New junior high books

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Junior High Fiction

  • This Is How It Happened
    Stokes, Paula
  • Miles Morales : Spider-Man
    Reynolds, Jason
  • Moon Beam
    Taylor, Travis S.
  • Pretty
    Sayre, Justin
  • An Uninterrupted View Of The Sky
    Crowder, Melanie
  • Quicks
    Waltman, Kevin
  • What Goes Up
    Kennedy, Katie
  • Secrets Of The Dragon Sanctuary
    Mull, Brandon
  • What To Say Next
    Buxbaum, Julie
  • The Special Ones
    Bailey, Em
  • Witchtown
    Oakes, Cory Putman
  • All The Ways The World Can End
    Sher, Abby, ( author of young adult books
  • The Wrong Train
    De Quidt, Jeremy
  • The Foretelling Of Georgie Spider
    Kwaymullina, Ambelin
  • Internet Famous
    Stone, Danika
  • Sage Alexander And The Hall Of Nightmares
    Copling, Steve
  • The Silver Eyes
    Cawthon, Scott
  • This Impossible Light : A Novel
    Myers, Lily
  • Vanguard : A Razorland Companion Novel
    Aguirre, Ann
  • Wesley James Ruined My Life
    Honeybourn, Jennifer
  • Lucky In Love
    West, Kasie