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Youth Fiction

  • Pilar Ramirez And The Curse Of San Zenon
    Randall, Julian
  • When Sea Becomes Sky
    McDunn, Gillian
  • Jacky Ha-Ha Gets The Last Laugh
    Patterson, James
  • Return Of The Piglins
    Forbeck, Matt
  • The Searchers
    Lasky, Kathryn
  • Cameron Battle And The Escape Trials
    Perry, Jamar J
  • The Adventures Of Captain Underpants: The First Epic Novel
    Pilkey, Dav
  • Ben Yokoyama And The Cookies Of Chaos
    Swanson, Matthew
  • The Many Assassinations Of Samir, The Seller Of Dreams
    Nayeri, Daniel
  • The Palace Of Dreams
    Anderson, Jodi Lynn
  • The House Swap
    Clark, Yvette
  • The Final Fight
    Chick, Bryan
  • The Tapestry Of Tales
    O'Neill, Cathy
  • Bunny Bonanza
    Faruqi, Saadia
  • The Extraordinary Adventures Of Alice Tonks
    Kenny, Emily
  • Finally Seen
    Yang, Kelly
  • Stick Dog
    Watson, Tom
  • Whale Done: A Funjungle Novel
    Gibbs, Stuart
  • Being Baxters
    Kingsbury, Karen
  • The Treehouse Library
    James, Anna Anna Lois
  • The House That Whispers
    Thompson, Lin
  • The Human Kaboom
    Rubin, Adam
  • Izzy At The End Of The World
    Reynolds, K. A.
  • A Witch's Last Resort
    Nichols, Travis
  • The Very Dangerous Sisters Of Indigo Mccloud
    Hearne, John
  • Danger At Dead Man's Pass
    Leonard, M. G. Maya Gabrielle
  • Graysen Foxx And The Treasure Of Principal Redbeard
    Savage, J. Scott Jeffrey Scott
  • The Guardian Test
    Soontornvat, Christina
  • Skyriders
    Holyoke, Polly
  • It's Boba Time For Pearl Li!
    Chen, Nicole
  • City Of The Dead
    Ponti, James
  • The Windeby Puzzle: History And Story
    Lowry, Lois
  • Haven's Legacy
    Benoist, Melissa
  • Carag's Transformation
    Brandis, Katja
  • The Hidden Dragon
    Marr, Melissa
  • The Talent Thief
    Thayer, Mike
  • The Treasure Test
    Jagger, T. P.
  • The Big Sting
    Delaney, Rachelle
  • Opportunity Knocks
    Farizan, Sara
  • Elliot Jelly-Legs And The Bobblehead Miracle: A Novel
    Ridge, Yolanda
  • Like A Hurricane
    Bécotte, Jonathan
  • A Snow Day For Plum!
    Phelan, Matt
  • Speculation
    Shawl, Nisi
  • The Whispering Pines
    Preller, James
  • The Win Over
    Torres, Jennifer
  • No Matter The Distance
    Baldwin, Cindy
  • The Enchanted Life Of Valentina Mejía
    Alessandri, Alexandra
  • Lasagna Means I Love You
    O'Shaughnessy, Kate
  • Not An Easy Win
    Giles, Chrystal D.
  • Momo Arashima Steals The Sword Of The Wind
    Sugiura, Misa

