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Youth Fiction

  • Lightyear: The Junior Novelization
    Rusu, Meredith
  • A Tale Of Three Sisters
    Fajardo, Anika
  • Chasing Jaguars
    Márquez, Melissa Cristina
  • Unfadeable
    Broaddus, Maurice
  • Winnie Zeng Unleashes A Legend
    Zhao, Katie
  • Crazy In Poughkeepsie
    Pinkwater, Daniel Manus
  • Remarkably Ruby
    Libenson, Terri
  • The Button Box
    Hodder, Bridget
  • Meant To Be
    Knowles, Johanna
  • Zia Erases The World
    Barton, Bree
  • The Golden Swift
    Grossman, Lev
  • Switch-Hitter
    Jeter, Derek
  • Zara's Rules For Record-Breaking Fun
    Khan, Hena
  • Freddie Vs. The Family Curse
    Badua, Tracy
  • Mr. Lemoncello's Very First Game
    Grabenstein, Chris
  • The Marvellers
    Clayton, Dhonielle
  • The Brink Of War
    Mone, Gregory
  • Lifeling
    Applebaum, Kirsty
  • Shinji Takahashi And The Mark Of The Coatl
    Kagawa, Julie
  • The Sisters Of Luna Island
    Hackney, Stacy
  • Izzy Hawthorne: Destiny Awaits
    Baptiste, Bethany
  • The Lucky Ones
    Jackson, Linda Williams
  • The Mirrorwood
    Fagan, Deva
  • The Friendship Feature
    Deutsch, Stacia
  • The Bad Guys: Movie Novelization
    Howard, Kate
  • Balloon Girls
    Pitt, Darrell
  • Mob Squad
    Dawson, Delilah S.
  • The Edge Of In Between
    Savaryn, Lorelei
  • Grow Up, Tahlia Wilkins!
    Evans, Karina
  • Osmo Unknown And The Eightpenny Woods
    Valente, Catherynne M.
  • Harvey And The Collection Of Impossible Things
    Weyr, Garret
  • A Dragon Used To Live Here
    Cate, Annette
  • Kiara Fights Back
    Kaye, Marilyn
  • The Peach Pit
    Downing, Erin Soderberg
  • Talk Of The Town
    Deutsch, Stacia
  • Last Week
    Richardson, Bill
  • Shabbat Sabotage
    Berne, Emma Carlson
  • Dinosaur Disaster
    Patterson, James
  • The Einsteins Of Vista Point
    Guterson, Ben
  • Boulevard Of Dreams
    Gonzalez, Mandy
  • A Darkening Of Dragons
    Patrick, Seth
  • Once Upon Another Time
    Riley, James
  • The Secrets Of Cricket Karlsson
    Sigunsdotter, Kristina
  • The Zee Files
    Wells, Tina
  • Everybunny Loves Magic
    Reynolds, Aaron

Easy Readers

  • Murmel, Murmel, Murmel
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • Pigs
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • Chef Kate's Burger-And-Fries Surprise
    Friedman, Laurie B.
  • Mortimer
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • Click, Clack Rainy Day
    Cronin, Doreen
  • It's A Sign!
    Pumphrey, Jarrett
  • Anna's Best Friends
    Webster, Christy
  • Best Dad In The Sea
    Tyler, Amy J.
  • Big Fish, Little Fish
    Webster, Christy
  • A Gift For Goose
    Hills, Tad
  • Green Eggs And Ham
    Seuss, Dr.
  • T. Rex
    Silen, Andrea
  • Gigi And Ojiji
    Iwai, Melissa
  • Friends Are The Best!
    Bouchard, Natasha

Picture Books

  • Intergalactic Moving Day: A Cosmic Countdown
    Malta, John F.
  • Wonderful You: With The Grouchy Ladybug.
  • A Penny's Worth
    Wilson, Kimberly
  • Time Flies: Down To The Last Minute
    Lazar, Tara
  • Bloom
    Forman, Ruth
  • The Hair Book
    Yvette, LaTonya
  • Mrs. Peanuckle's Kitchen Alphabet
    Peanuckle, Mrs
  • Time Capsule
    Redniss, Lauren
  • Book Of Questions: Selections = Libro De Las Preguntas: Selecciones
    Neruda, Pablo
  • A Gift For Nana
    Smith, Lane
  • Alone Like Me
    Evans, Rebecca
  • I Am Today
    Esenwine, Matt Forrest
  • Armadillo Antics
    Martin, Bill
  • Kick Push
    Morrison, Frank
  • Brazaletes Para Los Hermanos De Bina = Bracelets For Bina's …
    LaRocca, Rajani
  • Frederick
    Lionni, Leo
  • Iamasaurus
    Ylvisaker, Anne
  • The Song Of The Nightingale
    Landman, Tanya
  • Giant Giant
    Hewitt, Dylan
  • Bailey & Blanket
    House, Emily
  • Pink Is For Everybody!
    Russell, Ella
  • Sometimes, All I Need Is Me
    Perdomo, Juliana
  • The Velveteen Rabbit, Or, How Toys Become Real
    Bianco, Margery Williams
  • Grumpy Monkey Says No!
    Lang, Suzanne
  • Flowers Are Pretty... Weird!
    Mosco, Rosemary
  • Abuelita And Me
    Carranza, Leonarda
  • Kicks
    Garrett, Van G.
  • Spring Parade
    Kay, Camelia
  • How Much Farther, Papa Smurf?
    Pearlman, Robb
  • This Book Is Not For You!
    Hale, Shannon
  • My First Kite
    Rey, Margret
  • Hickory Dickory Duck: A Pull-Tab Action Rhyme!
    Deutsch, Georgiana
  • Sox On A Mission
    Rusu, Meredith
  • If You Were A Garbage Truck Or Other Big-Wheeled Worker!
    Ohanesian, Diane
  • Nighttime
    Berner, Rotraut Susanne
  • Big And Small And In-Between
    Higgins, Carter
  • Dog Says, Cat Says
    Singer, Marilyn
  • Donut: The Unicorn Who Couldn't Fly
    Gehl, Laura
  • Kiki Can! = ¡Kiki Puede!
    Jaramillo, Susie
  • Lia Y Luís: ¿Quién Tiene Más? = Lia & Luís: …
    Crespo, Ana
  • ¡Los Animales No Se Dormían! = The Animals Would Not …
    Levine, Sara Veterinarian
  • Luna Y Su Riquísimo Dim Sum = Luna's Yum Yum …
    Yim, Natasha
  • Molly On The Moon
    Kowal, Mary Robinette
  • Perfectly Imperfect Mira
    Pray, Faith
  • Wild Beings
    Brouwers, Dorien
  • Today Is Different
    Moua, Doua
  • Way Past Afraid
    Adelman, Hallee
  • After The Buzz Comes The Bee: Lift-The-Flap Animal Sounds
    Isadora, Rachel
  • Being A Dog: A Tail Of Mindfulness
    Gianferrari, Maria
  • The Pack
    Cley, Amanda