New adult fiction

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  • The Judge's List
    Grisham, John
  • The Last Checkmate: A Novel
    Saab, Gabriella
  • Over My Dead Body
    Archer, Jeffrey
  • Crossroads
    Franzen, Jonathan
  • Oh William!: A Novel
    Strout, Elizabeth
  • Femlandia
    Dalcher, Christina
  • Monster In The Middle
    Yanique, Tiphanie
  • A Corruption Of Blood
    Parry, Ambrose
  • A Single Rose
    Barbery, Muriel
  • Reprieve: A Novel
    Mattson, James Han
  • Pearl
    Malerman, Josh
  • An Irish Country Yuletide
    Taylor, Patrick
  • The Party Crasher: A Novel
    Kinsella, Sophie
  • No Words: A Novel
    Cabot, Meg
  • State Of Terror: A Novel
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham
  • The Book Of Magic
    Hoffman, Alice
  • Silverview
    Le Carré, John
  • Always, In December: A Novel
    Stone, Emily
  • Small Pleasures: A Novel
    Chambers, Clare
  • Three Sisters
    Morris, Heather Screenwriter
  • A Holly Jolly Diwali
    Lalli, Sonya
  • The Neighbor's Secret
    Heller, L. Alison
  • Short Dog: Cab Driver Stories From The L.A. Streets
    Fante, Dan
  • A Touch Of Jen
    Morgan, Beth
  • The Butler: A Novel
    Steel, Danielle
  • Cackle
    Harrison, Rachel
  • The Death Of Jane Lawrence
    Starling, Caitlin
  • Fight Night
    Toews, Miriam
  • The Last Guest: A Novel
    Little, Tess
  • Payback's A Witch
    Harper, Lana
  • 2 Sisters Detective Agency
    Patterson, James
  • Foul Play
    Woods, Stuart
  • Chasing The Boogeyman: A Novel
    Chizmar, Richard
  • The Chaos Kind
    Eisler, Barry
  • Last Girl Ghosted
    Unger, Lisa
  • The Lincoln Highway
    Towles, Amor
  • I Love You But I'Ve Chosen Darkness
    Watkins, Claire Vaye
  • Crossings: Consisting Of Three Manuscripts: The Education Of A Monster: …
    Landragin, Alex
  • When We Cease To Understand The World
    Labatut, Benjamín
  • Cloud Cuckoo Land: A Novel
    Doerr, Anthony
  • The Wish
    Sparks, Nicholas
  • Keep Me Warm At Christmas
    Novak, Brenda
  • Santa Cruise
    Michaels, Fern.
  • The Santa Suit
    Andrews, Mary Kay
  • Black Girls Must Die Exhausted: A Novel
    Allen, Jayne
  • A Calling For Charlie Barnes: A Novel
    Ferris, Joshua
  • When Ghosts Come Home: A Novel
    Cash, Wiley
  • The Wrong End Of The Telescope
    Alameddine, Rabih
  • The Morning Star
    Knausgård, Karl Ove
  • Spark
    Matayoshi, Naoki