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Youth Fiction

  • Faker
    Korman, Gordon
  • A Cloud Called Bhura: Climate Champions To The Rescue
    Vachharajani, Bijal
  • Dead Good Detectives
    McLachlan, Jenny
  • The Girl Who Kept The Castle
    Graudin, Ryan
  • Zombies Unleashed!
    Eliopulos, Nick
  • Shipwrecked
    Monroe, Mary Alice
  • Captivity
    Smith, Roland
  • The Sinister Secrets Of The Fabulous Nothings
    Ferrell, Sean
  • Zia's Story
    Qayumi, Shahnaz
  • Clara Poole And The Wrong Way Up
    Tyng, Taylor
  • Invisible Isabel
    Pla, Sally J.
  • Vega's Piece Of The Sky
    Torres, Jennifer
  • Farrah Noorzad And The Ring Of Fate
    Zargarpur, Deeba
  • Majestica
    Tolcser, Sarah
  • Roswell Johnson Saves The World!
    Colfer, Chris
  • Dinner At The Brake Fast
    Lute, Renee Beauregard
  • Coop For Keeps: A Novel
    Verstraete, Larry
  • The Last Apple Tree
    Mills, Claudia
  • Countdown To Yesterday
    Marr, Shirley
  • Break The Game
    Auseon, Andrew
  • Mermedusa
    Taylor, Thomas
  • Perry Homer Ruins Everything
    Vrabel, Beth
  • Wander Lost
    Martin, Laura
  • Winnie Nash Is Not Your Sunshine
    Melleby, Nicole
  • Ellie And The Marriage List
    Seabolt, Tricia
  • The Legendary Mo Seto
    Chan, AY
  • The Lightning Path
    Hunter, Erin
  • Anatomy Of Lost Things
    Stout, Shawn K.
  • Super Sports Society
    Chick, Bryan
  • Juneberry Blue
    Ransom, Candice F.
  • Spy Ring
    Durst, Sarah Beth
  • The Tenth Mistake Of Hank Hooperman
    Choldenko, Gennifer
  • The Truth About Triangles
    Leali, Michael
  • Lei And The Invisible Island
    Maunakea, Malia
  • Perfect Revenge
    Burkhart, Jessica
  • Asking For A Friend
    Riley, Ronnie
  • Attack Of The Stink Monster!
    Shireen, Nadia
  • Children Of The Wind
    Lewers, Nedda
  • Ratty
    Selfors, Suzanne
  • The Wonderful Wishes Of B.
    Nolte, Katherin
  • Darkness And Demon Song
    Fournet, M. R.
  • Sam Wu Is Not Afraid Of Zombies
    Tsang, Katie
  • The Academy Iii: Tournament Of Champions
    Layton, T. Z.
  • Red Bird Danced
    Quigley, Dawn
  • A Place To Shine
    Arnold, Marie

Easy Readers

  • Sketty And Meatball
    Weeks, Sarah
  • Makeda Makes A Home For Subway
    Rhuday-Perkovich, Olugbemisola
  • A New Car For Pickle
    Kantorovitz, Sylvie
  • Mini Bluey.
  • History Of HawaiʻI
    Romero, Libby
  • This Makes Me Anxious: First Day Of School
    Carbone, Courtney
  • Fish And Clam
    Ruzzier, Sergio
  • Too Many Bugs
    Lang, Suzanne
  • Really Bird, Really Scared!
    Ziefert, Harriet
  • Nate The Great And The Star-Spangled Parrot
    Sharmat, Andrew
  • A Bison's Tale
    Modany, Angela
  • Cows
    Rathburn, Betsy
  • Goats
    Sabelko, Rebecca
  • Cat And Friends
    Purcell, Rebecca Children's writer
  • Cat's Adventures
    Purcell, Rebecca Children's writer
  • Little Monster
    Purcell, Rebecca Children's writer

Picture Books

  • Too Many Golems
    Yolen, Jane
  • Finding Grateful
    White, Dianne
  • My Friend Tree
    Casey, Dawn
  • You'll Always Be My Chickadee
    Hosford, Kate
  • The Hoys
    Gray, Kes
  • Joyful Song: A Naming Story
    Newman, Lesléa
  • The Day Madear Voted
    Hudson, Wade
  • Lose The Blanket, Linus!
    Gallo, Tina, adaptor.
  • How To Catch A Fairy Godmother
    Walstead, Alice
  • Juneteenth Is
    Tripplett, Natasha
  • Millie's Big Decision
    Eagleton, Ian
  • Los Colores Del Amor
    Eliot, Hannah
  • Mix A Pancake
    Rossetti, Christina Georgina
  • Things That Go
    Kovganova, Serafima
  • See This Little Dot
    Yolen, Jane
  • Addie Ant Goes On An Adventure
    Morris, Maren
  • This Is Not A Dinosaur!
    Timms, Barry
  • Under The Table
    Ahlberg, Allan
  • The Yellow Bus
    Long, Loren
  • Run, Run, Run!
    Gomi, Tarō
  • Sky
    Archer, Charlotte
  • Two Together
    Wenzel, Brendan
  • When You Adopt A Pugicorn And Hugicorn
    Rose, Matilda
  • Brandon And The Baby
    Pinkney, J. Brian
  • 10 Du'as For Home
    Imam, Firhana
  • There Was A Shadow
    Handy, Bruce
  • Greetings, Floof!
    Hong, C. J.
  • Sai's Magic Silk
    Smith, Shyala
  • Misty Mole Gets New Glasses
    El-Rouby, Yasmin, Dr.
  • Picture Puzzler: A Natural History Hide-And-Seek
    Williams, Rachel
  • Sister Friend
    Thompkins-Bigelow, Jamilah
  • Clara And The Birds
    Simpson, Emma, artist.
  • Churro Stand
    González, Karina Nicole
  • Out Of The Blue
    Bach-Lauritsen, Rebecca
  • Touch The Sky
    Lucianovic, Stephanie V. W.
  • My Daddy Is A Cowboy
    Seales, Stephanie
  • How To Put A Dinosaur To Bed
    Pace, Alycia
  • In The Tide Pool
    Millard, Will
  • Space
    Miles, David David W.
  • Weather
    Miles, David David W.
  • The Digger And The Dark
    Kuefler, Joseph
  • Grannies And Other Stories.
  • A Weekend Trip
    Cliff, Cynthia Writer of children's books
  • Secret Gardeners: Growing A Community And Healing The Earth
    Hurme, Maija
  • The One Where Bert Learns To Ride A Bike
    Naylor-Ballesteros, Chris
  • Not-A-Box City
    Portis, Antoinette
  • Bubble Gum Bison Needs A Bath
    Rothman, Scott
  • Friends Make Everything Better!
    Schulz, Charles M. Charles Monroe creator.
  • Chilla Gorilla & Lanky Lemur Journey To The Heart
    Snyder, Kimberly
  • Duck Duck Taco Truck
    Lavoie, Laura