New adult romance

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  • Ellie Is Cool Now
    Fulton, Victoria
  • Lucky In Lace
    Brayden, Melissa
  • The Portrait Of A Duchess
    Peckham, Scarlett
  • The Protector
    Stoker, Susan
  • Love And Other Flight Delays
    Williams, Denise
  • The Love Wager
    Painter, Lynn
  • Twelve Months And A Day
    Young, Louisa
  • The Worst Woman In London
    Bennet, Julia
  • Mr. & Mrs. Witch: A Novel
    Bond, Gwenda
  • Anatomy Of A Meet Cute
    Woolridge, Addie
  • Something Wild & Wonderful
    Kelly, Anita Romance
  • Half A Soul
    Atwater, Olivia
  • Ten Thousand Stitches
    Atwater, Olivia
  • A Witch's Guide To Fake Dating A Demon
    Hawley, Sarah
  • Too Wrong To Be Right: A Novel
    Johnson, Melonie
  • Barbarian's Prize
    Dixon, Ruby
  • Bitter Medicine
    Tsai, Mia
  • Cold-Blooded Liar
    Rose, Karen
  • Dog Days Forever: A Novel
    Richard, Shannon
  • Never Never
    Hoover, Colleen
  • The Secret Lives Of Country Gentlemen
    Charles, KJ
  • Lie To Her
    Leigh, Melinda
  • Longshadow
    Atwater, Olivia
  • Reel: A Hollywood Renaissance Novel
    Ryan, Kennedy
  • Her Lessons In Persuasion
    Frampton, Megan
  • Best Served Hot
    Elliot, Amanda
  • In Her Highlander's Bed
    Sands, Lynsay
  • Proper Scoundrels
    Therin, Allie
  • Take The Lead
    Daria, Alexis
  • The Dangerous One
    Foster, Lori
  • Falling In Love On Sweetwater Lane
    Calhoune, Belle
  • Save The Best For Last
    Probst, Jennifer
  • Finding Ashlyn
    Stoker, Susan
  • Steel
    Hackett, Anna