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Youth Fiction

  • The Silent Thaw
    Hunter, Erin
  • Now With Fleas!
    Stohl, Margaret
  • Beneath The Weeping Clouds
    Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
  • The Burning Queen
    Lasky, Kathryn
  • Trevor Lee And The Big Uh-Oh!
    Blevins, Wiley
  • The Dark Lord Clementine
    Horwitz, Sarah Jean
  • Allies
    Gratz, Alan
  • Charlie Hernández & The Castle Of Bones
    Calejo, Ryan
  • Charlie Numb3rs And The Woolly Mammoth
    Mezrich, Ben
  • The Princess Who Flew With Dragons
    Burgis, Stephanie
  • Stuffed
    Braswell, Liz
  • Whale Of A Tale
    Kimmel, Eric A.
  • Indian No More
    McManis, Charlene Willing
  • Banjo
    Salisbury, Graham
  • The Hippo At The End Of The Hall
    Cooper, Helen
  • The Last Dragon
    Riley, James
  • The Spacedog Cometh
    Marciano, Johnny
  • A Time Traveler's Theory Of Relativity
    Valentine, Nicole Fiction writer
  • Surprise Lily
    Moranville, Sharelle Byars
  • To Sketch A Thief
    McGuire, Andy
  • Just Chill
    McGuire, Andy
  • Knock Three Times
    Cowell, Cressida
  • The Memory Keeper
    Camiccia, Jennifer
  • Nocturnal Symphony: A Bat Detector's Journal
    Watson, J. A.
  • The Obsidian Compass
    Shurtliff, Liesl
  • The Other Side Of The Wall
    Ephron, Amy
  • The Perfect Star
    Buyea, Rob
  • Princess In Practice
    Glynn, Connie
  • Rose Coffin
    Kozlowsky, M. P.
  • Wrecking Ball
    Kinney, Jeff
  • The Fowl Twins
    Colfer, Eoin
  • Legacy
    Messenger, Shannon
  • Tales From A Not-So-Best Friend Forever
    Russell, Rachel Renée
  • The 12th Candle
    Tomsic, Kim
  • Henry & Eva And The Famous People Ghosts
    Portes, Andrea
  • Homerooms & Hall Passes
    O'Donnell, Tom
  • Idun And The Apples Of Youth
    Holub, Joan
  • The Last Human
    Bacon, Lee
  • Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire
    Rowling, J. K.
  • Outlaws
    Calonita, Jen
  • Walk Till You Disappear
    Greene, Jacqueline Dembar
  • The Dragon Warrior
    Zhao, Katie
  • Give And Take
    Swartz, Elly D.
  • Lintang And The Pirate Queen
    Moss, Tamara
  • Moonshine
    Benton, Justin
  • Naked Mole Rat Saves The World
    Rivers, Karen
  • Project Middle School
    Milano, Alyssa
  • Santa's Puppy
    Hapka, Cathy
  • The Year We Fell From Space
    King, A. S. Amy Sarig
  • The Dragon Thief
    Elliott, Zetta

Easy Readers

  • Mr. Putter & Tabby Feed The Fish
    Rylant, Cynthia
  • Here To There
    Szymanski, Jennifer
  • Lucky Pups!
    Vitale, Brooke
  • Panda Excess
    Braun, Travis
  • My Tooth Is Lost!
    Daywalt, Drew
  • Snail & Worm All Day
    Kügler, Tina
  • Frank And Bean
    Michalak, Jamie
  • Owen To The Rescue
    Rusu, Meredith
  • Peg Up A Tree
    Oxley, Jennifer
  • Peppa's New Friend
    Petranek, Michael
  • Heroes & Villains
    Patrick, Ella
  • Bald Eagle
    Murray, Julie
  • Bicycles
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Bison
    Duling, Kaitlyn
  • Monster Trucks
    Arnold, Tedd
  • If You Love Fashion, You Could Be ...
    Nakamura, May
  • Inclined Planes
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Jet Skis
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Liberty Bell
    Murray, Julie
  • Nasa
    Murray, Julie
  • National Anthem
    Murray, Julie
  • Pulleys
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Scooters
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Screws
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Skateboards
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Snowmobiles
    Arnold, Quinn M.
  • Us Constitution
    Murray, Julie
  • Us Flag
    Murray, Julie
  • Wedges
    Mattern, Joanne
  • Otter: What Pet Is Best?
    Garton, Sam
  • Pete The Kitty Goes To The Doctor
    Dean, Kim
  • Christmas Is Here!
    Hastings, Ximena
  • Doozers Make A Rainbow
    Shaw, Natalie
  • Friendship On The High Seas
    Yolen, Jane
  • Gobble Up, Snoopy!
    Nakamura, May
  • Knight Owls
    Seltzer, Eric
  • Just My Best Friend
    Mayer, Mercer
  • Biscuit's Snow Day Race
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • A Frightful Welcome
    West, Alexandra
  • Meet The Family
    West, Alexandra
  • Amelia Bedelia Gets The Picture
    Parish, Herman
  • Amelia Bedelia Is For The Birds
    Parish, Herman
  • Dinosaur Family Trip
    Nakamura, May
  • Gulp, Gobble
    Singer, Marilyn
  • Hamster Holmes, Afraid Of The Dark?
    Sadar, Albin
  • The Kid And The Chameleon Go To School
    Mabry, Sheri
  • Mike's Mystery
    Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • Spirits Of Nature
    Bouchard, Natasha
  • Sunspot's Night Out
    Brown, Jordan
  • Penny And Her Sled
    Henkes, Kevin

