New adult romance

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  • The Christmas Café: A Novel
    Evans, Eliza
  • Lady Scandal
    Guhrke, Laura Lee
  • The Mistress Experience
    Peckham, Scarlett
  • The Dixon Rule
    Kennedy, Elle
  • Left Behind
    Sala, Sharon
  • The C*Ck Down The Block
    Award, Amy
  • The Wiener Across The Way
    Award, Amy
  • The P*Ssy Next Door
    Award, Amy
  • 15 Summers Later
    Thayne, RaeAnne
  • The Game Changer
    Ferguson, Lana
  • Finding Mr. Write
    Armstrong, Kelley,
  • Pardon My Frenchie
    Rochon, Farrah
  • Date With A Demon: A Paranormal Monster Romance
    Mayhem, Maggie
  • Rock And A Hard Place: A Paranormal Monster Romance
    Mayhem, Maggie
  • Rock Hard Gargoyle: A Paranormal Monster Romance
    Mayhem, Maggie
  • Falling For Alaska
    Calhoune, Belle
  • Hearts On Thin Ice: A Novel
    Kennedy, Katie
  • The Love Shack
    Foster, Lori
  • Love Unwritten
    Asher, Lauren
  • What's In A Kiss?
    Kate, Lauren
  • One Last Summer
    Spencer, Kate
  • Under Your Spell: A Novel
    Wood, Laura Laura Clare
  • Change Of Heart
    Canterbary, Kate
  • I See London
    Cleeton, Chanel
  • Tangled Up In You
    Lauren, Christina
  • A Shore Thing
    Lowell, Joanna
  • The Naga Next Door: A Paranormal Monster Romance
    Mayhem, Maggie
  • The Summer Escape: A Novel
    Shalvis, Jill
  • The Art Of Catching Feelings
    Thompson, Alicia
  • One-Star Romance
    Hankin, Laura
  • The Finders Keepers Library
    Rains, Annie
  • Experienced: A Novel
    Young, Kate Food writer
  • Looking For A Sign: A Novel
    Dumond, Susie
  • My Darling Bride
    Madden-Mills, Ilsa
  • Wake Me Most Wickedly: A Once Upon The East End …
    Grossman, Felicia
  • Fake It Till You Make It
    London, Siera
  • An Island Summer
    Hale, Jenny
  • All's Fair In Love And War: A Novel
    Heath, Virginia
  • Birding With Benefits
    Dubb, Sarah T.
  • Curvy Girl Summer
    Allen, Danielle
  • Isabel And The Rogue: A Luna Sisters Novel
    De la Rosa, Liana
  • Just Some Stupid Love Story
    Doyle, Katelyn
  • The Letters We Keep
    Sharma, Nisha
  • Malibu Summer
    Gill, Libby
  • Triple Sec: A Novel
    Alexander, T. J.
  • A Bluestocking's Guide To Decadence
    Everlee, Jess
  • Director's Cut
    Greenwald, Carlyn
  • The Irish Goodbye: A Novel
    Ewing, Amy
  • A Love Like The Sun
    Neilson, Riss M.
  • Out On A Limb: A Novel
    Bonam-Young, Hannah