New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • Lake Of Souls: The Collected Short Fiction
    Leckie, Ann
  • A Letter To The Luminous Deep
    Cathrall, Sylvie
  • Moonbound: The Last Book Of The Anth
    Sloan, Robin
  • Can't Spell Treason Without Tea: A Cozy Fantasy Steeped With …
    Thorne, Rebecca
  • Five Broken Blades
    Corland, Mai
  • Mirrored Heavens
    Roanhorse, Rebecca
  • Red Side Story
    Fforde, Jasper
  • Service Model
    Tchaikovsky, Adrian
  • When Among Crows
    Roth, Veronica
  • The God And The Gumiho
    Kim, Sophie
  • The North Wind
    Warwick, Alexandria
  • The Stardust Grail
    Kitasei, Yume
  • The Wren In The Holly Library
    Linde, K. A.
  • I'M Afraid You've Got Dragons
    Beagle, Peter S.