New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • A Little Hatred
    Abercrombie, Joe
  • Gideon The Ninth
    Muir, Tamsyn
  • A Song For A New Day
    Pinsker, Sarah
  • The Ten Thousand Doors Of January
    Harrow, Alix E.
  • The Nightjar
    Hewitt, Deborah
  • To Be Taught, If Fortunate
    Chambers, Becky
  • Blood Of An Exile
    Naslund, Brian
  • The Cruel Stars
    Birmingham, John
  • The Last Tsar's Dragons
    Yolen, Jane
  • One Word Kill
    Lawrence, Mark
  • Turning Darkness Into Light
    Brennan, Marie
  • The Unlikely Escape Of Uriah Heep
    Parry, H. G.
  • The Harp Of Kings
    Marillier, Juliet
  • The Unkindest Tide
    McGuire, Seanan
  • Sapphire Flames: A Hidden Legacy Novel
    Andrews, Ilona