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Youth Fiction

Easy Readers

  • La Receta Secreta
    Jules, Jacqueline
  • Las Cartas Especiales De La Abuela
    Jules, Jacqueline
  • Lista Para La Foto
    Jules, Jacqueline
  • Un Paseo De Compras Problemático
    Jules, Jacqueline
  • Doggo And Pupper
    Applegate, Katherine
  • A Ticket For Cricket
    Coxe, Molly
  • The Pink Book
    Muldrow, Diane
  • Welcome To Galar!
    Shapiro, R. Rebecca
  • Whale, Hello There
    Auerbach, Annie
  • Look At Rollo!
    Duncan, Reed
  • Jack And Santa
    Barnett, Mac
  • Journey To You
    Bouchard, Natasha
  • Rocket And The Perfect Pumpkin
    Stephens, Elle
  • Uni Brings Spring
    Ransom, Candice F.
  • Wonder Woman Saves The Trees!
    Webster, Christy
  • Crossing The Current
    Yolen, Jane
  • Kit And Kaboodle Blast Off To Space
    Portice, Michelle
  • Meet Mira
    Paladino, Sascha
  • Nick And Nack Put On A Puppet Show
    Budzi, Brandon
  • Jack Gets Zapped!
    Barnett, Mac
  • P. D. Eastman's Dog Tales
    Eastman, P. D. Philip D.
  • The Protest
    Thornhill, Samantha
  • Go, Go, Tractors!
    Ransom, Candice F.
  • I Love Cake!
    Gilbert, Frances
  • Llama Llama Talent Show
  • The Mystery Of The Dragon Eggs
    Testa, Maggie
  • Teamwork Wins!
    Cena, John
  • Ducks Run Amok!
    Morris, J. E. Jennifer E.
  • Max & Mo Go Apple Picking
    Lakin, Patricia
  • Rocket Loves Hide-And-Seek!
    Stephens, Elle
  • Soccer Star!
    Huntley, Tex
  • Super-Duper Librarian
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Max & Mo's Halloween Surprise
    Lakin, Patricia
  • Nick And Nack See The Stars
    Budzi, Brandon
  • Operation Library!
    Gallo, Tina
  • Bunny Trouble.
  • Biscuit And The Little Llamas
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • The Gingerbread Pup
    Boelts, Maribeth
  • Welcome To Camp!
    Behling, Steve
  • Look For The Lorax
    Rabe, Tish
  • Now You See Me--
    Rabe, Tish
  • Fox At Night
    Tabor, Corey R.
  • You Can Be A Doctor
    Stephens, Elle
  • Libby Loves Science: Mix And Measure
    Derting, Kimberly
  • Save The Dinosaurs!
    Huntley, Tex
  • Snow White's Sweet Bunny
    Clauss, Lauren
  • Raya's Team
  • Amelia Bedelia Steps Out
    Parish, Herman
  • Fiona Saves The Day
    Cowdrey, Richard
  • Meet Fiona The Hippo
    Cowdrey, Richard

Picture Books

  • I Want To Ride The Tap Tap
    Joseph, Danielle
  • Best Friend In The Whole World
    Salsbury, Sandra
  • Elephants Do Not Belong In Trees: Or Do They?
    Willms, Russ.
  • Rosa's Big Boat Experiment
    Spanyol, Jessica, artist.
  • Rosa's Big Bridge Experiment
    Spanyol, Jessica, artist.
  • Rosa's Big Pizza Experiment
    Spanyol, Jessica, artist.
  • Rosa's Big Sunflower Experiment
    Spanyol, Jessica
  • Fish
    Kearney, Brendan
  • Marsha Is Magnetic
    Ferry, Beth
  • Seeking An Aurora
    Pulford, Elizabeth
  • How Slippery Is A Banana Peel?
    Donnelly, Rebecca
  • My First Day
    Phung, Nguyen Quang
  • Madeline's Rescue
    Bemelmans, Ludwig
  • Hoy No Juegas
    Serrano, Pilar
  • Raro
    Canizales Harold Jiménez Canizales
  • The Three Brothers
    Gay, Marie-Louise
  • Thesaurus Has A Secret
    Glazer, Anya
  • The Knight Who Might
    Treleaven, Lou
  • Grandma's Lost Her Corgis!
    Davidson, Joy H. Joy Halloran
  • One Mean Ant With Fly And Flea
    Yorinks, Arthur
  • Playing Wicked
    Kahler, A. R.
  • Ella The Swinging Duck
    Overmeer, Suzan
  • Definitely Do Not Open This Book
    Lee, Andy
  • A Mystery In The Forest
    Isern, Susanna
  • Sheepish: (Wolf Under Cover)
    Yoon, Helen
  • Woodland Dreams
    Jameson, Karen
  • Anonymouse
    VanSickle, Vikki
  • Mother Goose To The Rescue!
    Evans, Nate
  • Snoozapalooza
    Gard, Kimberlee
  • The Tiny Baker
    Barrett, Hayley
  • C Is For Country
    Lil Nas X
  • Bear Against Time
    Fromental, Jean-Luc
  • The Big Trip
    Willmore, Alex
  • Bigfoot Wants A Little Brother
    Berger, Samantha
  • Hockey In The Wild
    Oldland, Nicholas
  • Dreams For Our Daughters
    Doyle, Ruth
  • Songs For Our Sons
    Doyle, Ruth
  • Agent Lion And The Case Of The Missing Party
    Soman, David
  • I Love You, Baby Burrito
    Dominguez, Angela
  • Mustache Duckstache
    Young, Amy Children's book
  • Oona
    DiPucchio, Kelly
  • Twinkle's Fairy Pet Day
    Holabird, Katharine
  • The Day The Kids Took Over
    Apple, Sam
  • Keep An Eye On Ivy
  • Judge Juliette
    Gehl, Laura
  • Letters From My Tooth Fairy
    Hecker, Brooke
  • My Pencil And Me
    Varon, Sara
  • Witchy Things
    Brusa, Mariasole
  • Follow That Frog
    Stead, Philip Christian
  • Life Cycles Of Caribou = Tuktut Innaruqpallianingit
    Ittusardjuat, Monica