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Youth Fiction

  • The Hidden Star
    Duiker, K. Sello
  • Nicola Berry And The Shocking Trouble On The Planet Of ...
    Moriarty, Liane
  • Nicola Berry And The Wicked War On The Planet Of ...
    Moriarty, Liane
  • The Lost Continent
    Sutherland, Tui
  • The Winner Is...
    Harper, Charise Mericle
  • Stand Up
    Stanton, Matt
  • Lions & Liars
    Beasley, Kate
  • Runway Zombee: A Zombie Bee Hunter's Journal
    Watson, J. A.
  • The Sphinx's Secret
    Bond, Gwenda
  • The Adventures Of A Girl Called Bicycle
    Uss, Christina
  • Annie B., Made For Tv
    Dixon, Amy
  • Escape To The Above
    Epstein, Adam Jay
  • Air Raid Search And Rescue
    Sutton, Marcus
  • Beasts & Geeks
    Ballarini, Joe
  • Elle Of The Ball
    Delle Donne, Elena
  • Flor And Miranda Steal The Show
    Torres, Jennifer
  • Full-Court Press
    Delle Donne, Elena
  • The Legend Of Greg
    Rylander, Chris
  • Marge In Charge And The Stolen Treasure
    Fisher, Isla
  • Never That Far
    Williams, Carol Lynch
  • Nicola Berry And The Petrifying Problem With Princess Petronella
    Moriarty, Liane
  • Rapunzel And The Vanishing Village
    Howland, Leila
  • The Seismic Seven
    Slivensky, Katie
  • The Shadow Hand
    Shepherd, Kat
  • Siege: How General Washington Kicked The British Out Of Boston ...
    Orgill, Roxane
  • The Spirit Of Cattail County
    Piontek, Victoria
  • Tara Takes The Stage
    Lane, Tamsin
  • This May Be Tmi
    Greenwald, Lisa
  • Twilight Sparkle's Science Fair Sparks
    Hayes, Arden
  • The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair
    Makechnie, Amy
  • The Wizard's Dog Fetches The Grail
    Gale, Eric Kahn
  • Yael And The Party Of The Year
    Lane, Tamsin
  • Fortune's Magic Farm
    Selfors, Suzanne
  • The Jigsaw Jungle
    Levine, Kristin Kristin Sims
  • The Selkie Of San Francisco
    Gallicano, Todd Calgi
  • A Stitch In Time
    Kalmar, Daphne
  • The House That Lou Built
    Respicio, Mae
  • Fury On The Dance Floor
    Harper, Benjamin
  • Hatchling Hero: A Sea Turtle Defender's Journal
    Watson, J. A.
  • Most Valuable Players
    Bildner, Phil
  • Bites Back
    Walker, Landry Q. Landry Quinn
  • The Frame-Up
    MacKnight, Wendy McLeod
  • Guardians Of The Taiga
    Hinojosa, Stacy
  • Halfway To Happily Ever After
    Aronson, Sarah
  • The Haunted Serpent
    Mitchell, Dora M.
  • Heartseeker
    Beatty, Melinda
  • The Competition Begins
    Hapka, Cathy
  • Milla Takes Charge
    Soderberg, Erin
  • The Mortification Of Fovea Munson
    Heider, Mary Winn
  • The Shadow Thieves
    Ott, Alexandra

