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Youth Fiction

  • Get A Job, Creep
    Mann, Greyson
  • Toy Story 4: The Deluxe Junior Novelization
    Francis, Suzanne
  • Extraordinary Birds
    Stark-McGinnis, Sandy
  • Lost Stars
    Hunter, Erin
  • Spy School British Invasion
    Gibbs, Stuart
  • Cogheart
    Bunzl, Peter
  • Masters Of Silence
    Kacer, Kathy
  • My Life As A Meme
    Tashjian, Janet
  • Aru Shah And The Song Of Death
    Chokshi, Roshani
  • Bigger, Badder, Nerdier
    Skye, Obert
  • A Kind Of Paradise
    Tan, Amy Rebecca
  • The Library Of Ever
    Alexander, Zeno
  • Mya's Strategy To Save The World
    Kyi, Tanya Lloyd
  • Our Castle By The Sea
    Strange, Lucy
  • Saving Hanno
    Halahmy, Miriam
  • Silver Meadows Summer
    Otheguy, Emma
  • Cilla Lee-Jenkins: The Epic Story
    Tan, Susan
  • Maybe A Mermaid
    Cameron, Josephine
  • The Becket List: A Blackberry Farm Story
    Griffin, Adele
  • Caterpillar Summer
    McDunn, Gillian
  • Orange For The Sunsets
    Athaide, Tina
  • The Strangers
    Haddix, Margaret Peterson
  • Birdie
    Spinelli, Eileen
  • The Infinite Lives Of Maisie Day
    Edge, Christopher
  • Aladdin
    Rudnick, Elizabeth
  • Into The Wind
    Zee, Ginger
  • Dazzle And Dance
    Davidowitz, Stacy
  • The Hamilton-Burr Duel
    Gutman, Dan
  • Kazu Jones And The Denver Dognappers
    Holyoak, Shauna M.
  • Lenny's Book Of Everything
    Foxlee, Karen
  • Lizzie Flying Solo
    Steveson, Nanci Turner
  • The Lost Boy's Gift
    Holt, Kimberly Willis
  • Riverland
    Wilde, Fran
  • Good Dog, Mctavish
    Rosoff, Meg
  • Entangled With The Egyptians!
    Northfield, Gary
  • The Wolves Of Slough Creek
    Young, Judy
  • Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen
    Lenz, Niki
  • Jake The Fake Goes For Laughs
    Robinson, Craig
  • Focused
    Gerber, Alyson
  • Megabat And Fancy Cat
    Humphrey, Anna
  • The True History Of Lyndie B. Hawkins
    Shepherd, Gail
  • The Remarkable Inventions Of Walter Mortinson
    Sosna-Spear, Quinn
  • The Door At The End Of The World
    Carlson, Caroline
  • The Race To Kangaroo Cliff
    McCall Smith, Alexander
  • Battle Of The Beetles
    Leonard, M. G. Maya Gabrielle
  • The Book Of Unwyse Magic
    Fayers, Claire
  • Beach Battle Blowout
    Grabenstein, Chris
  • Billy Stuart In The Minotaur's Lair
    Bergeron, Alain M.
  • The Chupacabras Of The Río Grande
    Gidwitz, Adam, creator.
  • Fast Break
    Jeter, Derek

Easy Readers

  • Can You See Me?
    Staake, Bob
  • A Skunk In My Bunk!
    Cerf, Christopher
  • Harold & Hog Pretend For Real!
    Willems, Mo
  • Kiwi Cannot Reach!
    Tharp, Jason
  • The Case Of The Missing Painting
    Archer, Dosh
  • !Esperar No Es Fácil!
    Willems, Mo
  • Digger Y Daisy Van Al Zoológico
    Young, Judy
  • Digger Y Daisy Van De Picnic
    Young, Judy
  • Neodo Halsu Issŏ
    Willems, Mo
  • David And The Giant
  • Wwe Tag Teams And Team-Ups
    Pantaleo, Steve
  • Corduroy's Hike
    Inches, Alison
  • I Am Just Right
    McPhail, David
  • Math In The Bath
    Oxley, Jennifer
  • Trash Into Treasure
    Freitas, Bethany V.
  • Charlie & Mouse Even Better
    Snyder, Laurel
  • The Kid And The Chameleon
    Mabry, Sheri
  • The Kid And The Chameleon Sleepover
    Mabry, Sheri
  • Mr. Monkey Takes A Hike
    Mack, Jeff
  • The Yellow House Mystery
    Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • You Can Do It, Pout-Pout Fish!
    Diesen, Deborah
  • Leaf It To Dot
    Cascardi, Andrea E.
  • Rappy And His Favorite Things
    Gutman, Dan
  • Rocket Out Of The Park
    Cascardi, Andrea E.
  • Searching For Stinkodon
    McDonald, Megan
  • You Can Make A Friend, Pout-Pout Fish!
    Diesen, Deborah
  • Big Dog And Little Dog: Tales Of Adventure
    Pilkey, Dav
  • Hello, Crabby!
    Fenske, Jonathan
  • I Am Captain Snowball!
    Shealy, Dennis R.
  • Journey To Pluto
    Brown, Jordan
  • Sparkly New Friends
    Burnell, Heather Ayris
  • Starry, Starry Night
    Brown, Jordan
  • Surf's Up!
    Barton, Chris
  • The Watermelon Seed & Good Night Owl: 2 Funny Tales
    Pizzoli, Greg
  • Jesus Saves The World / Illustrated By Denis Alonso.
  • Unicorn Magic
    Kosara, Tori
  • Monkey Mischief
    Kosara, Tori
  • Do You Like My Bike?
    Feuti, Norman

