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Youth Fiction

  • The Purloining Of Prince Oleomargarine
    Twain, Mark
  • Betty Before X
    Shabazz, Ilyasah
  • Code Of Honor
    Hunter, Erin
  • The Book Of Boy
    Murdock, Catherine Gilbert
  • The Heart And Mind Of Frances Pauley
    Stevens, April
  • Snapstreak: How My Friends Saved My (Social) Life
    Weyn, Suzanne
  • Better Together
    George, K. Kallie
  • Day Dreams & Movie Screens
    Pitts, Alena
  • Hamstersaurus Rex Gets Crushed
    O'Donnell, Tom
  • Paddington On Top
    Bond, Michael
  • Tbh, This Is So Awkward: A Novel In Text
    Greenwald, Lisa
  • All Three Stooges
    Perl, Erica S.
  • The Beginning Woods
    McNeill, Malcolm
  • Magic, Madness, And Mischief
    McCullough, Kelly
  • Hope In The Holler
    Tyre, Lisa Lewis
  • Saint Philomene's Infirmary For Magical Creatures
    Cotter, W. Stone
  • The 11:11 Wish
    Tomsic, Kim
  • Marabel And The Book Of Fate
    Barrett, Tracy
  • Payback On Poplar Lane
    Mincks, Margaret
  • Rainbow Dash Rights The Ship
    Berrow, G. M.
  • The Wheel Of Life And Death
    Sedgwick, Julian
  • Frederik Sandwich And The Earthquake That Couldn't Possibly Be
    Scott, Kevin John
  • The Long-Lost Secret Diary Of The World's Worst Knight
    Collins, Tim
  • The Long-Lost Secret Diary Of The World's Worst Pirate
    Collins, Tim
  • Escape From Aleppo
    Senzai, N. H.
  • Funny Kid For President
    Stanton, Matt
  • No Time To Lose: The Fifth Journey Through Time
    Stilton, Geronimo
  • Spy Toys
    Powers, Mark Children's story writer
  • The Terrible Two Go Wild
    Barnett, Mac
  • Stormspeaker
    Gonzalez, Christina Diaz
  • The Unicorn Quest
    Benko, Kamilla
  • A Warp In Time
    Watson, Jude
  • Spin The Golden Light Bulb
    Yeager, Jackie
  • Dark Wyng
    D'Lacey, Chris
  • Dragon Overnight
    Mlynowski, Sarah
  • My So-Called Superpowers
    Nuhfer, Heather
  • A Problematic Paradox
    Sappingfield, Eliot
  • The Royal Rabbits Of London
    Montefiore, Santa
  • Sing Like Nobody's Listening
    Gutknecht, Allison
  • Smart Cookie
    Swartz, Elly D.
  • The Ice Sea Pirates
    Nilsson, Frida
  • Magic, Magic Everywhere
    Finn, Perdita
  • Mariel Of Redwall
    Jacques, Brian.
  • Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea: An Underwater Tour Of ...
    Verne, Jules
  • Arlo Finch In The Valley Of Fire
    August, John
  • Dragon Bones
    McMann, Lisa
  • Simon Thorn And The Shark's Cave
    Carter, Aimée
  • The Problim Children
    Lloyd, Natalie

Easy Readers

  • Real Dragons
    Szymanski, Jennifer
  • Animal Armor
    Marsh, Laura F.
  • Women In Science
    Green, Jen
  • The Berenstain Bears And The Ducklings
    Berenstain, Mike
  • Paddington's Family And Friends
    Macri, Thomas
  • Space Heroes
    Dolan, Hannah
  • Louise Loves Bake Sales
    Driscoll, Laura
  • Pinkalicious At The Fair
    Kann, Victoria
  • Teamwork Trouble
    Gutman, Dan
  • Daniel And The Lions' Den
  • Pass The Ball, Mo!
    Adler, David A.
  • Please, No More Nuts!
    Fenske, Jonathan
  • Rey's Journey
    Patrick, Ella
  • The Great Pancake Race
    Lane, Jeanette
  • Happy Easter, Tiny!
    Meister, Cari
  • Ninja At The Pet Shop
    Flowers, Luke
  • The School Play
    Rusu, Meredith
  • I Am Brave
    Capozzi, Suzy
  • I Am Strong
    Capozzi, Suzy
  • Birds
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • Cats
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • Guinea Pigs
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • Hamsters
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • I Wish I Was A Gorilla
    Bové, Jennifer
  • Inclined Planes
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Levers
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Marie Curie
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • Pulleys
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Screws
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Wedges
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • Wheels And Axles
    Rustad, Martha E. H. Martha Elizabeth Hillman
  • A Dream For A Princess
    Lagonegro, Melissa
  • Pete The Cat And The Cool Caterpillar
    Dean, James
  • My Toothbrush Is Missing!
    Thomas, Jan
  • The Runaway Kite
  • The Little Red Caboose: Adapted From The Beloved Little Golden ...
    Depken, Kristen L.
  • Miffy Can Help!
    Shaw, Natalie
  • My Friends Make Me Happy!
    Thomas, Jan
  • Barbie You Can Be A Soccer Player
    Depken, Kristen L.
  • Eloise Breaks Some Eggs
    McNamara, Margaret
  • Juliet Saves The Day!
    Dingee, A. E.
  • Mouse Loves Spring
    Thompson, Lauren
  • Batman Will Save The Day!
    Dingee, A. E.
  • Snoopy And Woodstock: Best Friends Forever!
    Gallo, Tina, adaptor.
  • Let's Explore Gases
    Spaight, Anne J.
  • Let's Explore Gravity
    Moon, Walt K.
  • Let's Explore Light
    Moon, Walt K.
  • Let's Explore Liquids
    Spaight, Anne J.
  • Let's Explore Solids
    Spaight, Anne J.
  • Let's Explore Sound
    Moon, Walt K.

