New adult fiction

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  • A Minute To Midnight
    Baldacci, David
  • The Spear Of Atlantis
    McDermott, Andy
  • The Dog I Loved
    Wilson, Susan
  • The Innocents
    Crummey, Michael
  • An Irish Country Family
    Taylor, Patrick
  • The Book Of Lost Saints
    Older, Daniel José
  • The Poppy Wife: A Novel Of The Great War
    Scott, Caroline
  • We Met In December
    Curtis, Rosie
  • A Lush And Seething Hell: Two Tales Of Cosmic Horror
    Jacobs, John Hornor
  • The Worst Kind Of Want
    Jacobs, Liska
  • Secret Service
    Bradby, Tom
  • The Cheffe: A Cook's Novel
    NDiaye, Marie
  • Fishnet
    Innes, Kirstin
  • I Heart Hawaii
    Kelk, Lindsey
  • Waterlily
    Deloria, Ella Cara.
  • Where The Light Enters
    Donati, Sara
  • Final Option: A Novel Of The Oregon Files
    Cussler, Clive
  • 36 Righteous Men
    Pressfield, Steven
  • The Age Of Anxiety: A Novel
    Townshend, Pete
  • Isolde
    Odoevt︠s︡eva, Irina
  • On Swift Horses
    Pufahl, Shannon
  • The Starless Sea
    Morgenstern, Erin
  • The Family Upstairs
    Jewell, Lisa
  • Noel Street
    Evans, Richard Paul
  • The Accomplice: A Novel
    Kanon, Joseph
  • Girl, Woman, Other
    Evaristo, Bernardine
  • Blue Moon: A Jack Reacher Novel
    Child, Lee
  • The Revisioners: A Novel
    Sexton, Margaret Wilkerson
  • The Curious Heart Of Ailsa Rae
    Butland, Stephanie
  • The Lost Causes Of Bleak Creek: A Novel
    McLaughlin, Rhett
  • Nothing To See Here
    Wilson, Kevin
  • Find Me
    Aciman, André
  • Christmas In Vermont
    Hughes, Anita
  • Continental Divide: A Novel
    Myers, Alex
  • Sealed
    Booth, Naomi
  • That's What Frenemies Are For: A Novel
    Littlefield, Sophie
  • Machine: A Novel
    Steinberg, Susan
  • Celestial Bodies: A Novel
    Ḥārithī, Jūkhah
  • The House Of Brides: A Novel
    Cockram, Jane
  • And The Bride Closed The Door
    Matalon, Ronit
  • Divide Me By Zero
    Vapnyar, Lara
  • Little Voices: A Thriller
    Lillie, Vanessa
  • The Secret Wife Of Aaron Burr
    Scott, Susan Holloway
  • Suicide Woods: Stories
    Percy, Benjamin
  • The Christmas Spirits On Tradd Street
    White, Karen Karen S.
  • One For The Blackbird, One For The Crow: A Novel
    Hawker, Libbie
  • All This Could Be Yours
    Attenberg, Jami
  • If Only I Could Tell You
    Beckerman, Hannah
  • Trinity Sight: A Novel
    Givhan, Jennifer