New adult romance

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  • Rent To Be: A Novel
    Hartl, Sonia
  • A Nobleman's Guide To Seducing A Scoundrel
    Charles, KJ
  • Thank You For Sharing: A Novel
    Runya Katz, Rachel
  • You, Again: A Novel
    Goldbeck, Kate
  • Cleat Cute: A Novel
    Wilsner, Meryl
  • Every Duke Has His Day
    Enoch, Suzanne
  • Crooked Rock Braves
    Sanderson, Pamela
  • Heartbeat Braves
    Sanderson, Pamela
  • Lovesick Braves
    Sanderson, Pamela
  • Fall Of Ruin And Wrath
    Armentrout, Jennifer L.
  • Full Moon Over Freedom
    Lopez, Angelina M.
  • My Rogue To Ruin
    Ridley, Erica
  • This Spells Disaster
    Martin, Tori Anne
  • The Long Game: A Novel
    Armas, Elena
  • Darius
    Ward, J. R.
  • Things We Left Behind
    Score, Lucy
  • In The Likely Event: A Novel
    Yarros, Rebecca
  • Reunited On Sugar Maple Road: A Highland Falls Novel
    Mason, Debbie Novelist
  • The First Date Prophecy
    Tamberelli, Kate
  • You Or Someone Like You
    Renshaw, Winter
  • The Duke's Best Friend
    Ashford, Jane
  • A Shot In The Dark: A Novel
    Lee, Victoria
  • Witch Of Wild Things
    Vasquez Gilliland, Raquel
  • State Of Denial
    Force, Marie
  • An Earl To Remember
    Reid, Stacy
  • Kissing Kosher
    Meltzer, Jean
  • The Love Plot
    Young, Samantha
  • My Roommate Is A Vampire
    Levine, Jenna
  • The Love Script
    Shiloh, Toni
  • Codename Charming
    Parker, Lucy Novelist
  • Curves For Days
    Moher, Laura
  • In Charm's Way
    Harper, Lana
  • The Secret To A Southern Wedding
    Williams, Synithia
  • Shadow Dance
    Feehan, Christine
  • Silver Lady
    Putney, Mary Jo