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Youth Fiction

  • Twilight Hauntings
    Sage, Angie
  • June's Wild Flight
    Brallier, Max
  • Second Dad Summer
    Klas, Benjamin
  • Graystripe's Vow
    Hunter, Erin
  • The Eye Of Zeus
    Adams, Alane
  • Heroes On The Home Front
    Sutter, Marcus
  • Julieta And The Diamond Enigma
    Duarte Armendáriz, Luisana
  • The Rider's Reign: A Rose Legacy Novel
    George, Jessica Day
  • The Spybot Invasion
    Appleton, Victor
  • The Ogre Of Oglefort
    Ibbotson, Eva
  • Shadow In The Dark
    Kolenc, Antony Barone
  • 13 And 3/4
    Greenwald, Lisa
  • The Shadow Crosser
    Cervantes, Jennifer
  • The Rise Of The Arch-Illager
    Forbeck, Matt
  • Haunting At The Hotel
    Magaziner, Lauren
  • Elvin Link, Please Report To The Principal's Office!
    Dernavich, Drew
  • The Girl From Over There: The Hopeful Story Of A …
    Rechter, Sharon
  • Letters From Cuba
    Behar, Ruth
  • The Lost Scroll Of The Physician
    Sevigny, Alisha
  • Zero To Hero
    Pastis, Stephan
  • Dragons Vs. Unicorns
    Biberdorf, Kate
  • Cosmo To The Rescue
    Sheinmel, Courtney
  • Beware Of The Giant Brain!
    West, Tracey
  • Bella's Story: A Dog's Way Home Tale
    Cameron, W. Bruce
  • The Missing
    O'Hearn, Kate
  • Lunch Swap Disaster
    Coville, Bruce
  • The Magic Eraser
    Starmer, Aaron
  • Orientation
    Chhibber, Preeti
  • The Rewindable Clock
    Starmer, Aaron
  • Sixth-Grade Alien
    Coville, Bruce
  • A Wish In The Dark
    Soontornvat, Christina
  • Farah Rocks Summer Break
    Darraj, Susan Muaddi
  • The Middler
    Applebaum, Kirsty
  • Otto Tattercoat And The Forest Of Lost Things
    Woods, Matilda
  • The Secret Time Machine And The Gherkin Switcheroo
    Lia, Simone
  • War Is Over
    Almond, David
  • When I Hit The Road
    Cavanaugh, Nancy J.
  • The Horse Of The River: A Camp Canyon Falls Adventure
    Cooper, Sari
  • Max Einstein Saves The Future
    Patterson, James
  • Once Upon A Unicorn
    Anders, Lou
  • Tune It Out
    Sumner, Jamie
  • The Silver Arrow
    Grossman, Lev
  • Ty's Travels: All Aboard!
    Lyons, Kelly Starling

Easy Readers

  • If I Had Your Vote
    Cat in the Hat Fictitious character
  • Ty's Travels: All Aboard!
    Lyons, Kelly Starling
  • Pete The Kitty And The Unicorn's Missing Colors
    Dean, Kim
  • The Berenstain Bears And The Ghost Of The Theater
    Berenstain, Mike
  • Meet The Quokkas!
    Jenner, Caryn
  • You Can Be Kind, Pout-Pout Fish!
    Diesen, Deborah
  • Too Many Jacks
    Barnett, Mac
  • Berenstain Bears Very Beary Stories: 3 Books In 1
    Berenstain, Stan
  • Olaf Loves To Read!
    Edwards, John
  • Pup On The Run
    Stephens, Elle
  • Mulan's Happy Panda
    Koster, Amy Sky
  • Penny And Clover, Follow That Ball!
    Perl, Erica S.
  • Rapunzel's Perfect Pony
    Clauss, Lauren
  • You Can Do It!
    Stephens, Elle
  • Big Shark, Little Shark, Baby Shark
    Membrino, Anna
  • Bunny Will Not Be Quiet!
    Tharp, Jason
  • Ducky And Bunny Help Out!
    Francis, Suzanne
  • Lost Bots!
    Clauss, Lauren
  • Max & Mo's Science Fair Surprise
    Lakin, Patricia
  • Penny And Clover, Up And Over
    Perl, Erica S.
  • Who Ate My Book?
    Kügler, Tina
  • Bugs!: All True And Unbelievable!
    Freels, Korynn
  • I Am A Dolphin
    Froeb, Lori
  • I Wish I Was A Sea Turtle
    Bové, Jennifer
  • Sharks
    Freels, Korynn
  • Trains!: All True And Unbelievable!
    Freels, Korynn
  • Trucks!: All True And Unbelievable!
    Freels, Korynn
  • The Best Pet?
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Pedro Goes To Mars
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Cat Has A Plan
    Gehl, Laura
  • Three Big Bullies!
    Webster, Christy
  • Water, Water Everywhere
    Brown, Jordan

