New adult fiction

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  • Fifty Fifty
    Patterson, James
  • The Tuscan Child
    Bowen, Rhys
  • Red Sky At Noon
    Sebag Montefiore, Simon
  • Agent In Place
    Greaney, Mark
  • The French Girl
    Elliott, Lexie
  • Little Secrets
    Snoekstra, Anna
  • Ultraluminous
    Morris, Katherine Faw
  • Dangerous Crossing: A Novel
    Rhys, Rachel
  • If You Knew Her: A Novel
    Elgar, Emily
  • King Zeno
    Rich, Nathaniel
  • Lullaby Road: A Novel
    Anderson, James Novelist
  • Watch Me
    Gehrman, Jody Elizabeth
  • Woman At 1,000 Degrees
    Hallgrímur Helgason
  • Don't Skip Out On Me: A Novel
    Vlautin, Willy
  • Surprise Me: A Novel
    Kinsella, Sophie
  • The Judge's Wife: A Novel
    O'Loughlin, Ann
  • The Chateau
    Goldberg, Paul
  • Poison: A Novel
    Lescroart, John T.
  • The Kremlin's Candidate: A Novel
    Matthews, Jason
  • Mrs.: A Novel
    Macy, Caitlin
  • The Atomic City Girls
    Beard, Janet
  • The Great Alone
    Hannah, Kristin
  • Look For Me: A Novel
    Gardner, Lisa
  • The House Of Impossible Beauties
    Cassara, Joseph
  • She Regrets Nothing: A Novel
    Dunlop, Andrea
  • An American Marriage
    Jones, Tayari
  • Beautiful Days: Stories
    Oates, Joyce Carol
  • A Death In Live Oak
    Grippando, James
  • The Deceivers
    Berenson, Alex
  • Keep Her Safe: A Novel
    Tucker, K. A. Kathleen A.
  • London And The South-East: A Novel
    Szalay, David
  • The Promise Between Us
    White, Barbara Claypole
  • White Chrysanthemum
    Bracht, Mary Lynn
  • As Bright As Heaven
    Meissner, Susan
  • How To Stop Time
    Haig, Matt
  • Only Child
    Navin, Rhiannon
  • Only Killers And Thieves: A Novel
    Howarth, Paul
  • The Other Side Of Everything: A Novel
    Owens, Lauren Doyle
  • Beneath The Darkest Sky
    Overstreet, Jason
  • Mister Tender's Girl
    Wilson, Carter Novelist
  • Still Me
    Moyes, Jojo
  • The Taster
    Alexander, V. S.
  • The Wedding Date
    Guillory, Jasmine
  • Act Of Revenge: A Novel
    Brown, Dale
  • Blood Sisters: A Novel
    Corry, Jane
  • The Family Business. 4
    Weber, Carl
  • Hellbent
    Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
  • Killer Choice
    Hunt, Tom Novelist
  • Traitor: A Thriller
    De Shalit, Jonathan
  • The Pope Of Palm Beach
    Dorsey, Tim