Picture Books

  • The Zombie Who Cried Human: A Fable Told To Zombie ...
    Freeman, Brian James
  • Lambslide
    Patchett, Ann
  • Poppy's Babies
    Barklem, Jill
  • I Have An Idea!
    Tullet, Hervé
  • Camp Fancy
    Israel, Laurie
  • Goodnight Around The World
    Paradis, Anne
  • A Little Bunny
    Wren, Rosalee
  • A Little Chick
    Wren, Rosalee
  • Mi Mamá Es La Mejor Madre Del Mundo
    Ronda, Magela
  • Un Día En La Vida De Marlon Bundo
    Twiss, Jill
  • Bear
    Bailey, Martin
  • Cows!
    Hutton, John John S.
  • Feminist Baby: He's A Feminist Too!
    Brantz, Loryn
  • Hello Birds, What Do You Say?
    Botman, Loes
  • Hello Honeybees
    Rogge, Hannah
  • Kat Keeps The Beat
    Foley, Greg E.
  • Ladybug
    Attiogbé, Magali
  • Abuelas De La A A La Z
    Díaz Reguera, Raquel
  • El Pequeño Caballero Que Luchó Contra La Lluvia
    Tibo, Gilles
  • La Montaña De Libros Más Alta Del Mundo
    Bonilla, Rocio
  • Max Y Los Superhéroes
    Bonilla, Rocio
  • Max Y El Pájaro
    Vere, Ed
  • How To Track An Easter Bunny
    Fliess, Sue
  • What Is A Nice Car!
    Bijsterbosch, Anita
  • How To Care For Your T-Rex
    Baker, Ken
  • Caillou Meets Sophie: A Story About Autism
    Thompson, Kim
  • Mindful Bea And The Worry Tree
    Silver, Gail
  • Sadie And The Silver Shoes
    Godwin, Jane
  • Brave Molly
    Hughes, Brooke Boynton
  • Dear Boy
    Rosenthal, Paris
  • Hair, It's A Family Affair!
    Freeman, Mylo
  • Most Marshmallows
    Watkins, Rowboat
  • Pig The Stinker
    Blabey, Aaron
  • Goliath: The Boy Who Was Different
    Abadía, Ximo
  • Big And Little: A Story Of Opposites
    Pilgrim, Cheryl
  • Home Is A Window
    Ledyard, Stephanie Parsley
  • How I Learned To Fall Out Of Trees
    Kirsch, Vincent X.
  • I Will Be Fierce!
    Birdsong, Bea
  • The Magic Of Letters
    Johnston, Tony
  • The Most Terrible Of All
    Van, Muon
  • Motor Mouse
    Rylant, Cynthia
  • A Mouse Called Julian
    Todd-Stanton, Joe
  • Sparky & Spike: Charles Schulz And The Wildest, Smartest Dog ...
    Lowell, Barbara
  • Fergal And The Bad Temper
    Starling, Robert
  • The Happiest Tree: A Story Of Growing Up
    Yi, Hyŏn-ju
  • Night Windows
    Venema, Aart-Jan
  • Goodbye, School
    Lippert, Tonya K.
  • Love The Earth
    Lennon, Julian
  • Nothing: Nothing Can Separate You From God's Love!
    Creech, Natalee
  • The Tallest Tree House
    MacKay, Elly