New adult science fiction

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Science Fiction

  • Accepting The Lance
    Lee, Sharon
  • Blood Of Empire
    McClellan, Brian
  • Flamebringer
    White, Elle Katharine
  • Queen Of The Conquered
    Callender, Kacen
  • Realm Of Ash
    Suri, Tasha
  • Aurora Blazing: A Novel
    Mihalik, Jessie
  • A Choir Of Lies
    Rowland, Alexandra
  • Dooku: Jedi Lost
    Scott, Cavan
  • Fate Of The Fallen
    Kade, Kel
  • Fortuna
    Merbeth, K. S.
  • Half Way Home
    Howey, Hugh
  • Interference
    Burke, Sue
  • The Library Of The Unwritten
    Hackwith, A. J.
  • Made Things
    Tchaikovsky, Adrian
  • Sisters Of The Vast Black
    Rather, Lina
  • The True Bastards
    French, Jonathan Jonathan P.
  • The Andromeda Evolution
    Wilson, Daniel H. Daniel Howard