New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • Spark
    Broadway, Alice
  • Skyjacked
    Griffin, Paul
  • Scary Stories For Young Foxes
    Heidicker, Christian McKay
  • Runaway Max
    Yovanoff, Brenna
  • Stronger Than A Bronze Dragon
    Fan, Mary
  • The Summer Of Lost Things
    Sedgwick, Chantele
  • Technically, You Started It
    Johnson, Lana Wood
  • We Walked The Sky
    Fiedler, Lisa
  • When The Ground Is Hard
    Nunn, Malla
  • The Day The World Stopped Turning
    Morpurgo, Michael
  • An Impossible Distance To Fall
    McNamara, Miriam
  • Let Me Fix That For You
    Erlbaum, Janice
  • My Sweet Orange Tree: The Story Of A Little Boy ...
    Vasconcelos, José Mauro de
  • Only The Stars Know Her Name: Salem's Lost Story Of ...
    Marrone, Amanda
  • Spin The Dawn
    Lim, Elizabeth
  • Stealing Home
    Wallace, Becky
  • When The Light Went Out
    Morrissey, Bridget
  • Wicked Fox
    Cho, Kat
  • Professor Renoir's Collection Of Oddities, Curiosities, And Delights
    Platt, Randall Beth
  • Behind The Curtain
    Abrahams, Peter
  • How We Became Wicked
    Yates, Alex
  • Into The Dark
    Abrahams, Peter
  • The Warrior Heir
    Chima, Cinda Williams
  • The Fear
    Higson, Charles