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Youth Fiction

  • Sandapalooza Shake-Up
    Grabenstein, Chris
  • Lost In The Jungle
    Nye, Bill
  • Al Capone Throws Me A Curve
    Choldenko, Gennifer
  • The Boy From Tomorrow
    DeAngelis, Camille
  • Black Panther: The Junior Novel
    McCann, Jim
  • The Nerdiest, Wimpiest, Dorkiest I Funny Ever
    Patterson, James
  • Out Of Left Field
    Klages, Ellen
  • Rosetown
    Rylant, Cynthia
  • Secret Sisters Of The Salty Sea
    Perkins, Lynne Rae
  • Whatshisface
    Korman, Gordon
  • Escape From Castaway Island
    Lombardo, Constance
  • A Fairy's Courage
    Clarke, E. J.
  • Freya And The Magic Jewel
    Holub, Joan
  • The Journal Of Curious Letters
    Dashner, James
  • The Magical Mix-Up
    King, Zach
  • The Memory Of Forgotten Things
    Zhang, Kat
  • The Moon Is Up
    Tamaki, Mariko
  • Mvp Summer
    Palmer, Iva-Marie
  • Power Forward
    Khan, Hena
  • Blink And You Die
    Child, Lauren
  • Buttheads From Outer Space
    Mahoney, Jerry
  • Creeper Family Vacation
    Mann, Greyson
  • Here Comes Trouble
    Hattemer, Kate
  • The Penderwicks At Last
    Birdsall, Jeanne
  • When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit
    Kerr, Judith
  • Amal Unbound
    Saeed, Aisha
  • Battle For Wakanda
    Snider, Brandon T.
  • Takeover
    Spangenberger, Jack
  • Incredibles 2: The Junior Novelization
    Francis, Suzanne
  • Ottoline And The Purple Fox
    Riddell, Chris
  • The Alcatraz Escape
    Bertman, Jennifer Chambliss
  • Bob
    Mass, Wendy
  • Across The Dark Water
    Alvarez, Jennifer Lynn
  • Bad Mermaids Make Waves
    Pounder, Sibéal
  • Carnival Magic
    Ephron, Amy
  • Evangeline Of The Bayou
    Eldredge, Jan
  • The Rose Legacy
    George, Jessica Day
  • Bugging Out
    Kloepfer, John
  • Hero Rising
    Hegarty, Shane
  • The Length Of A String
    Weissman, Elissa Brent
  • The Crimson Serpent
    Jolley, Dan
  • The Bolds On Vacation
    Clary, Julian
  • Sit
    Ellis, Deborah
  • Puritan Girl, Mohawk Girl
    Demos, John
  • The Burning Maze
    Riordan, Rick
  • The Miscalculations Of Lightning Girl
    McAnulty, Stacy
  • Brooklyn House Magician's Manual: Your Guide To Egyptian Gods & ...
    Riordan, Rick
  • The Last
    Applegate, Katherine
  • Born To Be Good
    Fry, Michael
  • Positively Izzy
    Libenson, Terri, artist.

Easy Readers

  • Animal Homes
    Evans, Shira
  • Bugs
    Evans, Shira
  • The Itchy Book!
    Pham, LeUyen
  • All About Deserts
    Gardeski, Christina Mia
  • All About Grasslands
    Gardeski, Christina Mia
  • All About Mountains
    Gardeski, Christina Mia
  • All About Wetlands
    Gardeski, Christina Mia
  • Empire State Building
    Rawson, Katherine
  • Gateway Arch
    Duling, Kaitlyn
  • Golden Gate Bridge
    Rawson, Katherine
  • I Want To Be A Police Officer
    Driscoll, Laura
  • Librarians
    Less, Emma
  • Lincoln Memorial
    Duling, Kaitlyn
  • Living In ... Russia
    Burton, Jesse
  • My First Swim Class
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • Tractors
    Dittmer, Lori
  • U.S. Capitol
    Rawson, Katherine
  • Washington Monument
    Rawson, Katherine
  • Dinosaur Rescue!
    Depken, Kristen L.
  • Go, Go, Cars!
    Liberts, Jennifer
  • Pete The Cat's Groovy Bake Sale
    Dean, James
  • Biscuit And The Big Parade!
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • The Incredible Elastigirl
    Bouchard, Natasha
  • The Traffic Tie-Up
    Barton, Chris
  • On The Farm
    Barton, Chris
  • Pidge's Story
    Shaw, Natalie
  • Trolley Ride!
    Spinner, Cala
  • Shiro's Story
    Spinner, Cala

Picture Books

  • Pigs
    Munsch, Robert N.
  • Crescent Moons And Pointed Minarets: A Muslim Book Of Shapes
    Khan, Hena
  • ¡Atrapa A Esa Galleta!
    Durand, Hallie
  • Con Ojos De Niño
    Licitra, Jimena
  • Eres Us Regalo De Dios
    Bergren, Lisa Tawn
  • La Pascua Es Un Regalo De Dios
    Bergren, Lisa Tawn
  • Tomás Aprende A Leer
    Bogart, Jo Ellen
  • Love Is Love
    Genhart, Michael
  • I Want My Dad!
    Ross, Tony
  • Llama Llama Loves To Read
    Dewdney, Anna
  • Yan's Hajj: The Journey Of A Lifetime
    Gilani-Williams, Fawzia
  • Pip & Pup
    Yelchin, Eugene
  • Are You Sleeping?
    Von Kitzing, Constanze
  • Ayobami And The Names Of The Animals
    López Ávila, Pilar
  • Can't Catch Me!
    Von Kitzing, Constanze
  • My Best Friend Is A Goldfish
    Lee, Mark
  • Albert's Tree
    Desmond, Jenni
  • Alma And How She Got Her Name
    Martinez-Neal, Juana
  • The Breaking News
    Reul, Sarah Lynne
  • The Fish And The Cat
    Dubuc, Marianne
  • Friends Stick Together
    Harrison, Hannah E.
  • Grains Of Sand
    Delacroix, Sibylle
  • Hello Lighthouse
    Blackall, Sophie
  • If I Didn't Have You
    Katz, Alan
  • A Lion Is A Lion
    Dunbar, Polly
  • Little Brothers & Little Sisters
    Arnaldo, Monica
  • Mama's Belly
    Hosford, Kate
  • Max Explains Everything: Grocery Store Expert
    McAnulty, Stacy
  • Moon
    Oliver, Alison
  • A Most Unusual Day
    Mallery, Sydra
  • Right Now
    Olien, Jessica
  • Someone Farted
    Kaplan, Bruce Eric
  • This Book Is Red
    Stanton, Beck
  • Tim's Goodbye
    Salerno, Steven
  • Tree Song
    Stone, Tiffany
  • Wallpaper
    Lam, Thao, artist.
  • Bark Park!
    Krisher, Trudy
  • A Dog With Nice Ears: Featuring Charlie And Lola
    Child, Lauren
  • Don't Blink!
    Rosenthal, Amy Krouse
  • Everything You Need For A Treehouse
    Higgins, Carter
  • Forever Or A Day
    Jacoby, Sarah
  • I Got It!
    Wiesner, David
  • This Story Is For You
    Pizzoli, Greg
  • What If ...
    Berger, Samantha
  • What's Cooking, Moo Moo?
    Miller, Tim
  • Bunny Built
    Slack, Michael H.
  • Magnolia's Magnificent Map
    Bradshaw, Lauren
  • Quincy: The Chameleon Who Couldn't Blend In
    DiLorenzo, Barbara
  • Shark Nate-O
    Luebbe, Tara
  • Woodrow At Sea
    Edwards, Wallace