New kids' books

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Youth Fiction

  • Maybe Maybe Marisol Rainey
    Kelly, Erin Entrada

Easy Readers

  • I'M On It!
    Tsurumi, Andrea

Picture Books

  • Curiosity Is ...
    Fenner, Julie M.
  • The Empty Space
    Sztyma, Marianna
  • No Pants!
    Grant, Jacob
  • Llama Llama Meets The Babysitter
    Dewdney, Anna
  • Peppa Loves Yoga
    Holowaty, Lauren
  • We All Play = Kimêtawânaw
    Flett, Julie
  • Frankenstein Doesn't Wear Earmuffs!
    Loren, John
  • The Giving Day: A Cubby Hill Tale
    Doerrfeld, Cori
  • Alex's Good Fortune
    Shum, Benson
  • The Easter Bunny's Present Hunt
    Goethals, Mieke
  • Dragon's Hometown
    Dong, Hongyou
  • Hannah And The Ramadan Gift
    Rashid, Qasim
  • Grandma And The Rooster
    Wang, Yimei
  • Robin's Christmas Journey
    Onodera, Maya
  • Peppermint Post
    Hale, Bruce
  • A Dolly For Christmas: The True Story Of A Family's …
    Schlapman, Kimberly
  • Elf
    Gyllenhaal, Rebecca
  • Holiday Heist
    Hess, Megan Fashion
  • The Square Root Of Possible: A Jingle Jangle Story
    Talbert, Lyn
  • Good Dog Carl's Valentine
    Day, Alexandra
  • Porcupine Cupid
    June, Jason
  • Not So Fast, Max: A Rosh Hashanah Visit With Grandma
    Schottenfeld, Annette
  • Soosie: The Horse That Saved Shabbat
    Lehman-Wilzig, Tami
  • The Presidency!
    Spiro, Ruth
  • Congress!
    Spiro, Ruth
  • Curious About Insects
    Sill, Cathryn P.
  • Curious George Wash Your Hands
    Ayala-Kronos, Chris
  • Emotions = Al-ʻAwāṭif: English-Arabic
    Billings, Patricia
  • Emotions = Ābegagula: English-Bengali
    Billings, Patricia
  • Families Can
    Saks, Dan
  • Fiona, It's Bedtime
    Cowdrey, Richard
  • Follow Me!
    Baruzzi, Agnese
  • The Garden
    Baruzzi, Agnese
  • Get Dressed
    Quintanilla, Hazel
  • Gratitude
    Billings, Patricia
  • Happy Puppy, Angry Tiger
    Petersen, Brad
  • Kindness: A Celebration Of Mindfulness
    Wilson, Katie
  • Leo Loves Daddy
    McQuinn, Anna
  • Leo Loves Mommy
    McQuinn, Anna
  • Little Mad
    Brun-Cosme, Nadine
  • Little Worry
    Brun-Cosme, Nadine
  • Love: A Celebration Of Mindfulness
    Wilson, Katie
  • My First Bike
    Rey, H. A. Hans Augusto
  • My Heart Beats
    Singh, Rina
  • Our Skin: A First Conversation About Race
    Madison, Megan
  • Peekaboo Bear
    Reid, Camilla
  • Peekaboo Sun
    Reid, Camilla
  • This Little Environmentalist: A Love-The-Earth Primer
    Holub, Joan
  • Bedtime For Bad Kitty
    Bruel, Nick
  • Gratitude = Qadr Dānī: English-Farsi
    Billings, Patricia