Easy Readers

  • Elena Rides
    Medina, Juana
  • Mouse Soup
    Lobel, Arnold
  • The Berenstain Bears Blast Off!
    Berenstain, Mike
  • Ant-Man And The Wasp Save The Day!
    March, Julia
  • Spring At The Bow-Tique
    Grote, Allison
  • Junior's Lost Tooth
    Reyes, Gabrielle, adaptor.
  • Dive Into Puplantis!
    Huntley, Matt
  • Rainy Day
    Cicatelli-Kuc, Katie
  • You Can Be A Doctor ; You Can Be A …
    Stephens, Elle
  • Heroes Unite!
    Johnson, Nicole Writer of children's books
  • A Special Goodbye
    Thornhill, Samantha
  • The Talent Show
    Thornhill, Samantha
  • A Dog's Life Cycle
    Rice, Jamie
  • I Spy Orange In The City
    Culliford, Amy
  • Party Time, Crabby!
    Fenske, Jonathan
  • Cara Takes Time
    Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
  • Crash! ; & Bang!
    Donald, Alison
  • Duck! ; & The Rainbow Room
    Jinks, Jenny
  • Kaleo Helps
    Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
  • My Pet
    Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
  • Nuts! ; & Is That My Ball?
    Jinks, Jenny
  • Our Garden
    Borgert-Spaniol, Megan
  • An Airplane's Day
    Loy, Harriet
  • A Backhoe's Day
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • A Bulldozer's Day
    Loy, Harriet
  • Drums
    Rebman, Nick
  • A Dump Truck's Day
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • Elephant Calves In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • A Fire Truck's Day
    Schell, Lily
  • The First Woman Cherokee Chief: Wilma Pearl Mankiller
    Buckley, Patricia Morris
  • Flute
    Rebman, Nick
  • Giraffe Calves In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • Hippopotamus Calves In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • Lion Cubs In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • Monkey Infants In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • Tiger Cubs In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • A Tractor's Day
    Schell, Lily
  • Trumpet
    Rebman, Nick
  • Why Does The Sun Shine?
    Pettiford, Rebecca
  • Xylophone
    Rebman, Nick
  • Zebra Foals In The Wild
    Brandle, Marie
  • The Beekeeper Mystery
    Warner, Gertrude Chandler
  • Aloha!
    Kredensor, Diane.
  • Parker Grows A Garden
    Curry, Parker
  • Bug Catchers
    Litwin, Megan
  • ʻAdnān Wa-Al-HudʹHud
    Ḥamīd al-Dīn, Rabāb
  • Fī Al-Ghābah
    Hamiduddin Rahab
  • Dónde Está Mi Borrador?
    Rosen, Robert

Picture Books

  • Fish And Crab
    Coppo, Marianna
  • Twenty Questions
    Barnett, Mac
  • The Fantastic Bureau Of Imagination
    Montague, Brad
  • Little Miss Brave: Originated By Roger Hargreaves
    Hargreaves, Adam
  • Spring Sings For The Grouchy Ladybug
    Carle, Eric, creator.
  • Tell The Truth, Pangolin
    Beatty, Melinda
  • My Dreams For You!
    Tharp, Jason, artist.
  • Friends Beyond Measure
    Fisher, Lalena
  • For The Love Of Lettuce
    Dicmas, Courtney
  • Happy Earth Day!
    Hopkinson, Deborah
  • Silver Linings
    Woodcock, Fiona
  • You Are A Story
    Raczka, Bob
  • Black Beach: A Community, An Oil Spill, And The Origin …
    Stith, Shaunna
  • Eric Loves Animals: (Just Like You!)
    Carle, Eric
  • Maple & Rosemary
    James, J. Alison
  • The Greedy Worm
    Newman, Jeff
  • I Am Not An Octopus
    McLaughlin, Eoin
  • Rabbit, Duck, And Big Bear
    Brun-Cosme, Nadine
  • Together With You
    Toht, Patricia
  • Something: One Small Thing Can Make A Difference
    Creech, Natalee
  • Star Wars: A Little Golden Book Collection.
  • Moon's Ramadan
    Kazi, Natasha Khan
  • The Night Before Eid: A Muslim Family Story
    Khalil, Aya
  • Our Very Greek Easter
    Psifogeorgou, Kassi
  • Pick Me!
    Amato, Max
  • Three Hens, A Peacock, And The Enormous Egg
    Laminack, Lester L.
  • Good Morning, Good Night
    Lobel, Anita
  • The Library Fish Learns To Read
    Capucilli, Alyssa Satin
  • My Mommy, The Octopus
    Gerber, Wendy
  • Tomorrow Is The First Day Of School = Mañana Es …
    Glick, Zachary
  • Finding Papa
    Krans, Angela Pham
  • Hedgehog's Home For Spring
    Ulyeva, Elena
  • It's More Fun With Two
    Courtney, Michelle
  • Never Forget Eleanor
    Jason June
  • Watch Out For The Lion!
    Hartman, Brooke
  • Cinderella--With Dogs!
    Bailey, Linda
  • In Every Life
    Frazee, Marla
  • Jump In!
    Strickland, Shadra
  • A Crown For Corina
    Kemp, Laekan Zea
  • Find Your Brave: A Coco And Bear Story
    Stott, Apryl
  • Gassy Cassie
    Acosta, Alicia
  • High Top: The Sneaker That Just Can't Stop!
    Lacey, Tom
  • Leprechaun Vs. Easter Bunny
    Tarpley, Todd
  • No No, Baby!
    Hunter, Anne
  • Your Brave Song
    Voskamp, Ann
  • Good Night, Body: Finding Calm From Head To Toe
    Lee, Britney Winn
  • An Invitation To Passover
    Olitzky, Kerry M.
  • Pirate Passover
    Press, Judy
  • Easter.
  • Elbert In The Air
    Wesolowska, Monica