New adult nonfiction

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  • Dewey Defeats Truman: The 1948 Election And The Battle For …
    Baime, A. J. Albert J.
  • Desk 88: Eight Progressive Senators Who Changed America
    Brown, Sherrod
  • I Am These Truths: A Memoir Of Identity, Justice, And …
    Hostin, Sunny
  • Murder Thy Neighbor: True-Crime Thrillers
    Patterson, James
  • Born To Shine: Practical Tools To Help You Shine, Even …
    LeMieux, Ashley
  • 50 Ways To Cook A Carrot
    Hertzmann, Peter
  • Skimmed: Breastfeeding, Race, And Injustice
    Freeman, Andrea, Associate Professor of Law
  • Don't Lie To Me: And Stop Trying To Steal Our …
    Pirro, Jeanine
  • Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump And His Followers
    Dean, John W. John Wesley
  • Break It Up: Secession, Division, And The Secret History Of …
    Kreitner, Richard
  • A Dominant Character: The Radical Science And Restless Politics Of …
    Subramanian, Samanth
  • Donald Trump V. The United States: Inside The Struggle To …
    Schmidt, Michael S. Journalist
  • The Erratics
    Laveau-Harvie, Vicki
  • Fallout: The Hiroshima Cover-Up And The Reporter Who Revealed It …
    Blume, Lesley M. M.
  • The Gift: 12 Lessons To Save Your Life
    Eger, Edith Eva
  • Hearing Happiness: Deafness Cures In History
    Virdi, Jaipreet
  • Hitler: Downfall, 1939-1945
    Ullrich, Volker
  • How We Live Now: Scenes From The Pandemic
    Hayes, Bill
  • If Then: How The Simulmatics Corporation Invented The Future
    Lepore, Jill
  • Jfk: Coming Of Age In The American Century, 1917-1956
    Logevall, Fredrik
  • Just Us: An American Conversation
    Rankine, Claudia
  • A Knock At Midnight: A Story Of Hope, Justice, And …
    Barnett, Brittany K.
  • The Last Million: Europe's Displaced Persons From World War To …
    Nasaw, David
  • One Last Lunch: A Final Meal With Those Who Meant …
  • Desert Notebooks: A Road Map For The End Of Time
    Ehrenreich, Ben
  • Bravo Express!: Vegan, Sos-Free: No Sugar, Oil, Or Salt
    Bravo, Ramses
  • The Midwest Native Plant Primer: 225 Plants For An Earth-Friendly …
    Branhagen, Alan
  • Body Talk: 37 Voices Explore Our Radical Anatomy
  • Skinnytaste Meal Prep: Healthy Make-Ahead Meals And Freezer Recipes To …
    Homolka, Gina
  • Black Fatigue: How Racism Erodes The Mind, Body, And Spirit
    Winters, Mary-Frances
  • Rage
    Woodward, Bob
  • Once I Was You: A Memoir Of Love And Hate …
    Hinojosa, Maria
  • How To Argue With A Racist: What Our Genes Do …
    Rutherford, Adam
  • The Good Assassin: How A Mossad Agent And A Band …
    Talty, Stephan
  • Everything Beautiful In Its Time: Seasons Of Love And Loss
    Hager, Jenna Bush
  • Speaking For Myself: Faith, Freedom, And The Fight Of Our …
    Sanders, Sarah Huckabee
  • Questions I Am Asked About The Holocaust
    Fried, Hedi
  • Super Sourdough
    Morton, James Baker
  • The Autopilot Garden: A Guide To Hands-Off Gardening
    Marion, Luke
  • Eat A Peach: A Memoir
    Chang, David
  • The Menopause Diet Plan: A Natural Guide To Managing Hormones, …
    Wright, Hillary
  • Attracting Birds, Butterflies, And Other Backyard Wildlife
    Mizejewski, David
  • Rose's Ice Cream Bliss
    Beranbaum, Rose Levy
  • Sid Meier's Memoir!: A Life In Computer Games
    Meier, Sid
  • Watercolor Is For Everyone: Simple Lessons To Make Your Creative …
    Ewing, Kateri
  • The Writer's Library: The Authors You Love On The Books …
  • A Case For The American People: The United States V. …
    Eisen, Norman L.
  • Decisions And Dissents Of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Selection
    Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
  • The Gifts Of Imperfection
    Brown, Brené
  • Killing Crazy Horse: The Merciless Indian Wars In America
    O'Reilly, Bill