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  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Treachery
    Freeman, Brian
  • It's Better This Way: A Novel
    Macomber, Debbie
  • False Witness
    Slaughter, Karin
  • Silver Tears
    Läckberg, Camilla
  • Not A Happy Family
    Lapeña, Shari
  • The Women's March: A Novel Of The 1913 Woman Suffrage …
    Chiaverini, Jennifer
  • Nine Lives: A Novel
    Steel, Danielle
  • The Guest List: A Novel
    Foley, Lucy Novelist
  • The Saboteurs: An Isaac Bell Adventure
    Cussler, Clive
  • The Last Night In London
    White, Karen Karen S.
  • Always The Last To Know
    Higgins, Kristan
  • Big Summer: A Novel
    Weiner, Jennifer
  • The Book Of Lost Names
    Harmel, Kristin
  • Coming Home For Christmas
    Thayne, RaeAnne
  • The Dirty South
    Connolly, John
  • The Family Journal
    Brown, Carolyn
  • Game Of Dog Bones
    Berenson, Laurien
  • Girls Of Summer: A Novel
    Thayer, Nancy
  • The Last Passenger
    Finch, Charles Charles B.
  • The Light After The War: A Novel
    Abriel, Anita
  • Marshmallow Malice
    Flower, Amanda
  • The Moonglow Sisters: A Novel
    Wilde, Lori
  • Murder On Pleasant Avenue
    Thompson, Victoria Victoria E.
  • Paris Is Always A Good Idea: A Novel
    McKinlay, Jenn
  • Party Of Two
    Guillory, Jasmine
  • The Secrets Of Love Story Bridge
    Patrick, Phaedra
  • A Silent Stabbing
    Maxwell, Alyssa
  • Summer At Lake Haven
    Thayne, RaeAnne
  • Total Power
    Mills, Kyle
  • The Vineyards Of Champagne
    Blackwell, Juliet
  • The Personal Librarian
    Benedict, Marie
  • Target Acquired
    Bentley, Don
  • The Shadow
    Patterson, James
  • The Beirut Protocol
    Rosenberg, Joel C.
  • A Cold Trail
    Dugoni, Robert
  • The Four Winds
    Hannah, Kristin
  • Honeysuckle Season
    Taylor, Mary Ellen
  • In The Lion's Den
    Bradford, Barbara Taylor
  • Lana's War
    Abriel, Anita
  • Magic Lessons
    Hoffman, Alice
  • Miss Benson's Beetle: A Novel
    Joyce, Rachel
  • Miss Janie's Girls
    Brown, Carolyn
  • Murder In The East End
    Ashley, Jennifer
  • Murder In The Storybook Cottage
    Adams, Ellery
  • No Holding Back
    Foster, Lori
  • The Power Couple
    Berenson, Alex
  • Yellow Wife
    Johnson, Sadeqa
  • The Eagle's Claw: A Novel Of The Battle Of Midway
    Shaara, Jeff
  • The Stranger In The Mirror: A Novel
    Constantine, Liv
  • The Cellist: A Novel
    Silva, Daniel