New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • The Ash House
    Walker, Angharad
  • The Electric Kingdom
    Arnold, David
  • Flood City
    Older, Daniel José
  • Into The Dark
    Gray, Claudia
  • Mazie
    Crowder, Melanie
  • The Missing Passenger
    Heath, Jack
  • Out Of Time
    Lerangis, Peter
  • Red Stars: The Case Of Viktor And Nadya's Notebooks
    Morosinotto, Davide
  • Starfish
    Fipps, Lisa
  • Shuri: The Vanished
    Stone, Nic
  • We Belong
    Everman, Cookie Hiponia
  • The Wide Starlight
    Lesperance, Nicole
  • The Hocus-Pocus Hoax: An Original Novel
    Rivera, Lilliam
  • Time Travel For Love And Profit
    Lariviere, Sarah
  • Abby, Tried And True
    Gephart, Donna
  • Red Tigress
    Zhao, Amélie Wen
  • Summer Of Brave
    Parks, Amy Noelle
  • The Wild Huntsboys
    Stewart, Martin J.