Picture Books

  • Bedtime Bonnet
    Redd, Nancy Amanda
  • The Birthday Book
    Parr, Todd
  • I Got You A Present!
    Erskine-Kellie, Mike
  • It's Impossible!
    Corderoy, Tracey
  • Little Cheetah's Shadow
    Dubuc, Marianne
  • You Are Ready!: The World Is Waiting
    Carle, Eric
  • The Cat Man Of Aleppo
    Latham, Irene
  • Plenty Of Hugs
    Manushkin, Fran
  • It's A Moose!
    Rosoff, Meg
  • Mermaid And Me
  • Wherever I Go
    Copp, Mary Wagley
  • Falcon
    Berrios, Frank
  • The Berenstain Bears Storybook Favorites
    Berenstain, Stan
  • Coral
    Idle, Molly Schaar
  • My Maddy
    Pitman, Gayle E.
  • The Magical Yet
    DiTerlizzi, Angela
  • This Way, Charlie
    Levis, Caron
  • Havdalah Is Coming!
    Newman, Tracy
  • Shalom Bayit: A Peaceful Home
    Marshall, Linda Elovitz
  • Dinosaurs
    Musgrave, Ruth A.
  • Follow Me: Fairy Tales
    Hahessy, Roisin.
  • Be Curious!
    Cho, Joy
  • Brown Sugar Babies
    Smith, Charles R., Jr., photographer.
  • Alef Bet
    Ziegler, Itamar
  • A Little Otter
    Wren, Rosalee
  • Ten Little Kittens: My Counting And Shapes Book.
  • Dinosaurs Roar: Lift And Discover
    Jenkins, Steve
  • Sea Creatures Swim: Lift And Discover
    Jenkins, Steve
  • Explore The Shore
    Marx, Jonny
  • In The Garden
    Riggs, Kate
  • Dinosaurs
    Walther, Max
  • Baby Clown
    LaReau, Kara
  • Vote For Me!
    Baltscheit, Martin
  • A Book For Escargot
    Slater, Dashka
  • Hush Up And Migrate!
    Markle, Sandra
  • Fiona, It's Bedtime
    Cowdrey, Richard
  • Cat Dog Dog: The Story Of A Blended Family
    Buchet, Nelly
  • Dirt Cheap
    Hoffmann, Mark
  • I Love Me!
    Gardner Middlemiss, LaRonda
  • Ready, Race, Rescue!
    James, Hollis
  • The Arabic Quilt: An Immigrant Story
    Khalil, Aya
  • Llama Unleashes The Alpacalypse
    Stutzman, Jonathan
  • Southwest Sunrise
    Grimes, Nikki
  • 5-Minute Under The Sea Stories
  • The Boy And The Wild Blue Girl
    Negley, Keith
  • A New Kind Of Wild
    Hoang, Zara Gonzalez
  • Ronan The Librarian
    Luebbe, Tara
  • I'M Sticking With You
    Prasadam-Halls, Smriti
  • Unstoppable
    Rex, Adam
  • The One And Only Ivan: Draw Me A Story
    Ferry, Beth