New adult nonfiction

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  • The 80/80 Marriage: A New Model For A Happier, Stronger …
    Klemp, Nathaniel J.
  • The Pocket: A Hidden History Of Women's Lives, 1660-1900
    Burman, Barbara
  • Architect Of Death At Auschwitz: A Biography Of Rudolf Höss
    Primomo, John W.
  • Why We Cook: Women On Food, Identity, And Connection
    Gardner, Lindsay
  • The Authoritarian Moment: How The Left Weaponized America's Institutions Against …
    Shapiro, Ben
  • Mitka's Secret: A True Story Of Child Slavery And Surviving …
    Brallier, Steven W.
  • Albert And The Whale: Albrecht Dürer And How Art Imagines …
    Hoare, Philip
  • Inside Comedy: The Soul, Wit, And Bite Of Comedy And …
    Steinberg, David, 1942 August 9-
  • The Boy Who Drew Auschwitz: A Powerful True Story Of …
    Geve, Thomas
  • The Child In The Electric Chair: The Execution Of George …
    Faber, Eli
  • Fat Activism: A Radical Social Movement
    Cooper, Charlotte
  • Dying With Ease: A Compassionate Guide For Making Wiser End-Of-Life …
    Spiess, Jeff
  • The Book Of Difficult Fruit: Arguments For The Tart, Tender, …
    Lebo, Kate
  • Disability Visibility: First-Person Stories From The Twenty-First Century
  • Miseducated: A Memoir
    Fleming, Brandon P.
  • Sinatra And Me: In The Wee Small Hours
    Oppedisano, Tony
  • Winning The Losers Game: Timeless Strategies For Successful Investing
    Ellis, Charles D.
  • Better To Have Gone: Love, Death, And The Quest For …
    Kapur, Akash
  • Blue: In Search Of Nature's Rarest Color
    Kupferschmidt, Kai
  • How To Love The World: Poems Of Gratitude And Hope
  • Katie Chin's Global Family Cookbook: Internationally-Inspired Recipes Your Friends And …
    Chin, Katie
  • Tall Men, Short Shorts: The 1969 Nba Finals: Wilt, Russ, …
    Montville, Leigh
  • The Brilliant Abyss: Exploring The Majestic Hidden Life Of The …
    Scales, Helen
  • Develop: 7 Practical Tools To Take Charge Of Your Career
    Fleming, Ted
  • Games For Your Mind: The History And Future Of Logic …
    Rosenhouse, Jason
  • Head Of The Mossad: In Pursuit Of A Safe And …
    Shavit, Shabtai
  • The Icepick Surgeon: Murder, Fraud, Sabotage, Piracy, And Other Dastardly …
    Kean, Sam
  • The Promise Of Bitcoin: The Future Of Money And How …
    Lee, Bobby C.
  • Quiet Is A Superpower: The Secret Strengths Of Introverts In …
    Chang, Jill
  • (Re)Born In The Usa: An Englishman's Love Letter To His …
    Bennett, Roger
  • Trejo: My Life Of Crime, Redemption, And Hollywood
    Trejo, Danny
  • Unknown Market Wizards: The Best Traders You've Never Heard Of
    Schwager, Jack D.
  • Working From Home: Making The New Normal Work For You
    Mangia, Karen
  • How I Saved The World
    Watters, Jesse
  • American Marxism
    Levin, Mark R. Mark Reed
  • Grand Dishes: Recipes And Stories From Grandmothers Of The World
    Miari, Anastasia
  • Dangerous Ideas: A Brief History Of Censorship In The West, …
    Berkowitz, Eric
  • Don't Let It Get You Down: Essays On Race, Gender, …
    Trepczynski, Savala N.
  • The Elevated Communicator: How To Master Your Style And Strengthen …
    O'Brien, Maryanne
  • Gallimaufry: A Collection Of Essays, Reviews, Bits
    Epstein, Joseph
  • Game On: Why College Admission Is Rigged And How To …
    Paterno, Susan F.
  • Landslide: The Final Days Of The Trump White House
    Wolff, Michael
  • Let The Record Show: A Political History Of Act Up …
    Schulman, Sarah
  • Never Pay The First Bill: And Other Ways To Fight …
    Allen, Marshall Journalist
  • Permanent Damage: Memoirs Of An Outrageous Girl
    Fontenot, Mercy
  • Standoff: Standing Rock, The Bundy Movement, And The American Story …
    Keeler, Jacqueline
  • To Repair A Broken World: The Life Of Henrietta Szold, …
    Hakohen, Devorah
  • Unraveled: The Life And Death Of A Garment
    Bédat, Maxine
  • Where You Are Is Not Who You Are: A Memoir
    Burns, Ursula
  • The Case Of The Murderous Dr. Cream: The Hunt For …
    Jobb, Dean