New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • The Last Smile In Sunder City
    Arnold, Luke
  • Daughter From The Dark: A Novel
    Di︠a︡chenko, Marina
  • The Hidden Girl And Other Stories
    Liu, Ken
  • Mazes Of Power
    Wade, Juliette
  • The Unwilling
    Braffet, Kelly
  • The Wolf Of Oren-Yaro
    Villoso, K. S.
  • 1636: The China Venture
    Flint, Eric
  • Gunpowder & Embers
    Ringo, John
  • The Sinister Mystery Of The Mesmerizing Girl
    Goss, Theodora
  • Stormsong
    Polk, C. L. Chelsea L.
  • The Lost Future Of Pepperharrow
    Pulley, Natasha
  • The Unspoken Name
    Larkwood, A. K.