New adult mystery

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  • Donut Disturb
    Alexander, Ellie
  • Death On Gokumon Island
    Yokomizo, Seishi
  • Cold Cold Bones
    Reichs, Kathy
  • The Hidden One
    Castillo, Linda
  • Holy Chow
    Rosenfelt, David
  • Confidence
    Mina, Denise
  • Death By Bubble Tea
    Chow, Jennifer J.
  • Hatchet Island
    Doiron, Paul
  • The Lost: A Mace Reid K-9 Mystery
    Burton, Jeffrey B.
  • Miss Aldridge Regrets
    Hare, Louise
  • Outside
    Ragnar Jónasson
  • The Locked Room: A Ruth Galloway Mystery
    Griffiths, Elly
  • Rock Of Ages: A Junior Bender Mystery
    Hallinan, Timothy
  • The Drowning Sea
    Taylor, Sarah Stewart
  • Even The Darkest Night
    Cercas, Javier
  • The Good Turn
    McTiernan, Dervla
  • The Hanging Tree
    Doherty, P. C.
  • Harlem Sunset
    Afia, Nekesa
  • The Key To Deceit: An Electra Mcdonnell Novel
    Weaver, Ashley
  • Masters Of Lies
    Purser-Hallard, Philip,
  • The Unquiet Dead
    Murphy, Stacie
  • The Murder Rule: A Novel
    McTiernan, Dervla
  • The War Widow: A Novel
    Moss, Tara
  • Movieland
    Goldberg, Lee
  • The Woman In The Library: A Novel
    Gentill, Sulari
  • Vera Kelly Lost And Found
    Knecht, Rosalie
  • Bayou Book Thief
    Byron, Ellen
  • Headed For A Hearse
    Latimer, Jonathan
  • The Cape Cod Mystery
    Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
  • The Chuckling Fingers
    Seeley, Mabel
  • Clause Of Death
    Barrett, Lorna
  • The Darling Dahlias And The Red Hot Poker
    Albert, Susan Wittig
  • Death By Beach Read
    Gates, Eva
  • A Fatal Booking
    Gilbert, Victoria
  • The Ghosts Of Paris: A Novel
    Moss, Tara
  • Last Call At The Nightingale
    Schellman, Katharine
  • The Shadow Of Memory: A Kate Hamilton Mystery
    Berry, Connie Novelist