New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • The Cupcake Queen
    Hepler, Heather.
  • All That I Can Fix
    Chan, Crystal
  • The Button War: A Tale Of The Great War
  • The Academy
    Sise, Katie
  • Bright Burns The Night
    Larson, Sara B.
  • Fadeaway
    Stokes, Maura Ellen
  • From You To Me
    Holt, K. A.
  • Just Under The Clouds
    Sarno, Melissa
  • Ghostgirl
    Hurley, Tonya.
  • How We Roll
    Friend, Natasha
  • Kissing Games
    Eglington, Tara
  • Spindrift And The Orchid
    Trevayne, Emma
  • Most Wanted
    Carson, Rae
  • Legendary: A Caraval Novel
    Garber, Stephanie
  • Listen To Your Heart
    West, Kasie
  • Robin Hood: The One Who Looked Good In Green
    Mass, Wendy
  • The Initiation
    Babu, Chris