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Youth Fiction

  • The Great Shelby Holmes And The Haunted Hound
    Eulberg, Elizabeth
  • Guest: A Changeling Tale
    Hahn, Mary Downing
  • The Jumbie God's Revenge
    Baptiste, Tracey
  • Max Einstein: Rebels With A Cause
    Patterson, James
  • My Jasper June
    Snyder, Laurel
  • Carnevil
    Reynolds, J. H. Jonathan Hal
  • Lalani Of The Distant Sea
    Kelly, Erin Entrada
  • Some Places More Than Others
    Watson, Renée
  • Island Of Dragons: The Twelfth Adventure In The Kingdom Of ...
    Stilton, Geronimo
  • Hoax For Hire
    Martin, Laura
  • The Distance Between Me And The Cherry Tree
    Peretti, Paola
  • The Fire Keeper
    Cervantes, Jennifer
  • The Key Of Lost Things
    Easley, Sean
  • The Light In The Lake
    Baughman, Sarah R.
  • The Star Shepherd
    Haring, Dan
  • The Big Shrink
    Mlynowski, Sarah
  • Archimancy
    White, J. A.
  • Strange Birds: A Field Guide To Ruffling Feathers
    Pérez, Celia C.
  • My Dog Gets A Job
    Fensham, Elizabeth
  • Dragon Curse
    McMann, Lisa
  • Liferaft
    Khorana, Aditi
  • More To The Story
    Khan, Hena
  • Attack Of The Furball: A Christina Starspeeder Story
    Krosoczka, Jarrett
  • The Battle
    Riazi, Karuna
  • The Good Thieves
    Rundell, Katherine
  • Taming Of The Shoe
    Littman, Sarah
  • Owl's Outstanding Donuts
    Yardi, Robin
  • My Life As An Ice Cream Sandwich
    Zoboi, Ibi Aanu
  • King Of The Mole People
    Gilligan, Paul
  • Last Meeting Of The Gorilla Club
    Nickerson, Sara
  • Oh, Rats!
    Seidler, Tor
  • Best Friends
    Hale, Shannon
  • The Fresh New Face Of Griselda
    Torres, Jennifer
  • What's The Matter With Newton?
    West, Tracey
  • The Beasts Of Grimheart
    Larwood, Kieran
  • The Cryptid Keeper
    Fisher, Lija
  • Maggie & Abby And The Shipwreck Treehouse
    Taylor, Will Children's literature
  • The Other Half Of Happy
    Balcárcel, Rebecca
  • Quest For The Grail
    Mackaman, Audrey
  • The Quest For The Kid
    Kress, Adrienne
  • Stay
    Pyron, Bobbie
  • Stolen From The Studio
    Magaziner, Lauren
  • The Trouble With Shooting Stars
    Cannistra, Meg
  • The Twilight Curse
    Shepherd, Kat
  • Charlie Bone And The Hidden King
    Nimmo, Jenny
  • Anne's House Of Dreams
    Montgomery, L. M. Lucy Maud
  • Clear Skies
    Kerrin, Jessica Scott
  • A Creeper Camps Out
    Mann, Greyson
  • Rachel's Roses
    Wolff, Ferida
  • William Wenton And The Lost City
    Peers, Bobbie

Easy Readers

  • Hide And Squeak
    Ingalls, Ann
  • Hi, Jack!
    Barnett, Mac
  • Glowing Animals
    Davidson, Rose
  • Jonah And The Giant Fish
  • Attack Of The 50-Foot Fly Guy
    Arnold, Tedd
  • Campout
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • The Kooky Kinkajou
    Hecht, Tracey
  • Let's Have A Sleepover!
    Feuti, Norman
  • Smell My Foot!
    Bell, Cece, artist.
  • The 100 Hats Of The Cat In The Hat
    Rabe, Tish
  • Lego Ninjago Epic Adventures
    March, Julia
  • Meet The Super Heroes!
  • Fall Colors
    Gates, Margo
  • Meet The Champions
    Pantaleo, Steve
  • Follow That Map!
    Tan, Sheri
  • Field Day Fun
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Field Trip Trouble
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Flower Girl Katie
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Hard Hat Heroes
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Katie And The Haunted Museum
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Friends In The Mail
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Helping Mayor Patty
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Hide And Peek
    Houran, Lori Haskins
  • Pedro Keeps His Cool
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Stocking Up For The Storm
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Stop, Fox!
    Houran, Lori Haskins
  • Super Paramedic!
    Manushkin, Fran
  • Being Present
    Marsico, Katie
  • Compassion
    Marsico, Katie
  • Connection
    Marsico, Katie
  • Dinosaurs!
    Perl, Erica S.
  • Empathy
    Marsico, Katie
  • The Buddy Bench
    Hooks, Gwendolyn
  • The Big Splash
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • Fenced In
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • Spike Goes To School
    Penney, Shannon
  • The Sweet Treasure
    McDonald, Kirsten
  • Friends All Day
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • A New Year
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Party Time
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Plans Gone Wrong
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Test Stress
    Griffin, Molly Beth
  • Code Blob!
    Gallo, Tina
  • Come Sit With Me: Making Friends On The Buddy Bench
    Gallo, Tina
  • Doozers Have Bubble Trouble
    Lauria, Lisa
  • My Best Friend Is A Yeti!
    Michaels, Patty
  • Mystery Ranch
    Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • Pirate Adventure
    Edelman, Lana
  • Gekko Takes Charge
    Hastings, Ximena
  • We Can Ride Down The Slide
    Testa, Maggie

