New adult fiction

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  • All The Lost Things: A Novel
    Sacks, Michelle
  • Bone Deep
    Ireland, Sandra Novelist
  • One Night Gone: A Novel
    Laskowski, Tara
  • The Girl In White Gloves: A Novel Of Grace Kelly
    Maher, Kerri
  • Follow Me
    Barber, Kathleen
  • The Lost Diary Of M: A Novel
    Wolfe, Paul
  • Oona Out Of Order
    Montimore, Margarita
  • Apartment: A Novel
    Wayne, Teddy
  • Robert Ludlum's The Treadstone Resurrection
    Hood, Joshua
  • The Big Lie
    Grippando, James
  • Blindside
    Patterson, James
  • The Warsaw Protocol
    Berry, Steve
  • Apeirogon: A Novel
    McCann, Colum
  • Last Girl Standing
    Jackson, Lisa
  • The Bear
    Krivak, Andrew
  • B, Book, And Me
    Kim, Sa-gwa
  • The Antidote For Everything
    Martin, Kimmery
  • The Illness Lesson: A Novel
    Beams, Clare
  • One Minute Out
    Greaney, Mark
  • The Other Mrs.
    Kubica, Mary
  • The Rock Blaster
    Mankell, Henning
  • House Of Trelawney
    Rothschild, Hannah
  • Little Constructions: A Novel
    Burns, Anna
  • Mercy House: A Novel
    Dillon, Alena
  • The Opposite Of Fate
    McGhee, Alison
  • Real Life
    Taylor, Brandon Brandon L. G.
  • Saint X
    Schaitkin, Alexis
  • The Sun Down Motel
    St. James, Simone
  • Adequate Yearly Progress: A Novel
    Elden, Roxanna
  • Amnesty: A Novel
    Adiga, Aravind
  • Dead To Her: A Novel
    Pinborough, Sarah
  • The Queen's Fortune: A Novel Of Desiree, Napoleon, And The …
    Pataki, Allison
  • Sisters By Choice
    Mallery, Susan
  • Weather: A Novel
    Offill, Jenny
  • The Chill: A Novel
    Carson, Scott
  • Shuggie Bain: A Novel
    Stuart, Douglas
  • Run Me To Earth: A Novel
    Yoon, Paul
  • Out Of The Attic
    Andrews, V. C. Virginia C.
  • Postscript
    Ahern, Cecelia
  • The Resisters: A Novel
    Jen, Gish
  • The Cactus League: A Novel
    Nemens, Emily
  • Djinn Patrol On The Purple Line: A Novel
    Anappara, Deepa
  • The Good Shepherd
    Forester, C. S. Cecil Scott
  • The Land Beneath Us
    Sundin, Sarah
  • The Mercies: A Novel
    Hargrave, Kiran Millwood
  • Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes
    West, Kathleen
  • A Perfect Explanation
    Anstruther, Eleanor
  • Perfect Little Children
    Hannah, Sophie
  • Verge: Stories
    Yuknavitch, Lidia
  • And I Do Not Forgive You: Stories And Other Revenges
    Sparks, Amber