New adult mystery

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  • The 12.30 from Croydon
    The 12.30 From Croydon
  • At what cost : a Detective Penley mystery
    At What Cost : A Detective Penley Mystery
  • The ghosts of Misty Hollow
    The Ghosts Of Misty Hollow
  • My kind of town
    My Kind Of Town
  • The murder book : a Henry Johnstone mystery
    The Murder Book : A Henry Johnstone Mystery
  • The big fear
    The Big Fear
  • Every night I dream of hell
    Every Night I Dream Of Hell
  • The satanic mechanic
    The Satanic Mechanic
  • The ashes of London
    The Ashes Of London
  • London calling : a Mirabelle Bevan mystery
    London Calling : A Mirabelle Bevan Mystery
  • Braking for bodies
    Braking For Bodies
  • The cakes of Monte Cristo
    The Cakes Of Monte Cristo
  • Mrs. Malory and death is a word : a Sheila Malory mystery
    Mrs. Malory And Death Is A Word : A Sheila ...