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Youth Fiction

  • Stick Dog Crashes A Party
    Watson, Tom
  • The 78-Story Treehouse
    Griffiths, Andy
  • Love, Penelope
    Rocklin, Joanne
  • From Hero To Zero
    Patterson, James
  • The Wild Robot Escapes
    Brown, Peter
  • Time Jumpers
    Mull, Brandon
  • Stuck In The Stone Age
    Rodkey, Geoff
  • The Quest Of The Cubs
    Lasky, Kathryn
  • Hazy Bloom And The Pet Project
    Hamburg, Jennifer
  • One True Way
    Hitchcock, Shannon
  • Wed Wabbit
    Evans, Lissa
  • The Boggart Fights Back
    Cooper, Susan
  • Lucy Castor Finds Her Sparkle
    Lowe, Natasha
  • Lily
    Sanderson, Whitney
  • The Strange And Deadly Portraits Of Bryony Gray
    Latimer, E. Erin
  • The Night Diary
    Hiranandani, Veera
  • The Science Of Breakable Things
    Keller, Tae
  • The Journey Of Little Charlie
    Curtis, Christopher Paul
  • Infinity Base
    Peterfreund, Diana
  • A Pup Called Trouble
    Pyron, Bobbie
  • Legends Of The Lost Causes
    McLelland, Brad
  • The Legend Of Jack Riddle
    Easson, H.
  • Another Quest For Celeste
    Cole, Henry
  • Playing Atari With Saddam Hussein: Based On A True Story
    Roy, Jennifer Rozines
  • Granted
    Anderson, John David
  • Keep Your Paws Off!
    Parisi, Mark
  • Raffie On The Run
    Resnick, Jacqueline
  • Samantha Spinner And The Super-Secret Plans
    Ginns, Russell
  • Strongheart: Wonder Dog Of The Silver Screen
    Fleming, Candace
  • They Didn't Teach This In Worm School!
    Lia, Simone
  • Dark Side Of The Moon
    Kraatz, Jeramey
  • The Hidden Kingdom
    Hecht, Tracey
  • Stanley Will Probably Be Fine
    Pla, Sally J.
  • The Ambrose Deception
    Ecton, Emily
  • The Art Of The Swap
    Asselin, Kristine Carlson
  • Arts And Thefts
    Hymas, Allison K.
  • Crash Landing
    Seegert, Scott
  • The Heat Is On
    Harper, Charise Mericle
  • Iron Tide Rising
    Ryan, Carrie
  • The Oceans Between Stars
    Emerson, Kevin
  • The Ostrich And Other Lost Things
    Hautala, Beth
  • R Is For Rebel
    Coats, J. Anderson Jillian Anderson
  • Best Buds Under Frogs
    Patricelli, Leslie
  • Stinkbomb And Ketchup-Face And The Quest For The Magic Porcupine
    Dougherty, John
  • Geeked Out
    Skye, Obert
  • Switched
    Calonita, Jen
  • The Serpent's Secret
    DasGupta, Sayantani
  • The Purloining Of Prince Oleomargarine
    Twain, Mark

Easy Readers

  • Hay Un Molillo En Mi Bolsillo!
    Seuss, Dr.
  • Pig And Cat Are Pals
    Florian, Douglas
  • Ada Lovelace
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • Sally Ride
    Loh-Hagan, Virginia
  • The Last Jedi
    Davies, Beth
  • Acadia National Park
    Wallace, Audra
  • Chickens
    Schuetz, Kari
  • Dogs
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • Dream March: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., And The March ...
    Nelson, Vaunda Micheaux
  • Ducks
    Schuetz, Kari
  • Earth
    Crane, Cody
  • Fish
    Amstutz, Lisa J.
  • George Washington: The First President
    Albee, Sarah
  • Glacier National Park
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Goats
    Leighton, Christina
  • Grand Teton National Park
    Shepherd, Jodie
  • Horses
    Leighton, Christina
  • Martin Luther King Jr.: A Peaceful Leader
    Albee, Sarah
  • The Moon
    Crane, Cody
  • Olympic National Park
    Wallace, Audra
  • The Stars
    Crane, Cody
  • The Sun
    Crane, Cody
  • Dance, Dance, Dance
    Long, Ethan
  • The Camp Problem
    Oxley, Jennifer
  • Not-So-Lucky Lefty
    McDonald, Megan
  • Fancy Nancy: Bubbles, Bubbles, And More Bubbles!
    O'Connor, Jane
  • Marigold Fairy Makes A Friend
    Dennis, Elizabeth
  • Pizza Pig
    Murray, Diana
  • Emerson Is Mighty Girl!
    Rusu, Meredith
  • Meet Black Panther
    Busse, R. R.
  • Thumper And The Egg
    Vitale, Brooke
  • Willa's Butterfly Ballet
    Katschke, Judy
  • Rocket's 100th Day Of School
    Hills, Tad
  • Llama Llama Loses A Tooth
    Dewdney, Anna
  • Rock Stars!
    Carbone, Courtney
  • Best Bunnies.
  • In My Life
    Meister, Cari
  • Trolls: The Sound Of Spring
    Lewman, David
  • Eloise And The Dinosaurs
    McClatchy, Lisa
  • Jack And Jill And T-Ball Bill
    Pierce, Terry
  • Max's Half Birthday
    Wells, Rosemary
  • The Green Surprise
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • Lloyd: A Hero's Journey
    West, Tracey
  • The Nighttime Noise
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • The One-Tire House
    McDonald, Kirsten

