New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • The Warrior Within
    McIntyre, Angus
  • Head On
    Scalzi, John
  • The Long Sunset: An Academy Novel
    McDevitt, Jack
  • Blackfish City
    Miller, Sam J.
  • The City Of Lost Fortunes
    Camp, Bryan
  • Battle Hymn
    Dietz, William C.
  • Space Opera
    Valente, Catherynne M.
  • Though Hell Should Bar The Way
    Drake, David
  • Grey Sister
    Lawrence, Mark
  • The Queens Of Innis Lear
    Gratton, Tessa
  • Blood Of The Four
    Golden, Christopher
  • The Feed: A Novel
    Windo, Nick Clark
  • The Guns Above
    Bennis, Robyn
  • Lake Silence: The World Of The Others
    Bishop, Anne