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Youth Fiction

  • Get A Grip, Vivy Cohen
    Kapit, Sarah
  • Finding Home
    Kingsbury, Karen
  • Fire In The Star
    Benko, Kamilla
  • Master Of Disaster
    Patterson, James
  • Sonic The Hedgehog: The Official Movie Novelization
    Phegley, Kiel
  • Alchemist's Shadow
    Funaro, Gregory
  • Onward: The Junior Novelization
    Francis, Suzanne, adaptor.
  • Lily And The Great Quake: A San Francisco Earthquake Survival …
    Bybee, Veeda
  • The Story Seeker
    Tubb, Kristin O'Donnell
  • Home Games
    Markovits, Benjamin
  • Miss Impossible
    Cala, Caroline
  • Knights Vs. The End (Of Everything)
    Phelan, Matt
  • The Magnificent Monsters Of Cedar Street
    Oliver, Lauren
  • A Mixture Of Mischief
    Meriano, Anna
  • Before The Sword
    Lin, Grace
  • Mulan
    Rudnick, Elizabeth
  • The Oddyssey
    Slavin, David
  • Rumi's Riddle
    Schrefer, Eliot
  • The Spirit-Eaters
    Hunter, Erin
  • Quest For The Crystal Crown
    Bondor-Stone, Annabeth
  • Twist
    Cannon, Sarah
  • Wanda Seasongood And The Mostly True Secret
    Lurie, Susan Susan L.
  • Arlo Finch In The Kingdom Of Shadows
    August, John
  • Beginners Welcome: A Novel
    Baldwin, Cindy
  • The Box Turtle
    Roeder, Vanessa
  • Sunny
    Krampien, Celia
  • Up On Bob
    Sullivan, Mary
  • United To Strike: A Story Of The Delano Grape Workers
    Zenk, Molly
  • All The Feels
    Nuhfer, Heather
  • Fairy Unicorn Wishes
    Kinsella, Sophie
  • The Mystwick School Of Musicraft
    Khoury, Jessica
  • Samantha Spinner And The Boy In The Ball
    Ginns, Russell
  • Slamdown Town
    Nicoll, Maxwell
  • Middle School Bites
    Banks, Steven
  • Kat Wolfe Takes The Case
    St. John, Lauren
  • Daisy And The Deadly Flu: A 1918 Influenza Survival Story
    Gilbert, Julie
  • Willow Moss And The Lost Day
    Valente, Dominique
  • Battle Of The Bulge
    Sutter, Marcus
  • Accidental Trouble Magnet
    Mian, Zanib
  • The Case Of Windy Lake
    Hutchinson, Michael
  • Here In The Real World
    Pennypacker, Sara
  • Nikki Tesla And The Fellowship Of The Bling
    Keating, Jess
  • True To Your Selfie
    McCafferty, Megan
  • The Black Pearl
    O'Dell, Scott
  • Captain Underpants And The Terrifying Return Of Tippy Tinkletrousers: The …
    Pilkey, Dav
  • The Imaginaries: Little Scraps Of Larger Stories
    Martin, Emily Winfield
  • The Search For The Phoenix Gem: An In-Questigation
    Behling, Steve
  • Rat Rule 79: An Adventure
    Galchen, Rivka
  • Dragon Fire
    McMann, Lisa
  • Pippa Park Raises Her Game
    Yun, Erin

Easy Readers

  • Happy Pi Day To You!
    Worth, Bonnie
  • Jack At Bat
    Barnett, Mac
  • Jack Goes West
    Barnett, Mac
  • Mulan
    Tillworth, Mary
  • Oh, Brother!
    Bouchard, Natasha
  • The Little Engine's Easter Egg Hunt
    Edelman, Lana
  • Bugsy Saves The Day
    Harvey, Randy
  • Butterhorn Makes Some Friends
    Harvey, Randy
  • Chester And The Big Race
    Harvey, Randy
  • Picklez Gets Lunch
    Harvey, Randy
  • Snuggletooth And The Big Game
    Harvey, Randy
  • A Tale Of Two Tribes
    Harvey, Randy
  • Tumblebee Goes For A Walk
    Harvey, Randy
  • Park Here
    Lakin, Patricia
  • A Day With Dad
    Amerikaner, Susan
  • Little Dog Lost
    Zaslove, Mark
  • Animals That Change Color
    Romero, Libby
  • Hello, Hedgehog
    Buller, Laura
  • Ronda Rousey
    Pantaleo, Steve
  • Sloth Babies
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Cheetah Cubs
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Chimpanzee Babies
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Elephant Calves
    Gray, Susan H.
  • Giraffe Calves
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Hippopotamus Calves
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Jaguar Cubs
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Koala Bear Joeys
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Polar Bear Cubs
    Gray, Susan Heinrichs
  • Maybe You Should Fly A Jet! Maybe You Should Be …
    Seuss, Dr.
  • How To Be A Ninja
    Peet, Rosie
  • Wake Up, Crabby!
    Fenske, Jonathan
  • Don't Worry, Bee Happy
    Burach, Ross
  • Play Ball!
    Chan, Reika
  • Hill To Quill
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Mice To Slice
    Markovics, Pearl

