New adult mystery

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  • A Comedy Of Terrors: A Flavia Albia Novel
    Davis, Lindsey
  • False Witness
    Slaughter, Karin
  • A Few Drops Of Bitters
    McKevett, G. A.
  • Murder, She Edited
    Dunnett, Kaitlyn
  • Silence In The Library
    Schellman, Katharine
  • Bad Moon Rising
    Galligan, John
  • Body Over Troubled Waters
    Swanson, Denise
  • Death Of An Irish Mummy
    Murphy, C. E. Catie E.
  • Fatal Family Ties
    Perkins, S. C. Stephanie C.
  • A Fatal Footnote
    Loudon, Margaret
  • Murder In The Margins
    Loudon, Margaret
  • Pint Of No Return: A Shake Shop Mystery
    Mentink, Dana
  • Mocha, She Wrote
    Alexander, Ellie
  • A Deadly Deletion
    Barrett, Lorna
  • Draw And Order
    Hollon, Cheryl
  • The Man With The Silver Saab
    McCall Smith, Alexander
  • The French Paradox
    Crosby, Ellen
  • Death At The Crystal Palace
    Ashley, Jennifer
  • Dogged By Death
    Scott, Laura
  • The Fiancée: A Novel
    White, Kate
  • Ghost Blows A Kiss
    Hart, Carolyn G.
  • A Glimmer Of A Clue
    Gerber, Daryl Wood
  • The Grandmother Plot
    Cooney, Caroline B.
  • A Hex For Danger: An Enchanted Bay Mystery
    Addison, Esme
  • The Listening House
    Seeley, Mabel
  • Mr Campion's Coven
    Ripley, Mike
  • Murder At Keyhaven Castle
    McKenna, Clara
  • Murder At The Lakeside Library
    Danvers, Holly
  • Murder-In-Law
    Heley, Veronica
  • Ruby Red Herring: An Avery Ayers Antique Mystery
    Gardner, Tracy
  • Tender Is The Bite: Chet & Bernie Mystery
    Quinn, Spencer
  • The Missing Hand
    Van Dusen, Susan
  • Bones Of Hilo
    Redman, Eric
  • The Bucket List
    Mohlin, Peter
  • Dog Eat Dog
    Rosenfelt, David
  • Fallen
    Castillo, Linda
  • The Heathens
    Atkins, Ace
  • An Irish Hostage
    Todd, Charles
  • Silver Tears
    Läckberg, Camilla
  • The Bone Code
    Reichs, Kathy