Picture Books

  • Fly!
    Teague, Mark
  • Invisible Lizard In Love
    Cyrus, Kurt
  • Just Because
    Barnett, Mac
  • Ella & Mrs Gooseberry: Discovering What Love Looks Like
    Conley, Vikki
  • The Amazingly Awesome Amani Takes On Jitters & Fear
    Samuels, Jamiyl
  • Francesco Tirelli's Ice Cream Shop
    Meir, Tamar
  • Ruby Finds A Worry
    Percival, Tom
  • ¿Donde Están Las Vocales?
    Azcona, Sacha
  • Bruce's Big Storm
    Higgins, Ryan T.
  • How To Catch A Dinosaur
    Wallace, Adam
  • ¡Baja De Esa Nube!
    Machado, Germán
  • Cómo Atrapar A Un Monstruo
    Wallace, Adam
  • El Cocodrilo Al Que No Le Gustaba El Agua
    Merino, Gemma
  • La Ardilla Miedosa Encuentra Un Amigo
    Watt, Mélanie
  • La Ardilla Miedosa Por La Noche
    Watt, Mélanie
  • Óscar El Unicornio Hambriento
    Carter, Lou
  • Salir A Caminar
    Machado, Germán
  • Superhéroes: Manual De Instrucciones
    Brière-Haquet, Alice
  • Unicornio (Y Caballo)
    Miles, David David W.
  • What Riley Wore
    Arnold, Elana K
  • Angelina Ballerina
    Holabird, Katharine
  • Ball & Balloon
    Sanders, Rob
  • Red House, Tree House, Little Bitty Brown Mouse
    Godwin, Jane
  • A Stone Sat Still
    Wenzel, Brendan
  • Dinosaurs
    Ng, Neiko
  • Let's Dive Into The Ocean: Swim Thousands Of Feet Under ...
    Knapman, Timothy
  • Autumn In The Forest: Lift-A-Flap Surprise
    Finch, Rusty
  • Baby Llama: Finger Puppet Book
    Huang, Yu-Hsuan
  • Baby Sloth: Finger Puppet Book
    Huang, Yu-Hsuan
  • Bathtime
    Le Hénand, Alice.
  • Friends Ask First!: A Book About Sharing
    Cassel, Alexandra
  • A Little Hedgehog
    Wren, Rosalee
  • Peek-A-Bruce
    Higgins, Ryan T.
  • What Is A Llama?: Lift-A-Flap
    Swift, Ginger
  • What Is A Narwhal?: Lift-A-Flap
    Swift, Ginger
  • Cómo Aprenden Los Colores Los Dinosaurios?
    Yolen, Jane
  • Sweet Dreams Miffy
    Bruna, Dick
  • Searching For Santa
    Bruel, Nick
  • How Do You Dance?
    Heder, Thyra
  • A Little Bite For You
  • Hats Are Not For Cats!
    Rayner, Jacqueline K.
  • The Helpers In Your Neighborhood
    Cassel, Alexandra
  • Fantail's Quilt
    Hay, Gay
  • Small World
    Mercurio, Ishta
  • As Warm As The Sun
    McMullan, Kate
  • Why?
    Seeger, Laura Vaccaro
  • The Beauty Of Mistakes
    Feldman, Thea
  • Facing Your Fears
    Scollon, Bill
  • 5 Minute Bedtime Classics.
  • Frankie's Favorite Food
    Garrity-Riley, Kelsey