New adult romance

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  • Flirting With Fifty
    Porter, Jane
  • A Matter Of Temptation
    Reid, Stacy
  • The Perfect Crimes Of Marian Hayes: A Novel
    Sebastian, Cat
  • Island Time
    Clark, Georgia
  • Searching For Elsie
    Stoker, Susan
  • American Royalty: A Novel
    Livesay, Tracey
  • The Sizzle Paradox
    Menon, Lily
  • Up All Night With A Good Duke
    Bennett, Amy Rose
  • The Girls In Queens: A Novel
    Kandic Torres, Christine
  • The Friendship Pact: A Novel
    Shalvis, Jill
  • Red On The River
    Feehan, Christine
  • Fake It Till You Bake It
    Wesley, Jamie
  • For The Love Of The Bard
    Martin, Jessica
  • Four Weeks Of Scandal: A Hazards Of Dukes Novel
    Frampton, Megan
  • Sweeter Than Honey
    Avery, Joy
  • You Were Made To Be Mine: The Palace Of Rogues
    Long, Julie Anne Romance
  • Phoenix
    Michaels, Kris
  • How To Steal A Scoundrel's Heart
    Lorret, Vivienne
  • Birds Of California: A Novel
    Cotugno, Katie
  • Good Morning, Love
    Coleman, Ashley M.
  • Here For The Drama
    Bromley, Kate
  • Maggie Moves On
    Score, Lucy
  • Cornered
    Cross, Kaylea
  • Kevin
    Edwards, Riley
  • The Other Half Of The Grave
    Frost, Jeaniene
  • Twisted Games
    Huang, Ana
  • Cold Silence
    Anderson, Toni
  • Dead Against Her
    Leigh, Melinda
  • Cinder-Nanny: A Novel
    Wilson, Sariah
  • Country Born
    Miller, Linda Lael
  • The Last Mile
    Martin, Kat
  • The Lifestyle
    Hahn, Taylor
  • A Proposal They Can't Refuse
    Caña, Natalie
  • West Side Love Story
    Oliveras, Priscilla
  • As Seen On Tv
    Schorr, Meredith
  • The Cheat Sheet: A Novel
    Adams, Sarah
  • Meant To Be Mine
    Orenstein, Hannah