New adult nonfiction

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  • 52 ways to live the Course in Miracles : cultivate a simpler, slower, more love-filled life
    52 Ways To Live The Course In Miracles : Cultivate ...
  • Unlikely friendships. Dogs : 37 stories of canine compassion and courage
    Unlikely Friendships. Dogs : 37 Stories Of Canine Compassion And ...
  • Truth facts : the truthiest truths and factiest facts of everyday life
    Truth Facts : The Truthiest Truths And Factiest Facts Of ...
  • Associates of Sherlock Holmes
    Associates Of Sherlock Holmes
  • The fall of Hitler's fortress city : the battle for Konigsberg, 1945
    The Fall Of Hitler's Fortress City : The Battle For ...
  • The Hollywood MBA : a crash course in management from a life in the film business
    The Hollywood Mba : A Crash Course In Management From ...
  • Playing for their lives : the global El Sistema movement for social change through music
    Playing For Their Lives : The Global El Sistema Movement ...
  • Self.Styled : dare to be different
    Self.Styled : Dare To Be Different
  • Sneaky blends : supercharge your health with 100 recipes using the power of purees
    Sneaky Blends : Supercharge Your Health With 100 Recipes Using ...
  • The automatic millionaire : a powerful one-step plan to live and finish rich
    The Automatic Millionaire : A Powerful One-Step Plan To Live ...
  • Fever swamp : a journey through the strange Neverland of the 2016 presidential race
    Fever Swamp : A Journey Through The Strange Neverland Of ...
  • Love from heaven : practicing compassion for yourself and others
    Love From Heaven : Practicing Compassion For Yourself And Others
  • Reimagined : 45 years of Jewish art
    Reimagined : 45 Years Of Jewish Art
  • Remembered light : Cy Twombly in Lexington
    Remembered Light : Cy Twombly In Lexington
  • Sunnylands : America's midcentury masterpiece
    Sunnylands : America's Midcentury Masterpiece
  • Veranda retreats
    Veranda Retreats
  • Breast cancer smoothies : 100 delicious, research-based recipes for prevention and recovery
    Breast Cancer Smoothies : 100 Delicious, Research-Based Recipes For Prevention ...
  • Seeing as your shoes are soon to be on fire : essays
    Seeing As Your Shoes Are Soon To Be On Fire ...


  • Ted Strong Jr. : the untold story of an original Harlem Globetrotter and Negro Leagues All-Star
    Ted Strong Jr. : The Untold Story Of An Original ...
  • Dorothy Day : the world will be saved by beauty : an intimate portrait of my grandmother
    Dorothy Day : The World Will Be Saved By Beauty ...