New adult nonfiction

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  • Hot Girl Crochet: 15 Easy Crochet Projects From Bags To …
    Svane, Rose
  • The Ancient Art Of Thinking For Yourself: The Power Of …
    Reames, Robin
  • Ascent To Power: How Truman Emerged From Roosevelt's Shadow And …
    Roll, David L.
  • The Longevity Imperative: How To Build A Healthier And More …
    Scott, Andrew J.
  • Our Fight
    Rousey, Ronda
  • Final Verdict: The Holocaust On Trial In The 21st Century
    Buck, Tobias
  • Mind Your Manners: How To Be Your Best Self In …
    Ho, Sara Jane
  • Nothing To Fear: Demystifying Death To Live More Fully
    McFadden, Julie
  • Rituals For Life: Find Meaning In Your Everyday Moments
    Lester, Meera
  • Jang: The Soul Of Korean Cooking
    Kang, Mingoo
  • Carbivore: 130 Healthy Recipes To Stop Fearing Carbs And Embrace …
    Lapine, Phoebe
  • Cursed Crochet: Create Unhinged Versions Of Your Favorite Cartoons, Characters, …
  • Regenerative Health: Discover Your Metabolic Type And Renew Your Liver …
    Kirkpatrick, Kristin
  • Financially Lit!: The Modern Latina's Guide To Level Up Your …
    Torres, Jannese
  • But Everyone Feels This Way: How An Autism Diagnosis Saved …
    Layle, Paige
  • I'Ll Just Be Five More Minutes: And Other Tales From …
    Farris, Emily
  • The Secret Mind Of Bertha Pappenheim: The Woman Who Invented …
    Brownstein, Gabriel
  • Four Shots In The Night: A True Story Of Spies, …
    Hemming, Henry
  • Up In Arms: How Military Aid Stabilizes--And Destabilizes--Foreign Autocrats
    Casey, Adam E.
  • Fifty-Three Days On Starvation Island: The World War Ii Battle …
    Bruning, John R.
  • Look Away: A True Story Of Murders, Bombings, And A …
    Kushner, Jacob
  • Vietnamese Vegetarian: Simple Vegetarian Recipes From A Vietnamese Home Kitchen
    Luu, Uyen
  • How To Fall In Love With Yoga: Move Breathe Connect.
    Shashi, Sarvesh
  • Milk Street 365: The All-Purpose Cookbook For Every Day Of …
    Kimball, Christopher
  • The Power Foods Diet: The Breakthrough Plan That Traps, Tames, …
    Barnard, Neal D.
  • The Vegetable Eater: The New Playbook For Cooking Vegetarian
    Mangini, Cara
  • The Everything War: Amazon's Ruthless Quest To Own The World …
    Mattioli, Dana
  • The Mango Tree: A Memoir Of Fruit, Florida, And Felony
    Tometich, Annabelle
  • Speak The Blessing: Send Your Words In The Direction You …
    Osteen, Joel
  • The Fixer: Moguls, Mobsters, Movie Stars, And Marilyn
    Young, Josh Joshua D.
  • The Book Of Pintxos: Discover The Legendary Small Bites Of …
    Buckley, Marti
  • The Six Pack: On The Open Road In Search Of …
    Balukjian, Brad
  • Bits And Pieces: My Mother, My Brother, And Me
    Goldberg, Whoopi
  • Down With The System: A Memoir (Of Sorts)
    Tankian, Serj
  • Finish What We Started: The Maga Movement's Ground War To …
    Arnsdorf, Isaac
  • Life's Too Short: A Memoir
    Rucker, Darius
  • Relentless: My Story Of The Latino Spirit That Is Transforming …
    Miranda, Luis A.
  • The Call To Serve: The Life Of An American President, …
    Meacham, Jon
  • And Then? And Then? What Else?
    Handler, Daniel
  • Being Muslim Today: Reclaiming The Faith From Orthodoxy And Islamophobia
    Qureshi, Saqib Iqbal
  • Big Ideas, Little Pictures: Explaining The World One Sketch At …
    Hey, Jono
  • The Book Of Japanese Folklore: An Encyclopedia Of The Spirits, …
    Matsuura, Thersa
  • Brother. Do. You. Love. Me.
    Coe, Manni
  • Cheaper, Faster, Better: How We'll Win The Climate War
    Steyer, Tom
  • The Dead Don't Need Reminding: In Search Of Fugitives, Mississippi, …
    Randall, Julian
  • The End Of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation
    Hanson, Victor Davis
  • My Mama, Cass: A Memoir
    Elliot-Kugell, Owen
  • Swimming Against The Current: Fighting For Common Sense In A …
    Gaines, Riley
  • American Bloods: The Untamed Dynasty That Shaped A Nation
    Kaag, John
  • Amphibious Soul: Finding The Wild In A Tame World
    Foster, Craig Filmmaker