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Youth Fiction

  • Find A Missing Star
    Lewman, David
  • Don't Fear The Creeper
    Dawson, Delilah S.
  • Tourney Of Terror
    Roux, Madeleine
  • Mwikali And The Forbidden Mask
    Nguru, Shiko
  • The Bridge Battle
    Davies, Jacqueline
  • Midnight At The Shelter
    Steveson, Nanci Turner
  • Morning Sun In Wuhan
    Compestine, Ying Chang
  • I, Skeletor
    Mone, Gregory
  • The Labyrinth Of Doom
    Gibbs, Stuart
  • Glassheart
    Marshall, Kate Alice
  • Daisy Woodworm Changes The World
    Hart, Melissa
  • Night Of The Vam-Wolf-Zom
    Banks, Steven
  • The Stern Chase
    Flanagan, John John Anthony
  • Garvey In The Dark
    Grimes, Nikki
  • The Real Deal
    Stoddard, Lindsey
  • Save Noah
    Cheney, Yarrow
  • Quest For The Hidden City
    Mann, George
  • The Frost Fair
    Hastings, Natasha
  • The Rabbit's Gift
    Vitalis, Jessica
  • Birthday Bonanza: The Fabulous Diary Of Persephone Pinchgut
    Darlison, Aleesah
  • She Holds Up The Stars
    Laronde, Sandra
  • Controlled Burn
    Downing, Erin Soderberg
  • Different: A Story Of The Spanish Civil War
    Montañés, Mónica
  • Into The Glades
    Sebastian, Laura
  • Stellarlune
    Messenger, Shannon
  • Mihi Ever After
    Keller, Tae

Easy Readers

Picture Books

  • Quacks Like A Duck
    Campisi, Stephanie
  • Just The Way You Are
    Dodd, Emma
  • Logan's Greenhouse
    Brown-Wood, JaNay
  • The Sour Grape
    John, Jory
  • Wombat Said Come In
    Deedy, Carmen Agra
  • My Dad
    Quinn, Susan
  • A Not So Lonely Day
    November, Deborah
  • Sidney The Lonely Cloud
    Hopgood, Tim
  • Cocoa's Cranky Valentine: Can You Help Him Out?
    Shepherd, Jodie
  • The Magic Pencil
    Amavisca, Luis
  • The Worst Teddy Ever
    Verdad, Marcelo
  • Laney Dances In The Rain
    Willard, Ken Kenneth
  • The You Kind Of Kind
    West, Nina
  • Bad Kitty Does Not Like Valentine's Day
    Bruel, Nick
  • Scaredy Squirrel Visits The Doctor
    Watt, Mélanie
  • A Great Gift
    Genechten, Guido van
  • Ten Little Snowmen: A Magical Counting Storybook
    Sobotka, Amanda
  • The Real Dada Mother Goose: A Treasury Of Complete Nonsense
    Scieszka, Jon
  • Hana's Hundreds Of Hijabs
    Gutta, Razeena Omar
  • Frog's Summer Journey
    Loughrey, Anita
  • What's The Rush?
    Lee, Yiting
  • Buster's Trip To Victory Lane
    Earnhardt, Dale, Jr.
  • Noah And His Wagon
    Ruff, Jerry
  • Te Echaré De Menos
    Tinn-Disbury, Tom
  • Hooray For Trucks!
    Hughes, Susan
  • I Can't Draw
    Martin, Stephen W.
  • Wasp, Small And Mighty!
    Sazaklis, John
  • Walter Had A Best Friend
    Underwood, Deborah
  • The Very Special Thing
    Willmore, Alex
  • The Best Kind Of Mooncake
    Auyeung, Pearl
  • I Feel!: A Book Of Emotions
    Medina, Juana
  • Santiago's Dinosaurios
    Ríos Ramírez, Mariana
  • Black Gold
    Obuobi, Laura
  • If You Were A City
    Maclear, Kyo
  • Mama's Home
    Youngblood, Shay
  • I Want That!
    Eliot, Hannah
  • ¡El Español Es Mi Superpoder!
    Correa, Maria
  • The Unknown Soldier
    Brallier, Jess M.
  • El Cuento De La Luna
    Morató García, Anna
  • El Gato Que No Que̕Ra Tener Pelo
    La Croix, Séverine de
  • En Este Cuento No Hay Nin{250}Gn Lobo Feroz
    Carter, Lou
  • Los Ángeles De Adriana
    Goring, Ruth
  • Oscar (El Unicornio Hambriento) Se Come La Pascua
    Carter, Lou
  • The Grumpy Reindeer: A Winter Story About Friendship And Kindness
  • Hanukkah Nights
    Hoffman, Amalia
  • I Spy With My Curious Eye
    Zebrowska, Emilia
  • Let's Play, Little Rabbit / Le ; Translation, Catherine Chidgey.
    Mühle, Jörg, artist.
  • One Happy Dog
    Feldman, Thea
  • 123
    Dahl, Roald
  • Whoever You Are: A Baby Book On Love & Gender
    Wai Lin, Josephine