New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • Tight
    Maldonado, Torrey
  • Darius The Great Is Not Okay
    Khorram, Adib.
  • Harbor Me
    Woodson, Jacqueline
  • Apple In The Middle
    Quigley, Dawn
  • Kiss Me In Paris
    Rider, Catherine
  • Maiden Voyage: A Titanic Story
    Jane, Sarah
  • Not Your Sidekick
    Lee, C. B.
  • Screenshot
    Cooner, Donna D. Donna Danell
  • So Glad To Meet You
    Super, Lisa
  • Star-Touched Stories
    Chokshi, Roshani
  • Dark Divide
    Stone, Sonja
  • Echo's Sister
    Mosier, Paul
  • Girl At The Grave
    Black, Teri Bailey
  • The Impossibility Of Us
    Upperman, Katy
  • Girls Can't Hit
    Easton, Tom
  • Holly Jolly Summer
    Stewart, Tiffany
  • Hullmetal Girls
    Skrutskie, Emily
  • A Matter Of Souls
    Patrick, Denise Lewis
  • Minecraft: The Crash
    Baptiste, Tracey
  • Putting Makeup On The Fat Boy
    Wright, Bil
  • She Loves You: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
    Hood, Ann
  • You May Now Kill The Bride
    Stine, R. L.
  • Letting Go Of Gravity
    Leder, Meg
  • Mayfly
    Sweat, Jeff
  • Nowhere Boy
    Marsh, Katherine
  • Price Of Duty
    Strasser, Todd
  • Racing Manhattan
    Blacker, Terence
  • Sanctuary
    Lix, Caryn
  • Denis Ever After
    Abbott, Tony
  • Sea Witch
    Henning, Sarah
  • Rules Of The Ruff
    Lang, Heidi
  • Scream Site
    Ireland, Justina
  • Copyboy
    Vawter, Vince
  • My Life Uploaded
    Earl, Rae