Picture Books

  • Roof Octopus
    Branam, Lucy
  • Snail's Crowded House
    Tang, Sulan
  • The Very, Very, Very Long Dog
    Patton, Julia
  • El Gato Hechizado
    Cossi, Paolo
  • Richard Scarry's Naughty Bunny.
    Scarry, Richard
  • Springtime Babies
    Smith, Danna
  • The Train To Timbuctoo
    Brown, Margaret Wise
  • This Is The Chick
    Hartmann, Wendy
  • Banana For Two
    Mayer, Ellen
  • El Cuerpo
    Keselman, Gabriela, uthor.
  • Somewhere A Bell Is Ringing
    Nye, Barbara, illlustrator.
  • 5-Minute Pinkalicious Stories
    Kann, Victoria
  • Sadie's Snowy Tu B'Shevat
    Korngold, Jamie S.
  • Aliens, Creatures & Beasts
    Macri, Thomas
  • Dave's Cave
    Preston-Gannon, Frann
  • Little Mouse's Big Breakfast
    Pym, Christine
  • Let's Go Fishing!
  • Little Critter's Family Treasury
    Mayer, Mercer.
  • Honk! Splat! Vroom!
    Gott, Barry
  • A Peaceful Garden
    London, Lucy
  • Big Book Of Abcs And 123s.
  • Shake The Tree!
    Vignocchi, Chiara
  • The Snowy Day
    Keats, Ezra Jack
  • Tilly & Tank
    Fleck, Jay
  • Milo: A Moving Story
    Riddle, Tohby
  • Bagel In Love
    Wing, Natasha
  • Hooked
    Greenwald, Tom
  • Emma's Circus
    Fleming, Candace
  • Abc Jamboree
    Emmons, Scott
  • The Pink Umbrella
    Callot, Amélie
  • Poppy, Buttercup, Bluebell & Dandy
    Woodcock, Fiona
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Classic Mickey Mouse Tale
    Vitale, Brooke
  • Vee's First Day Of School
    Beyl, Chelsea
  • Be Brave, Little Penguin
    Andreae, Giles
  • Hello, Door
    Heim, Alastair
  • Edie Is Ever So Helpful!
    Henn, Sophy
  • The Little Boy Who Lived Down The Drain
    Mills, Carolyn Huizinga
  • Wide-Awake Bear
    Miller, Pat Zietlow
  • Peter Rabbit
    Potter, Beatrix
  • How Many Hugs?
    Swain, Heather
  • I Love You For Miles And Miles
    Goldberg, Alison
  • Words And Your Heart
    Neal, Kate Jane
  • Josefina
    Loth, Sebastian
  • La Princesa Penny Y Su Hermana Bailarina
    Ackland, Rachel
  • Let's Visit Florence!
    Manzione, Lisa
  • Cinderella And The Furry Slippers
    Calì, Davide
  • City Mouse, Country Mouse
    Rudy, Maggie
  • The Pink Hat
    Joyner, Andrew
  • Nothing Can Frighten A Bear
    Dale, Elizabeth
  • Sopa De Calabaza
    Cooper, Helen