New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • Child Of Light
    Brooks, Terry
  • The Trouble With Peace
    Abercrombie, Joe
  • The Archive Of The Forgotten
    Hackwith, A. J.
  • Dune: The Lady Of Caladan
    Herbert, Brian
  • Destroyer Of Light
    Brissett, Jennifer Marie
  • The Truth And Other Stories
    Lem, Stanisław
  • A Spell To Unbind
    Laurie, Victoria
  • Light From Uncommon Stars
    Aoki, Ryka
  • The Last Graduate: A Novel
    Novik, Naomi
  • Among Thieves
    Kuhn, M. J.
  • Blindsight
    Watts, Peter
  • The Second Blind Son
    Harmon, Amy
  • The Wisdom Of Crowds
    Abercrombie, Joe