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Youth Fiction

  • Broken Pride
    Hunter, Erin
  • The Detour Of The Elephants
    Garretson, Dee
  • Joplin, Wishing
    Stanley, Diane
  • Pottymouth And Stoopid
    Patterson, James
  • The Unlucky Lottery Winners Of Classroom 13
    Lee, Honest
  • The Girl With The Ghost Machine
    DeStefano, Lauren
  • Middle School Mayhem
    Russell, Rachel Renée
  • Step Up To The Plate, Maria Singh
    Krishnaswami, Uma
  • Mango Delight
    Hyman, Fracaswell
  • Orphan Island
    Snyder, Laurel
  • Aleca Zamm Is A Wonder
    Rue, Ginger
  • Aleca Zamm Is Ahead Of Her Time
    Rue, Ginger
  • The Book Of Shadows
    Hatfield, Ruth
  • Restart
    Korman, Gordon
  • The Many Worlds Of Albie Bright
    Edge, Christopher
  • The Bonaventure Adventures
    Delaney, Rachelle
  • Bring Me The Head Of Ivy Pocket
    Krisp, Caleb
  • Code Name Flood
    Martin, Laura
  • Despicable Me 3 : The Junior Novel
    Chesterfield, Sadie
  • The Dragon With A Chocolate Heart
    Burgis, Stephanie
  • The Six-Day Hero
    Stein, Tammar
  • The Titanic Treasure
    Luper, Eric
  • Billy Sure, Kid Entrepreneur And The Attack Of The Mysterious ...
    Sharpe, Luke (Children's fiction writer
  • Cold Summer
    Cole, Gwen (Young adult author
  • Dragon's Green
    Thomas, Scarlett
  • Fairest Of Them All
    Littman, Sarah
  • Hurricane Rescue
    Shotz, Jennifer Li
  • The Journey To Dragon Island
    Fayers, Claire
  • A Kingdom Rises
    Rinehart, J. D.
  • The Other Side Of Summer
    Gale, Emily
  • Pixie Piper And The Matter Of The Batter
    Fisher, Annabelle
  • Something Stinks In Hamlet
    Castle, M. E.
  • Spirit : Riding Free : The Adventure Begins
    Selfors, Suzanne
  • Starcrossed In Romeo And Juliet
    Castle, M. E.
  • Under Pressure
    Morgan, Alex (Alexandra Patricia
  • Way Of The Warrior Kid : From Wimpy To Warrior ...
    Willink, Jocko
  • William Wenton And The Impossible Puzzle
    Peers, Bobbie
  • Thick As Thieves
    Turner, Megan Whalen
  • Bow Wow
    Quinn, Spencer
  • The Clue Of The Whistling Bagpipes
    Keene, Carolyn
  • Edgeland
    Halpern, Jake
  • The Emperor's Riddle
    Zhang, Kat
  • Keys To The City
    Schroeder, Lisa
  • Love You Like A Sister
    Palmer, Robin
  • Macy Mcmillan And The Rainbow Goddess
    Green, Shari
  • The Magnificent Flying Baron Estate
    Bower, Eric
  • Mary Anning's Curiosity
    Kulling, Monica
  • Oakwing : A Fairy's Tale
    Clarke, E. J.
  • Roll
    Miller, Darcy
  • The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever!
    Aronson, Sarah

Easy Readers

  • Adon Bu ʻOśeh Mu
    Seuss, Dr.
  • Anaḥnu Be-Tokh Sefer
    Willems, Mo
  • Annie And Simon : Banana Muffins And Other Stories
    O'Neill, Catharine, illustrator.
  • Always In Style
    Simon, Jenne
  • A Piece Of Cake
    Rusu, Meredith
  • The Pizza That We Made
    Holub, Joan
  • Cows
    Riggs, Kate
  • Levers
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Pigs
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • President Donald Trump
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Pulleys
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Screws
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Snail-Snaily-Snails
    Bader, Bonnie
  • Wedges
    Rivera, Andrea
  • Batman Is Fast!
    Testa, Maggie
  • I Lost My Sock!
    Roberts, P. J. (Patricia Jan
  • Pig & Goose And The First Day Of Spring
    Bond, Rebecca
  • Macy And The King's Tournament
    Schmidt, Rebecca L.
  • My Friend Lucky
    Milgrim, David, illustrator.
  • Peeper And Zeep
    Gudeon, Adam
  • Just An Adventure At Sea
    Mayer, Mercer
  • Duck, Duck, Dinosaur. Bubble Blast
    George, K. (Kallie
  • Otter : Let's Go Swimming!
    Garton, Sam, illustrator.
  • An Elephant & Piggie Biggie!
    Willems, Mo
  • Paddington's Prize Picture
    Bond, Michael