  • Markovics, Pearl
  • Pug Hug
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Ram Jam
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Sheep Sleep
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Skunk Trunk
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Snail To Mail
    Markovics, Pearl
  • Black Bears
    Albertson, Al
  • Cool Crickets
    Peterson, Megan Cooley
  • Freight Trains
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Gray Wolves
    Albertson, Al
  • Octopuses
    Shaffer, Lindsay
  • Passenger Trains
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Powerful Praying Mantids
    Higgins, Melissa
  • Subway Trains
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Wonderful Worms
    Peterson, Megan Cooley

Picture Books

  • Mindful Owl Adventures: Friendship Through Mindfulness
    Ranger, Annie
  • Azul
    Martí, Meritxell
  • Red = Rojo
    Martí, Meritxell
  • Yellow = Amarillo
    Martí, Meritxell
  • The Berenstain Bears Patience, Please
    Berenstain, Mike
  • The Life Of A Coat
    Molodowsky, Kadia
  • Simonie And The Dance Contest
    Matthews, Gail
  • Doctor Mouse
    Kempter, Christa
  • Cuentos De Perros Y Gatos Para Pasar El Rato
    Oro, Begoña
  • Grama's Hug
    Nielander, Amy
  • The Box Turtle
    Roeder, Vanessa
  • Hop Little Bunnies
    Mumford, Martha
  • Kid Coach
    Justus, Rob
  • A Little Courage
    Levi, Taltal
  • Miriam At The River
    Yolen, Jane
  • Old Rock (Is Not Boring)
    Pilutti, Deb
  • No More Naps!: A Story For When You're Wide-Awake And …
    Grabenstein, Chris
  • Princess Celestia's Starring Role
    Alexander, Louise Louise Shirreffs
  • Boxitects
    Smith, Kim
  • Freedom Bird
    Nolen, Jerdine
  • Brown Sugar Babe
    Sherman, Charlotte Watson
  • The Heart Of A Whale
    Pignataro, Anna
  • The Night Before Groundhog Day
    Wing, Natasha
  • Pacho Nacho
    Lopez, Silvia
  • Ruby Red Shoes: A Very Aware Hare
    Knapp, Kate
  • Teddy Bear Of The Year
    VanSickle, Vikki
  • Welcoming Elijah: A Passover Tale With A Tail
    Newman, Lesléa
  • Big Bird's Big Bad Day: A Story About Turning Frowns …
    Manning, Craig
  • Emily Writes: Emily Dickinson And Her Poetic Beginnings
    Yolen, Jane
  • The Girl Who Spoke To The Moon: A Story About …
    Wilson, Land
  • Just A Snowy Vacation
    Mayer, Gina
  • Pig The Tourist
    Blabey, Aaron
  • Snail Crossing
    Tabor, Corey R.
  • Being Small: (Isn't So Bad After All)
    Orlinsky, Lori
  • Almost Time
    Schmidt, Gary D.
  • Tomorrow I'Ll Be Kind
    Hische, Jessica
  • Where Lily Isn't
    Paschkis, Julie
  • Cherry Blossom And Paper Planes
    Aerts, Jef
  • Lawrence, The Bunny Who Wanted To Be Naked
    Kousky, Vern
  • A Girl Like Me
    Johnson, Angela
  • Twinkle Thinks Pink!
    Holabird, Katharine
  • Ravi's Roar
    Percival, Tom
  • Five Little Bunnies
    Dean, Kim
  • The Colors Of Winter
    Smith, Danna
  • Black Widow
    Webster, Christy
  • I Love You Daddy!
    Evans, Edie
  • Where Do Kisses Come From?
    Fleming, Maria
  • Elmo's Easter Egg Surprises
    Webster, Christy
  • I Am Elsa
    Webster, Christy
  • Richard Scarry's Rabbit And His Friends
    Scarry, Richard