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Youth Fiction

  • The Portal
    Lasky, Kathryn
  • The Size Of The Truth
    Smith, Andrew Andrew Anselmo
  • Revenge Of The Sis: A Christina Starspeeder Story
    Krosoczka, Jarrett
  • Ruff Vs. Fluff
    Quinn, Spencer
  • Through The Untamed Sky
    Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
  • Scorch Dragons
    Kaufman, Amie
  • Training Camp: Rain, Twig, Cash, Peño, Lab
    King, Wesley
  • The Rambling
    Cajoleas, Jimmy
  • Lexie's Little Lie
    Shevah, Emma
  • The Mostly True Story Of Pudding Tat, Adventuring Cat
    Adderson, Caroline
  • Diary Of An Awesome Friendly Kid: Rowley Jefferson's Journal
    Kinney, Jeff
  • Sweeping Up The Heart
    Henkes, Kevin
  • Alone In The Wild
    Wiley, Jesse
  • The Wagon Train Trek
    Wiley, Jesse
  • Transformed: The Perils Of The Frog Prince
    Morrison, Megan
  • Bad Dad
    Walliams, David
  • The Astonishing Maybe
    Grimes, Shaunta
  • Between The Water & The Woods
    Snaith, Simone
  • The Space Between Before And After
    Stauffacher, Sue
  • Goodbye, Mr. Spalding
    Barr, Jennifer R.
  • Minor Incidents And Absolute Uncertainties
    Vivat, Booki
  • The Most Marvelous International Spelling Bee
    Abela, Deborah
  • Revenge Of The Enginerds
    Lerner, Jarrett
  • Trace
    Cummings, Pat
  • The Last Last-Day-Of-Summer
    Giles, L. R. Lamar R.
  • Mob School Swap: An Unofficial Minecrafter's Novel
    Mann, Greyson
  • Field Trip To The Taiga
    Mann, Greyson
  • Emily Windsnap And The Pirate Prince
    Kessler, Liz
  • Little Apocalypse
    Sparrow, Katherine
  • Mostly The Honest Truth
    Little, Jody J.
  • Samantha Spinner And The Spectacular Specs
    Ginns, Russell
  • The Squatchicorns
    Potter, Ellen
  • Because Of The Rabbit
    Lord, Cynthia
  • Dragonfell
    Prineas, Sarah
  • The North Star
    Shepherd, Kat
  • Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Sharks
    Tsang, Katie
  • A Storm Of Strawberries
    Cotterill, Jo
  • Charlie Bumpers Vs. The End Of The Year
    Harley, Bill
  • Mr. Penguin And The Lost Treasure
    Smith, Alex T.
  • The Dragon In The Sea
    Klimo, Kate

Easy Readers

  • Syd Hoff's Danny And The Dinosaur Mind Their Manners
    Hale, Bruce
  • Doctors To The Rescue
    Rusu, Meredith
  • Join The Team!
    Carbone, Courtney
  • Garden Day!
    Ransom, Candice F.
  • This Is Captain Marvel
    Sullivan, Kelsey

Picture Books

  • You Are Light
    Becker, Aaron
  • Polka-Dot Village
    White, Betty
  • Soaky-Croaky, Slippy-Drippy, Sloshy-Galoshy Day
    White, Betty
  • I Love You, Mommy.
  • Ruby & Rufus
    Dunrea, Olivier
  • Sheep In A Jeep: 5-Minute Stories
    Shaw, Nancy Nancy E.
  • Wake Up, Color Pup
    Morley, Taia
  • The Silence Slips In
    Hughes, Alison
  • Sprout, Seed, Sprout!
    Dunklee, Annika
  • Some Days
    Orloff, Karen Kaufman
  • The Book Hog
    Pizzoli, Greg
  • Music For Mister Moon
    Stead, Philip Christian
  • The Long And Short Tale Of Colo And Ruff
    Lang, Diane
  • Little Doctor And The Fearless Beast
    Gilmore, Sophie
  • Ollie On Stage!
    Brockett, Keith
  • The Dinosaur That Pooped The Bed!
    Fletcher, Tom
  • I Can Only Draw Worms
    Mabbitt, Will
  • The Little Green Hen
    Murray, Alison
  • Peekity Boo What You Can Do!
    Roemer, Heidi
  • Sweet Dreamers
    Simler, Isabelle
  • Little Fox And The Missing Moon
    Trukhan, Ekaterina
  • Pepper And Frannie
    Odell, Catherine Lazar
  • Poetree
    Reynolds, Shauna LaVoy
  • Dear Ballerina
    Wellington, Monica
  • I Love You All Year Through
    Stansbie, Stephanie
  • Let's Have A Dog Party!
    Prevost, Mikela
  • Maybe Tomorrow?
    Agell, Charlotte
  • The Adventures Of Egg Box Dragon
    Adams, Richard
  • Baby's First Bank Heist
    Whalley, Jim
  • I Love My Dinosaur
    Andreae, Giles
  • A Plan For Pops
    Smith, Heather
  • Holy Squawkamole!: Little Red Hen Makes Guacamole
    Wood, Susan
  • Marigold Finds The Magic Words
    Malbrough, Mike
  • B Is For Baby
  • Count To 10 With A Mouse
    Brown, Margaret Wise
  • A Little Chicken
    Sauer, Tammi
  • Little Yellow Truck
    Bunting, Eve
  • Noah Builds An Ark
    Banks, Kate
  • Otto And Pio
    Dubuc, Marianne
  • Peppa Pig And The Family Reunion.
  • Queenie Quail Can't Keep Up
    Whittingham, Jane
  • The Rabbit, The Dark, And The Cookie Tin
    O'Byrne, Nicola
  • The Three Vikings
    Auerbach, Adam
  • The Unbudgeable Curmudgeon
    Burgess, Matthew
  • When You're Scared
    Poulin, Andrée
  • Born To Ride: A Story About Bicycle Face
    Theule, Larissa
  • It's Not Hansel And Gretel
    Funk, Josh
  • Diana Dances
    Lozano, Luciano
  • The Sun Shines Everywhere
    Hoberman, Mary Ann
  • Puddle
    Jackson, Richard