Picture Books

  • The Parrot Song
    Manceau, Édouard, artist.
  • The Tooth Fairy's Royal Visit
    Bently, Peter
  • The 5 Misfits
    Alemagna, Béatrice, illustrator.
  • Santa's Helpers : A Lift-The-Flap Book
    Mitter, Matt
  • Moo! Moo! : What Are You?
    Kreloff, Elliot, illustrator.
  • Peek-A-Boo What?
    Kreloff, Elliot, illustrator.
  • Easter Puppy Parade
    Lawler, Janet
  • Say Good Night
    Dunrea, Olivier, illustrator.
  • One Happy Tiger
    Rayner, Catherine, illustrator.
  • Making Faces : A First Book Of Emotions
    Magnuson, Molly, illustrator.
  • Cómo Esconder Un León En La Escuela
    Stephens, Helen
  • Daydreaming
    Tatulli, Mark, illustrator.
  • The Princess And The Frogs
    Bartles, Veronica
  • Psst! I Love You
    Parker, Marjorie Blain.
  • Guess How Much I Love You
    McBratney, Sam
  • Laundry Day
    Bagley, Jessixa, illustrator.
  • Berto Yosemite's Rock-Lovin' Bear
    Parks, Marian
  • How Do You Feel?
    Bender, Rebecca, illustrator.
  • I Like, I Don't Like
    Baccelliere, Anna
  • The Camping Trip
    Nordqvist, Sven, illustrator.
  • Ella Who?
    Ashman, Linda
  • Gray Rabbit's Favorite Things
    Baker, Alan, illustrator.
  • Magic Spell
    Paschkis, Julie, illustrator.
  • Peek-A-Boo You!
    Cabrera, Jane, illustrator.
  • Peek-A-Boo Zoo!
    Cabrera, Jane, illustrator.
  • Phoebe Sounds It Out
    Zwillich, Julie
  • Places To Be
    Barnett, Mac
  • Who Broke The Vase?
    Turner, Jeffrey, illustrator.
  • Wordplay
    Brunetti, Ivan, illustrator.
  • I Will Love You
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • Me, All Alone, At The End Of The World
    Anderson, M. T.
  • Muddymania!
    Barton, Chris
  • Not What It Seems
    Vásquez, Paula, illustrator.
  • Peppa Pig And The Easter Rainbow.
  • Rutabaga Boo!
    Bardhan-Quallen, Sudipta
  • Snail & Worm Again
    Kügler, Tina, illustrator.
  • Daddy Cuddle
    Mayes, Kate
  • Love You Forever
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • Marvelous Cornelius : Hurricane Katrina And The Spirit Of New ...
    Bildner, Phil
  • The Moon Inside
    Feder, Sandra V.
  • Mud Book : How To Make Pies And Cakes
    Cage, John, artist.
  • Not This Turkey!
    Steinberg, Jessica.
  • A Girl Like Tilly : Growing Up With Autism
    Bates, Helen
  • Pearla And Her Unpredictably Perfect Day : A Story About ...
    Lieberman, Rochel
  • Gus's Garage
    Timmers, Leo
  • Ossiri And The Bala Mengro
    O'Neill, Richard (Storyteller
  • Mommy Loves You!
    James, Helen Foster
  • Old Tracks, New Tricks
    Petersen, Jessica
  • When I Grow Up ...
    Vásquez, Paula, illustrator.
  • How To Raise A Mom
    Reagan, Jean