New adult mystery

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  • Murder Once Removed
    Perkins, S. C. Stephanie C.
  • Murder, My Love: A Mike Hammer Novel
    Spillane, Mickey
  • Redemption Point
    Fox, Candice
  • Lost Luggage
    Thomas, Wendall
  • Wolf Pack
    Box, C. J.
  • The Stranger Diaries
    Griffiths, Elly
  • Auntie Poldi And The Vineyards Of Etna
    Giordano, Mario
  • A Beautiful Corpse
    Daugherty, Christi
  • Cat Got Your Crown
    Chase, Julie Mystery writer
  • Crashing Heat
    Castle, Richard
  • A Dangerous Collaboration
    Raybourn, Deanna
  • Dead Of Winter
    Ryan, Annelise
  • Felicity Carrol And The Perilous Pursuit: A Mystery
    Marcantonio, Patricia Santos
  • Her Father's Secret
    Blædel, Sara
  • The Man With No Face
    May, Peter
  • Mrs. Jeffries Delivers The Goods
    Brightwell, Emily
  • Murder In Belgravia: A Mayfair 100 Mystery
    Brittney, Lynn
  • Something Read, Something Dead: A Lighthouse Library Mystery
    Gates, Eva
  • Trouble On The Books
    Lang, Essie
  • Run Away
    Coben, Harlan
  • The Seventh Guest
    Boca, Gaston
  • Drowned Under: A Cyd Redondo Mystery
    Thomas, Wendall
  • The Elephant Of Surprise
    Lansdale, Joe R.
  • Last Girl Gone
    Hetherton, J. G.
  • Murder A La Mocha
    Balzo, Sandra
  • Behold A Fair Woman
    Duncan, Francis
  • Broken Bone China
    Childs, Laura
  • A Friend Is A Gift You Give Yourself: A Novel
    Boyle, William
  • In At The Death
    Duncan, Francis
  • Smoke And Ashes: A Novel
    Mukherjee, Abir
  • Unto Us A Son Is Given
    Leon, Donna