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Youth Fiction

  • The Shelterlings
    Durst, Sarah Beth
  • Chester Keene Cracks The Code
    Magoon, Kekla
  • Treasure Tracks
    Rodriguez, Sallie Anne
  • High Score
    Howell, Destiny
  • Lark And The Wild Hunt
    Adam, Jennifer Jennifer Frances
  • Pigture Perfect
    Goebel, Jenny
  • City Of Magic
  • Just Dance
    Mlynowski, Sarah
  • The Secret Detective
    Patterson, James
  • The Aurelia Curse
    Funke, Cornelia
  • Midnight Orchestra
    Khoury, Jessica
  • Secret Of The Shadow Beasts
    Magras, Diane
  • Minions: The Rise Of Gru: The Movie Novel
    Chesterfield, Sadie
  • Danger On The Dig
    Magaziner, Lauren
  • Lost In The Mushroom Maze
    Costa, Ben
  • Molly And The Machine
    Slangerup, Erik Jon
  • Mr. Penguin And The Tomb Of Doom
    Smith, Alex T.
  • Not Starring Zadie Louise
    McCullough, Joy
  • Real Pigeons Peck Punches
    McDonald, Andrew
  • Wild River: A Novel
    Philbrick, W. R. W. Rodman
  • Grand Canyon Rescue
    Fulton, C. R.
  • Zion Gold Rush
    Fulton, C. R.
  • Smoky Mountains Survival
    Fulton, C. R.
  • Grand Teton Stampede
    Fulton, C. R.
  • Rocky Mountain Challenge
    Fulton, C. R.
  • Valentina Salazar Is Not A Monster Hunter
    Córdova, Zoraida
  • Epic Hero Flop
    Mian, Zanib
  • Onyeka And The Academy Of The Sun
    Okogwu, Tola
  • The Last Fallen Moon
    Kim, Graci
  • Brand New Boy
    Almond, David
  • Ultimate Gaming Showdown
    England, M. K.
  • Good Dogs In Bad Movies
    Wenitsky, Rachel
  • River Of Secrets
    Hunter, Erin
  • Wretched Waterpark
    White, Kiersten
  • Leave It To Plum!
    Phelan, Matt
  • Super Troop
    Hale, Bruce
  • Hana Hsu And The Ghost Crab Nation
    Liu, Sylvia
  • Bound For Home
    Hashimoto, Meika
  • Iggy The Legend
    Barrows, Annie
  • The Do-Over
    Torres, Jennifer
  • The Lost Ryk
    Cohen, Emi Watanabe
  • The Road To After
    Lowell, Rebekah
  • Search For Treasure
    Monroe, Mary Alice
  • The Final Trial
    Armstrong, Kelley
  • The Hunt For Moss Man
    Mone, Gregory

Easy Readers

  • Ballet Bruce
    Higgins, Ryan T.
  • Friends Forever
    Hale, Bruce
  • Baby Animals
    Silverstein, Rebecca
  • Butterflies
    Kelly, Erin Suzanne
  • Martin And Chris Kratt: The Wild Life
    Kratt, Martin
  • Coral Reefs
    Kenney, Karen Latchana
  • Forests
    Kenney, Karen Latchana
  • Glaciers
    Sabelko, Rebecca
  • Going Buggy!
    Michaels, Patty
  • Hug A Bug: How You Can Help Protect Insects
    Worth, Bonnie
  • Icky, Sticky Slime!
    Hastings, Ximena
  • Juneteenth: Our Day Of Freedom
    Wyeth, Sharon Dennis
  • Lakes
    Kenney, Karen Latchana
  • Mountains
    Sabelko, Rebecca
  • Plants We Eat
    Fitzgerald, Stephanie
  • Rainforest Opposites
    Kelly, Erin Suzanne
  • Wetlands
    Sabelko, Rebecca
  • Hoggy Went-A-Courtin'
    Long, Ethan, artist.
  • School Day!
    Ransom, Candice F.
  • The Big Tree
    Knetzger, Laura
  • Kindergarten Fun
    Kann, Victoria

Picture Books

  • Peppa's Rainbow
    Lune, Em
  • Building
    Cole, Henry
  • How To Catch A Class Pet
    Walstead, Alice
  • Lion Needs A Shot
    Yum, Hyewon
  • Mighty Monster Machines
  • Easter Days
    DeGennaro, Sue
  • Does A Bulldozer Have A Butt?
    Wilder, Derick
  • Impossible Moon
    McDaniel, Breanna J.
  • Bearplane!
    Underwood, Deborah
  • Don't Worry, Murray
    Stein, David Ezra
  • Frances In The Country
    Scanlon, Liz Garton
  • Sunday Pancakes
    Tatsukawa, Maya
  • Angelina At The Fair
    Holabird, Katharine
  • If You're A Drag Queen And You Know It
    Lil Miss Hot Mess
  • Cinderelliot: A Scrumptious Fairytale
    Ceilley, Mark
  • Franz's Phantasmagorical Machine
    Anderson, Beth
  • Penny The Mirror
    Bell, Dave
  • Papa Loves You, Tiny Blue
    Empson, Jo
  • Patience, Patches!
    Mihaly, Christy
  • Pugs Cause Traffic Jams
    McGrath, Jennifer
  • The Tale Of The Tiny Man
    Lindgren, Barbro
  • Arithmechicks Take A Calculation Vacation: A Math Story
    Stephens, Ann Marie
  • Juna And Appa
    Park, Jane
  • Goodnight Racism
    Kendi, Ibram X.
  • Lulu And Zoey: A Sister Story
    Finison, Carrie
  • Sunflower Sisters
    Singh Gangotra, Monika
  • Today I'M Strong
    Hussain, Nadiya
  • On My Papa's Shoulders
    Daly, Niki
  • In The Blue
    Hourigan, Erin
  • Sarah Rising
    Chapman, Ty
  • The Rhino Suit
    Jackson, Colter
  • The World Is A Family
    Adams, Rosie
  • Poopsie Gets Lost
    Harrison, Hannah E.
  • Luli And The Language Of Tea
    Wang, Andrea
  • Wait And See
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • There Was An Old Scientist Who Swallowed A Dinosaur!
    Colandro, Lucille
  • Paletero Man: Que Paletero Tan Cool!
    Diaz, Lucky
  • Air Miles
    Salaman, Bill
  • I Want To Be A Vase
    Torres, Julio Comedian
  • Kapaemahu
    Wong-Kalu, Hinaleimoana
  • Punky Aloha
    Tuiasoa, Shar
  • The Queen In The Cave
    Sardà, Júlia
  • Ready! Said Rabbit
    Henrichs, Marjoke
  • Trucks On Trucks
    Fairbank, Sorche
  • Noodle And The No Bones Day
    Graziano, Jonathan
  • Blaze And The Castle Cake For Bertha Daye
    Ponti, Claude
  • Francis Discovers Possible
    Latimer, Ashlee
  • Seeds
    Townsend, John
  • My Daddy Is The Best!
    Bello, Jean
  • My Mommy Is The Best!
    Bello, Jean