New adult fiction

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  • Wade In The Water: A Novel
    Nkrumah, Nyaneba
  • The Chinese Groove: A Novel
    Ma, Kathryn
  • Tomb Of Sand: A Novel
    Gītāñjali Śrī
  • Daughter In Exile: A Novel
    Adjapon, Bisi
  • Stolen: A Novel
    Laestadius, Ann-Helén
  • The 12th Commandment
    Torday, Daniel
  • Central Places: A Novel
    Cai, Delia
  • Call And Response: Stories
    Moeng, Gothataone
  • The Drift: A Novel
    Tudor, C. J.
  • Maame
    George, Jessica
  • River Sing Me Home
    Shearer, Eleanor
  • The Bullet Garden: An Earl Swagger Novel
    Hunter, Stephen
  • The Devil's Ransom
    Taylor, Brad
  • The House At The End Of The World
    Koontz, Dean R. Dean Ray
  • Don't Open The Door
    Brennan, Allison
  • When I First Held You
    Harris, Anstey
  • The World And All That It Holds
    Hemon, Aleksandar
  • They: A Sequence Of Unease
    Dick, Kay
  • How To Sell A Haunted House
    Hendrix, Grady
  • The Minuscule Mansion Of Myra Malone
    Burges, Audrey
  • All Hallows
    Golden, Christopher
  • The Faraway World: Stories
    Engel, Patricia
  • Mr. Breakfast: A Novel
    Carroll, Jonathan
  • Owner Of A Lonely Heart: A Novel
    Carter, Eva
  • This Other Eden: A Novel
    Harding, Paul
  • A Winter Grave
    May, Peter
  • After Sappho: A Novel
    Schwartz, Selby Wynn
  • Daughters Of Victory: A Novel
    Saab, Gabriella
  • Decent People: A Novel
    Winslow, De'Shawn Charles
  • The End Of Drum-Time: A Novel
    Pylväinen, Hanna
  • The Color Of Family: A Novel
    McGill, Jerry
  • The Easy Life
    Duras, Marguerite
  • The Cabinet Of Dr. Leng
    Preston, Douglas J.
  • The Mitford Affair: A Novel
    Benedict, Marie
  • Really Good, Actually: A Novel
    Heisey, Monica
  • Independence: A Novel
    Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
  • Locust Lane
    Amidon, Stephen
  • Murder Book
    Perry, Thomas
  • The Shards
    Ellis, Bret Easton
  • What Lies In The Woods
    Marshall, Kate Alice
  • Ghost Music: A Novel
    Yu, An
  • Please Report Your Bug Here: A Novel
    Riedel, Josh
  • The Sense Of Wonder: A Novel
    Salesses, Matthew
  • Tell Me I'M Worthless
    Rumfitt, Alison
  • Nsfw: A Novel
    Kaplan, Isabel
  • Better The Blood: A Hana Westerman Thriller
    Bennett, Michael
  • Bad Cree: A Novel
    Johns, Jessica
  • Liar, Dreamer, Thief
    Dong, Maria
  • Phaedra: A Novel
    Shepperson, Laura
  • All The Broken Places
    Boyne, John