Easy Readers

  • Too Many Cupcakes!
    Lewman, David
  • Vikings
    Romero, Libby
  • Ducks
    Szymanski, Jennifer
  • Excavator
    Bell, Samantha
  • Dump Truck
    Bell, Samantha
  • Bulldozer
    Bell, Samantha
  • Road Roller
    Bell, Samantha
  • Concrete Mixer
    Bell, Samantha
  • Mobile Crane
    Bell, Samantha
  • Knuckleboom Loader
    Bell, Samantha
  • Blasthole Drill
    Bell, Samantha
  • Alexander Hamilton: A Plan For America
    Albee, Sarah
  • Construction Workers
    Less, Emma
  • Deserts
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Doctors
    Less, Emma
  • Firefighters
    Less, Emma
  • Forests
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Grasslands
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Hearing
    Owings, Lisa
  • Inclined Planes
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Lakes & Rivers
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Mountains
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Oceans
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Police Officers
    Less, Emma
  • Seeing
    Owings, Lisa
  • Smelling
    Owings, Lisa
  • Tasting
    Owings, Lisa
  • Teachers
    Less, Emma
  • Touching
    Owings, Lisa
  • Veterinarians
    Less, Emma
  • Wheels And Axles
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Catch That Crook!
    Hitchcock, Laura
  • The Perfect Gift
    Yoo, Paula
  • Escape From Black Panther
    Busse, R. R.
  • Making The Band
    Barbo, Maria S.
  • Curious George In Follow That Hat!
    Charlesworth, Liza
  • The Doghouse
    Thomas, Jan
  • Snoopy Came To Play
    Gallo, Tina
  • This Makes Me Angry
    Carbone, Courtney
  • What Will Fat Cat Sit On?
    Thomas, Jan
  • A Birthday For Cow!
    Thomas, Jan
  • Alvin And The Superheroes
    Forte, Lauren
  • Curious George In Super George!
    Charlesworth, Liza
  • Eloise At The Ball Game
    McClatchy, Lisa
  • Cooking With Sam-I-Am
    Carbone, Courtney
  • Happy Cat
    Henry, Steve
  • Meet The Crew
    Patrick, Ella
  • Ghost Hunt!
    Lagonegro, Melissa
  • The Great Cake Race
    Depken, Kristen L.
  • The Great Monkey Show!
    Finnegan, Delphine

Picture Books

  • Robyn Boid: Architect
    Coote, Maree
  • Bob's Blue Period
    Deuchars, Marion
  • Brick: Who Found Herself In Architecture
    Stein, Joshua David
  • A Card For My Father
    Thornhill, Samantha
  • Dress Like Mommy
    Stickley, Lisa, artist.
  • I Love You Like...
    Smith, Lori Joy
  • A Mighty Bitey Creature
    Armitage, Ronda
  • Monkey Walk
    Madden, Colleen M.
  • Play
    Alborough, Jez
  • Poppy's Best Babies
    Eaddy, Susan
  • Sun
    Usher, Sam
  • The Eid Al-Adha Adventure
    Oxley, Jennifer
  • Fox And Raccoon
    Green, Lesley-Anne
  • Frog And Beaver
    James, Simon
  • Rhythm Of The Reef
    Charlesworth, Liza
  • The Color Factory
    Telchin, Eric
  • Don't Rain On My Pug-Rade
    Forte, Lauren
  • First Star
    Hillenbrand, Will
  • A Boy, A Bear, A Balloon
    Rubiano, Brittany
  • Goodbye Brings Hello
    White, Dianne
  • Grandfather Duck
    O'Malley, Kevin
  • How To Be A Lion
    Vere, Ed
  • If You Had A Jetpack
    Detlefsen, Lisl H.
  • My Stinky Dog
    Roussey, Christine
  • A Name For Baby
    Boyd, Lizi
  • Ready To Ride
    Pelon, Sébastien
  • Romeo's Big Book Of Clever Ideas
    Grée, Alain
  • Russell Wrestles The Relatives
    Johnson, Cindy Chambers
  • Rusty The Squeaky Robot
    Clark, Neil
  • Shark Dog And The School Trip Rescue!
    Adamson, Ged
  • Stand Beautiful
    Howard, Chloe
  • What Mommies Like
    Carey Nevin, Judy
  • What The Ladybug Heard Next
    Donaldson, Julia
  • I Just Ate My Friend
    McKinnon, Heidi
  • Jack B. Ninja
    McCanna, Tim
  • Letter Town
    Farrell, Darren
  • Mrs. Mole, I'M Home!
  • I Love My Valentine
    Richmond, Marianne
  • Fairy's First Day Of School
    Heos, Bridget
  • Hedgehog Needs A Hug
    Betton, Jen
  • No Swimming For Nelly
    Gorbachev, Valeri
  • Summer Evening
    De la Mare, Walter
  • Go Fish!
    Sauer, Tammi
  • Bigger Than You
    Kyung, Hyewon
  • Charlie Piechart And The Case Of The Missing Dog
    Comstock, Eric
  • Ta-Da!
    Davis, Kathy Ellen
  • Family Trip.
  • No! I Won't Go To School
    Núñez, Alonso
  • Vernon Is On His Way: Small Stories
    Stead, Philip Christian
  • The Barber's Dilemma: And Other Stories From Manmaru Street
    Oguma, Koki