New adult mystery

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  • Bearly Departed
    Macy, Meg
  • Cold Hearted River
    McCafferty, Keith
  • The Coroner's Daughter
    Hughes, Andrew
  • Dark Saturday : A Novel
    French, Nicci
  • The Lake
    Hammer, Lotte
  • Lions And Tigers And Murder, Oh My : A Deveraux's ...
    Swanson, Denise
  • No Turning Back : A Novel
    Buchanan, Tracy.
  • Persons Unknown : A Novel
    Steiner, Susie
  • Trophy : A Novel
    Jacobsen, Steffen
  • The Late Show
    Connelly, Michael
  • Afterlife
    Sakey, Marcus
  • Collared
    Rosenfelt, David
  • A Distant View Of Everything
    McCall Smith, Alexander
  • The Fallen
    Atkins, Ace
  • The Long Drop : A Novel
    Mina, Denise
  • Shadows Of The Dead
    Eldridge, Jim
  • Beyond Absolution
    Harrison, Cora
  • Need You Dead
    James, Peter
  • Ghost Month
    Lin, Ed
  • Down A Dark Road
    Castillo, Linda
  • Two Nights : A Novel
    Reichs, Kathy
  • Death On Delos
    Corby, Gary
  • Ten Dead Comedians
    Van Lente, Fred
  • The Lies We Tell
    Schwegel, Theresa
  • City Of Masks
    Sykes, S. D.
  • A Game Of Ghosts
    Connolly, John
  • The Incredible Crime
    Austen-Leigh, Lois
  • The State Counsellor : A Fandorin Mystery
    Akunin, B. (Boris
  • Uncorking A Lie : A Sommelier Mystery
    Nettmann, Nadine
  • A Crime Of Passion Fruit
    Alexander, Ellie
  • Enforcing The Paw
    Kelly, Diane