New adult mystery

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  • In That Sleep Of Death: An Adam Lapid Mystery
    Dunsky, Jonathan
  • A Nest Of Vipers
    Nagendra, Harini
  • Nonna Maria And The Case Of The Lost Treasure: A …
    Carcaterra, Lorenzo
  • A Very Lively Murder
    Watson, Katy
  • The Instruments Of Darkness
    Connolly, John
  • Circle In The Water
    Muller, Marcia
  • Murder On Demand
    Roker, Al
  • Death Of A Master Chef
    Bannalec, Jean-Luc
  • Four-Alarm Homicide
    Kelly, Diane
  • An Unfinished Murder
    Deveraux, Jude
  • Every Time I Go On Vacation, Someone Dies: A Novel
    Mack, Catherine
  • Granite Harbor
    Nichols, Peter
  • At The Edge Of The Woods
    Houston, Victoria
  • Death And Glory
    Thomas, Will
  • The Mayfair Dagger: A Novel
    January, Ava
  • The Mystery Of The Cape Cod Players
    Taylor, Phoebe Atwood
  • Next Of Kin: A Novel
    Allen, Samantha Jayne
  • The Last Word
    Griffiths, Elly
  • Death By Chocolate Raspberry Scone
    Graves, Sarah
  • A Murder Most French
    Cambridge, Colleen
  • Patchwork Quilt Murder
    Meier, Leslie
  • Under The Paper Moon
    Steinberg, Shaina