New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • The Between
    Hofmeyr, David
  • A Home For Goddesses And Dogs
    Connor, Leslie
  • Rebelwing
    Tang, Andrea
  • The Truth App
    Heath, Jack
  • Village Of Scoundrels: Based On A True Story Of Courage …
    Preus, Margi
  • The Everything I Have Lost
    Aguilar Zeleny, Sylvia
  • With A Star In My Hand: Rubén Darío, Poetry Hero
    Engle, Margarita
  • The Blossom And The Firefly
    Smith, Sherri L.
  • The Seventh Sun
    Forbes, Lani
  • Break The Fall
    Iacopelli, Jennifer
  • Ember Queen
    Sebastian, Laura
  • In The Shadow Of The Sun
    Castellan, E. M.
  • Turtle Under Ice
    Del Rosario, Juleah
  • Wardens Of Eternity
    Moulton, Courtney Allison
  • What Every Girl Should Know: Margaret Sanger's Journey: A Novel
    Mann, Jennifer Ann
  • Diamond & Dawn
    Selene, Lyra
  • 145th Street: Short Stories
    Myers, Walter Dean
  • Chirp
    Messner, Kate
  • Itch
    Farquhar, Polly
  • That's What Friends Do
    Barnhart, Cathleen
  • When You Trap A Tiger
    Keller, Tae
  • Tweet Cute
    Lord, Emma
  • What I Carry
    Longo, Jennifer
  • Force Collector
    Shinick, Kevin
  • The Good Hawk
    Elliott, Joseph Actor
  • A Perfect Blank
    Duran, Rye
  • Red Menace
    Ruby, Lois
  • Straight On Till Morning
    Braswell, Liz
  • Given
    Taylor, Nandi
  • Sunnyside Plaza
    Simon, Scott
  • Dark Star Calling
    Keller, Julia