Story
    Smith, Nikki Shannon
  • The Vampire Doll
    Shepherd, Kat
  • The Adventures Of Captain Underpants: An Epic Novel
    Pilkey, Dav
  • Awesome Dog 5000 Vs. Mayor Bossypants
    Dean, Justin
  • Ben Braver And The Vortex Of Doom
    Emerson, Marcus
  • The Queen Bee And Me
    McDunn, Gillian
  • The Shadow Arts
    Love, Damien
  • The Case Of The Missing Auntie
    Hutchinson, Michael
  • The Lonely Heart Of Maybelle Lane
    O'Shaughnessy, Kate
  • Pop Flies, Robo-Pets, And Other Disasters
    Kamata, Suzanne
  • Skycircus
    Bunzl, Peter
  • Don't Check Out This Book!
    Klise, Kate
  • Hunger Winter: A Wwii Novel
    Currie, Rob Robert Bruce
  • Maximilian & The Curse Of The Fallen Angel: A Bilingual ...
    Garza, Xavier
  • Cats In The Crater
    O'Hara, Mo
  • Dragonslayer
    Sutherland, Tui
  • The Guardians Of Zoone
    Födi, Lee Edward
  • Escape Velocity
    Aslan, Austin
  • The Future King
    Riley, James
  • Mañanaland
    Ryan, Pam Muñoz
  • Can You See Me?
    Scott, Libby
  • The Chaos Curse
    DasGupta, Sayantani
  • A Guard Dog Named Honey
    Orenstein, Denise Gosliner
  • The Lost Lands
    Khoury, Jessica
  • The Midnight Hour
    Read, Benjamin Children's story writer
  • Show Me A Sign
    LeZotte, Ann Clare
  • Wannabe Farms
    McCann, Brian Brian Collins

Easy Readers

  • Operation Fix Marabelle
    Parent, Nancy
  • Baby Shark And The Magic Wand
  • Puppy Love!
    Stephens, Elle
  • Moose
    Albertson, Al
  • White-Tailed Deer
    Albertson, Al
  • One Big Party
    Stephens, Elle.
  • Back In Action!
  • Charlie & Mouse Outdoors
    Snyder, Laurel
  • Duck & Cat's Rainy Day
    Bramsen, Carin
  • Egg Or Eyeball?
    Bell, Cece
  • Every Day Is Earth Day
    Brown, Jordan
  • Houndsley And Catina At The Library
    Howe, James
  • Prank You Very Much
    McDonald, Megan
  • Hauntley Girls
    Beyl, Chelsea
  • Crane Song
    Johnson, Princess Daazhraii, writer
  • Meet The Spies
    West, Alexandra
  • Earth
    Devera, Czeena
  • Frederick Douglass: Voice For Justice, Voice For Freedom
    Murphy, Frank
  • I Am A Gorilla
    Froeb, Lori
  • I Am A Polar Bear
    Froeb, Lori
  • Jupiter
    Devera, Czeena
  • Mars
    Devera, Czeena
  • Mercury
    Devera, Czeena
  • Neptune
    Devera, Czeena
  • Penguins!
    Markarian, Margie
  • Saturn
    Devera, Czeena
  • Sharks!: Ocean Science Reader
    Markarian, Margie
  • Susan B. Anthony: Her Fight For Equal Rights
    Kulling, Monica
  • Truth Or Lie: Presidents!
    Perl, Erica S.
  • Uranus
    Devera, Czeena
  • Venus
    Devera, Czeena
  • Push And Pull
    Derting, Kimberly

Picture Books

  • The Vanishing Deep
    Scholte, Astrid
  • The City Girls
  • Tiny T. Rex And The Very Dark Dark
    Stutzman, Jonathan
  • Violet Shrink
    Baldacchino, Christine
  • I Don't Like Rain!
    Dillard, Sarah
  • Rita & Ralph's Rotten Day
    Deedy, Carmen Agra
  • Thank You, Garden
    Scanlon, Elizabeth Garton
  • Bunny Business
    Richmond, Lori
  • Space Mice
    Houran, Lori Haskins
  • I Love You, Baby Shark: Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo ...
  • World So Wide
    McGhee, Alison
  • How To Be A Pirate
    Fitzgerald, Isaac
  • My Best Friend
    Fogliano, Julie
  • My Bison
    Wisniewski, Gaya
  • The Very Sleepy Sloth
    Murray, Andrew
  • Everyone's Awake
    Meloy, Colin
  • Hello, World!
    Long, Ethan
  • Monster's Trucks
    Van Slyke, Rebecca
  • Studio: A Place For Art To Start
    Arrow, Emily
  • The Three Billy Goats Buenos
    Elya, Susan Middleton
  • I Found A Kitty!
    Cummings, Troy
  • My Ocean Is Blue
    Lebeuf, Darren
  • A Space For Me
    Falwell, Cathryn
  • I'Ve Got Peace In My Fingers
    Salidor, Susan
  • Almond
    Say, Allen
  • Feast Of Peas
    Sheth, Kashmira
  • I Say Aalhamdulillah
    Dee, Noor H.
  • A Little Owl
    Wren, Rosalee
  • Empathy = Altaeatuf
    Billings, Patricia
  • Empathy = Dhimrin: English-Somali
    Billings, Patricia
  • Hello, Monkey: A Peek-A-Boo Adventure
  • A Little Colt
    Wren, Rosalee
  • Ten Little Puppies.
  • Look & Learn Rainbow.
  • Miki Takes A Bath
    Babin, Stéphanie
  • Mother Goose: Book Of Rhymes.
  • What Is Soft?
    Kantor, Susan
  • You're The Cheese In My Blintz
    Kimmelman, Leslie
  • Two Little Trains
    Brown, Margaret Wise
  • B Is For Bee
    Milner, Charlotte
  • Baby Belly
    Martín, Patricia
  • Baby Paleontologist
    Gehl, Laura
  • Baby's First St. Patrick's Day
    Sirett, Dawn
  • Bunny And Friends
    Chapman, Aimée
  • Bunny Breaths
    Willey, Kira
  • Can You Guess? Food: With The Very Hungry Caterpillar
    Carle, Eric, creator
  • Can You Guess? Animals With The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
    Carle, Eric
  • Colors On The Farm
    Steers, Billy
  • Curious About Birds
    Sill, Cathryn P.
  • Shells: A Pop-Up Book Of Wonder
    Lawler, Janet