Picture Books

  • Bad Day
    Roth, Ruby
  • Xiao Lao Shu Yu Jin Zhong Zi = The Little ...
    Li, Jian Art teacher
  • Why Evergreens Keep Their Leaves
    Guertin, Annemarie Riley
  • The Pirate Tree
    Orel, Brigita
  • The Reader
    Luca, Luciana de
  • Ballet Lesson
    Schaefer, Elizabeth Adaptor adaptor.
  • The Tooth Fairy
  • Daniel Goes To The Dentist
    Schwartz, Alexandra Cassel
  • King Mouse
    Fagan, Cary
  • C Jumped Over Three Pots And A Pan And Landed ...
    Jane, Pamela
  • Come Next Season
    Norman, Kim
  • Explorers
    Cordell, Matthew
  • Mr. Tempkin Climbs A Tree
    Fagan, Cary
  • Finch
    Sobrino, Javier
  • I Love You Brighter Than The Stars
    Hart, Owen
  • My Friends And Me: A Celebration Of Different Kinds Of ...
    Stansbie, Stephanie
  • Kugel For Hanukkah?
    Everin, Gretchen M.
  • Five Little Mermaids
    Scribens, Sunny
  • Blue Cat
    Ryan, Charlie Eve
  • The Moose Of Ewenki
    Blackcrane, Gerelchimeg
  • Astrid And The Sky Calf
    Faragher, Rosie
  • Peppa's Windy Fall Day
    Winthrop, Barbara
  • Catastrophe By The Sea
    Peterson, Brenda
  • If I Could Give You Christmas
    Plourde, Lynn
  • Our Big Little Place
    Conan, James A.
  • The Phone Booth In Mr. Hirota's Garden
    Smith, Heather
  • Hello, Crow!
    Savage, Candace
  • Pokko And The Drum
    Forsythe, Matthew
  • Spur, A Wolf's Story
    Robertson, Eliza
  • Star Wars Creatures Big & Small
    Glass, Calliope
  • Peek-A-Boo, Penguin: A Peek-A-Boo Adventure
    Gaviraghi, Giuditta
  • Ariba: An Old Tale About New Shoes
    Manapov, Masha
  • Sweet Dreams, Zaza
    Freeman, Mylo
  • The Bear's Medicine = Sus Yoo
    Gauthier, Clayton
  • New Friends For Zaza
    Freeman, Mylo
  • Home In The Woods
    Wheeler, Eliza
  • When Julia Danced Bomba
    Ortiz, Raquel M.
  • Don't Push The Button!
    Cotter, Bill
  • Anxious Charlie To The Rescue
    Milne, Terry
  • Doodle Cat Wears A Cape
    Patrick, Kat
  • A Little Fox
    Wren, Rosalee
  • What Does Bunny Like?
    Cortina, Gabriel
  • What Does Penguin Like?
    Cortina, Gabriel
  • Rosa Pionera, Ingeniera
    Beaty, Andrea
  • All I Want For Christmas
    McLean, Danielle
  • Babies Around The World: Dancing
    Barker, Tamara
  • Baby's First Halloween
    Birdsong, Minnie
  • Future Engineer
    Alexander, Lori
  • Planets And The Solar System
    Murphy, Patricia J.
  • T Is For Thanks And Turkey!
    Rumbaugh, Melinda