New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • The Victoria In My Head
    Milanes, Janelle
  • Apex
    Lackey, Mercedes
  • Boy Seeking Band
    Brezenoff, Steven
  • The Sign Of One
    Lambert, Eugene (Young adult fiction writer
  • Sasquatch, Love, And Other Imaginary Things
    Aldredge, Betsy
  • Backfield Boys
    Feinstein, John
  • Click'd
    Stone, Tamara Ireland
  • Colorblind : A Novel
    Bowron, Leah Harper
  • The Door To January
    French, Gillian
  • Leia, Princess Of Alderaan
    Gray, Claudia
  • Recruit
    Bradford, Chris
  • Shadow
    Oakes, Colleen
  • The Librarian Of Auschwitz
    Iturbe, Antonio
  • Haunting The Deep
    Mather, Adriana
  • Rebel Seoul
    Oh, Axie
  • Goodnight, Boy
    Sheehan, Nikki
  • Wonder Woman : Warbringer
    Bardugo, Leigh
  • Crystal Blade
    Purdie, Kathryn
  • The Dire King
    Ritter, William
  • The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents
    Pratchett, Terry
  • Just Friends
    Pitcock, Tiffany
  • Love And Other Alien Experiences
    Winfrey, Kerry