New adult nonfiction

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  • Morbid curiosities : collections of the uncommon and the bizarre
    Morbid Curiosities : Collections Of The Uncommon And The Bizarre
  • How to be perfect : an illustrated guide
    How To Be Perfect : An Illustrated Guide
  • Aliens : the world's leading scientists on the search for extraterrestrial life
    Aliens : The World's Leading Scientists On The Search For ...
  • The great Chicago beer riot : how lager struck a blow for liberty
    The Great Chicago Beer Riot : How Lager Struck A ...
  • My beer year : adventures with hop farmers, craft brewers, chefs, beer sommeliers, & fanatical drinkers as a beer master in training
    My Beer Year : Adventures With Hop Farmers, Craft Brewers, ...
  • Jane Austen, the secret radical
    Jane Austen, The Secret Radical
  • Me, myself & God : a theology of mindfulness
    Me, Myself & God : A Theology Of Mindfulness
  • Racketeer for life : fighting the culture of death from the sidewalk to the Supreme Court
    Racketeer For Life : Fighting The Culture Of Death From ...
  • The Chicago Haymarket affair : a guide to a labor rights milestone
    The Chicago Haymarket Affair : A Guide To A Labor ...
  • Bresson on Bresson : interviews, 1943-1983
    Bresson On Bresson : Interviews, 1943-1983
  • The day the revolution began : reconsidering the meaning of Jesus's crucifixion
    The Day The Revolution Began : Reconsidering The Meaning Of ...
  • My (part-time) Paris life : how running away brought me home
    My (Part-Time) Paris Life : How Running Away Brought Me ...
  • The Oxford illustrated history of modern China
    The Oxford Illustrated History Of Modern China
  • The president is dead! : the extraordinary stories of the presidential deaths, final days, burials, and beyond
    The President Is Dead! : The Extraordinary Stories Of The ...
  • The Zaitsev system : fresh ideas and new weapons for black in the Ruy Lopez
    The Zaitsev System : Fresh Ideas And New Weapons For ...
  • Ending the parent-teen control battle : resolve the power struggle & build trust, responsibility & respect
    Ending The Parent-Teen Control Battle : Resolve The Power Struggle ...
  • Escaping Hitler : a Jewish boy's quest for freedom and his future
    Escaping Hitler : A Jewish Boy's Quest For Freedom And ...
  • Note to self : a seven-step path to gratitude and growth
    Note To Self : A Seven-Step Path To Gratitude And ...


  • The political life of Abraham Lincoln
    The Political Life Of Abraham Lincoln
  • Mr. Selfridge in Chicago : Marshall Field's, the Windy City & the making of a merchant prince
    Mr. Selfridge In Chicago : Marshall Field's, The Windy City ...
  • You gotta want it
    You Gotta Want It
  • Casanova : the world of a seductive genius
    Casanova : The World Of A Seductive Genius
  • Muslim girl : a coming of age
    Muslim Girl : A Coming Of Age
  • We were the future : a memoir of the kibbutz
    We Were The Future : A Memoir Of The Kibbutz