New adult fiction

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  • The Good Wife Of Bath: A (Mostly) True Story
    Brooks, Karen Australian
  • The Pilot's Daughter: A Novel
    Jaeger, Meredith
  • The Twilight Zone: A Novel
    Fernández, Nona
  • 48 Hours To Kill: A Thriller
    Bourelle, Andrew
  • Activities Of Daily Living: A Novel
    Chen, Lisa
  • Beyond The Wire
    Shipman, James D.
  • The Faces
    Ditlevsen, Tove Irma Margit
  • Funny You Should Ask: A Novel
    Sussman, Elissa
  • A Girl Called Rumi
    Honarvar, Ari
  • Lucky Breaks
    Belorusets, Yevgenia
  • Mrs. England
    Halls, Stacey
  • The New Neighbor
    Wilson, Carter Novelist
  • Nobody Gets Out Alive: Stories
    Newman, Leigh
  • Out There: Stories
    Folk, Kate
  • Paradais
    Melchor, Fernanda
  • School Days: A Novel
    Galassi, Jonathan
  • Sing Her Name: A Novel
    Story, Rosalyn M.
  • A Tiny Upward Shove
    Chadburn, Melissa
  • The Trouble With Happiness: And Other Stories
    Ditlevsen, Tove Irma Margit
  • Forbidden City: A Novel
    Hua, Vanessa
  • Such Big Dreams: A Novel
    Patel, Reema
  • The Quiet People
    Cleave, Paul
  • Nettle & Bone
    Kingfisher, T.
  • Seven Steeples
    Baume, Sara
  • Lucky Turtle
    Roorbach, Bill
  • The Emerald Tide
    Bunn, T. Davis
  • Watch Out For Her: A Novel
    Bailey, Samantha M.
  • The Baxters: A Prequel
    Kingsbury, Karen
  • Blood Will Tell: A Novel
    Chavez, Heather
  • Manhunt
    Felker-Martin, Gretchen
  • In The Face Of The Sun
    Bryce, Denny S.
  • City On Fire: A Novel
    Winslow, Don
  • The Good Left Undone: A Novel
    Trigiani, Adriana
  • The Children On The Hill
    McMahon, Jennifer
  • The Fervor: A Novel
    Katsu, Alma
  • Little Souls
    Dallas, Sandra
  • Marrying The Ketchups: A Novel
    Close, Jennifer
  • The Wrong Victim
    Brennan, Allison
  • End Of The World House: A Novel
    Celt, Adrienne
  • An Honest Lie
    Fisher, Tarryn
  • Hope And Glory: A Novel
    Benson, Jendella
  • I'Ll Be You: A Novel
    Brown, Janelle
  • Kaikeyi: A Novel
    Patel, Vaishnavi
  • Like A House On Fire: A Novel
    McBrayer, Lauren
  • When We Fell Apart: A Novel
    Wiley, Soon
  • Search: A Memoir With Recipes By Dana Louise Potowski: A …
    Huneven, Michelle
  • Assassin's Edge
    Larsen, Ward
  • Housebreaking
    Hubbard, Colleen
  • Kingdom Of Bones: A Thriller
    Rollins, James
  • Wingwalkers
    Brown, Taylor