Picture Books

  • Josefina
    Loth, Sebastian
  • Let's Visit Florence!
    Manzione, Lisa
  • Cinderella And The Furry Slippers
    Calì, Davide
  • City Mouse, Country Mouse
    Rudy, Maggie
  • How To Trap A Leprechaun
    Fliess, Sue
  • The Best Tailor In Pinbauê
    Toledo, Eymard, illlustrator.
  • The Day We Lost Pet
    Young, Chuck
  • Dr. Eighth
    Hargreaves, Adam.
  • Dancing With Tex: The Remarkable Friendship To Save The Whooping ...
    Sanders, Lynn Bogen
  • Barbie And The Three Musketeers
    Man-Kong, Mary
  • Olaf's Frozen Adventure
    Posner-Sanchez, Andrea
  • The Poky Little Puppy's Wonderful Winter Day
    Chandler, Jean
  • Dr. Eleventh
    Hargreaves, Adam.
  • Dr. Fourth
    Hargreaves, Adam
  • Dr. Twelfth
    Hargreaves, Adam
  • Dr. First
    Hargreaves, Adam
  • Thomas At The Steelworks ; Friends To The Rescue!
  • Frank The Seven-Legged Spider
    Razi, Michaele
  • Mater's Backward Abc Book
    Wheeler, Lisa
  • Roger Is Going Fishing
    Van Biesen, Koen
  • Twinderella: A Fractioned Fairy Tale
    Schwartz, Corey Rosen
  • Best Pirate
    Winters, Kari-Lynn
  • Big Sister, Little Monster
    Rosenbaum, Andria Warmflash
  • Good Night, Beautiful Moon.
  • Hello Little Egg!
  • Nursery Tales.
  • Old Macdonald Had A...Zoo?
    Trapani, Iza
  • The Poky Little Puppy And Friends.
  • A Bedtime Yarn
    Winstanley, Nicola
  • Captain Snout And The Super Power Questions: Don't Let The ...
    Amen, Daniel G.
  • Kuma-Kuma Chan's Travels
    Takahashi, Kazue
  • Elisapee And Her Baby Seagull
    Mike, Nancy
  • This Is Not A Normal Animal Book
    Segal-Walters, Julie
  • Hugo Makes A Change
    Emmons, Scott
  • Pizza Day
    Iwai, Melissa
  • The Dog
    Mixter, Helen
  • Precious Home
    Lee, Jihyun
  • We Love The Library
    Berenstain, Mike
  • But I Wanted A Little Sister
    Oud, Pauline, illlustrator.
  • Hedgehog And Rabbit: The Scary Wind
    Albo, Pablo
  • Harold's Hungry Eyes
    Waldron, Kevin
  • How Are You Peeling?: Foods With Moods
    Freymann, Saxton
  • Once Upon A Tree
    Jarocki, Dawn
  • Sebi And The Land Of Cha Cha Cha
    Sanchez, Roselyn
  • Once Upon A Time: A Disney Princess Papercut Storybook.
  • What Should Danny Do?
    Levy, Ganit
  • I Give You My Heart
    Hest, Pimm van
  • My Lazy Cat
    Roussey, Christine
  • Welcome Home, Beaver!
    Weightman, Magnus
  • Barnyard Dance!
    Boynton, Sandra