New adult fiction

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  • The Golden Hour: A Novel
    Williams, Beatriz
  • The New Girl: A Novel
    Silva, Daniel
  • The Nickel Boys: A Novel
    Whitehead, Colson
  • Red Metal
    Greaney, Mark
  • The Second-Worst Restaurant In France
    McCall Smith, Alexander
  • Greatest Hits
    Barnett, Laura
  • The Lightest Object In The Universe
    Eisele, Kimi
  • The Rosie Result
    Simsion, Graeme C.
  • The Flight Girls
    Salazar, Noelle
  • The Sum Of All Shadows
    Lustbader, Eric
  • The Bookish Life Of Nina Hill
    Waxman, Abbi
  • Dragonfly: A Novel
    Meacham, Leila
  • The Last Book Party: A Novel
    Dukess, Karen
  • The Need: A Novel
    Phillips, Helen
  • Bakhita: A Novel Of The Saint Of Sudan
    Olmi, Véronique
  • Deep River: A Novel
    Marlantes, Karl
  • Fka Usa: A Novel
    King, Reed
  • The Gifted School
    Holsinger, Bruce W.
  • Girls Like Us
    Alger, Cristina
  • Temper
    Fargo, Layne
  • Surfside Sisters: A Novel
    Thayer, Nancy
  • Wanderers: A Novel
    Wendig, Chuck
  • Famous Adopted People: A Novel
    Stephens, Alice
  • Mothers: Stories
    Power, Chris
  • It's Hot In The Hamptons: A Novel
    Peterson, Holly
  • Vacuum In The Dark: A Novel
    Beagin, Jen
  • Among The Lost
    Monge, Emiliano
  • The Great Unexpected
    Mooney, Dan
  • I'Ll Never Tell
    McKenzie, Catherine
  • The Bookshop On The Shore
    Colgan, Jenny
  • The Daughters Of Temperance Hobbs: A Novel
    Howe, Katherine
  • The Gone Dead: A Novel
    Benz, Chanelle
  • The Orphan's Song
    Kate, Lauren
  • The Snakes: A Novel
    Jones, Sadie
  • Gone Too Long: A Novel
    Roy, Lori
  • Beautiful Liars
    Ashdown, Isabel
  • Dating By The Book
    Marlowe, Mary Ann
  • Dear Wife
    Belle, Kimberly
  • How Could She
    Mechling, Lauren
  • The Last Collection: A Novel Of Elsa Schiaparelli And Coco ...
    Mackin, Jeanne
  • The Long Flight Home
    Hlad, Alan
  • A Nearly Normal Family
    Edvardsson, M. T.
  • Rules Of Engagement
    Bruns, David
  • Backlash: A Thriller
    Thor, Brad
  • Lost And Found: A Novel
    Steel, Danielle
  • Evvie Drake Starts Over: A Novel
    Holmes, Linda Radio talk show host
  • The Most Fun We Ever Had
    Lombardo, Claire
  • A Family Of Strangers
    Richards, Emilie
  • Paranoid
    Jackson, Lisa
  • After The End
    Mackintosh, Clare