New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • Permafrost
    Reynolds, Alastair
  • The Bayern Agenda
    Moren, Dan
  • The Chaos Function
    Skillingstead, Jack
  • Famous Men Who Never Lived
    Chess, K
  • Lost Gods
    Yongo, Micah
  • Radicalized
    Doctorow, Cory
  • Ruin's Wake
    Edwards, Patrick
  • Sooner Or Later Everything Falls Into The Sea: Stories
    Pinsker, Sarah
  • Titanshade
    Stout, Dan
  • Today I Am Carey
    Shoemaker, Martin L.
  • The Near Witch
    Schwab, Victoria
  • The Perfect Assassin
    Doore, K. A.
  • The True Queen
    Cho, Zen
  • The Rosewater Insurrection
    Thompson, Tade
  • The Light Brigade
    Hurley, Kameron
  • Mahimata
    Mehrotra, Rati
  • The Death Of Dulgath
    Sullivan, Michael J.
  • Circle Of The Moon: A Soulwood Novel
    Hunter, Faith
  • Dark Deeds
    Brooks, Mike
  • The Haunting Of Tram Car 015
    Clark, P. Djèlí
  • No Way
    Morden, S. J.
  • Original Syn
    Kander, Beth
  • Polaris Rising: A Novel
    Mihalik, Jessie
  • The Women's War
    Glass, Jenna
  • Ancestral Night
    Bear, Elizabeth
  • Wild Country
    Bishop, Anne