New adult fiction

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  • The Orchard
    Brandes, Yokhi
  • The Ensemble
    Gabel, Aja
  • Tin Man: A Novel
    Winman, Sarah
  • Bluff: A Novel
    Kardos, Michael
  • Do This For Me: A Novel
    Kennedy, Eliza
  • The Hellfire Club
    Tapper, Jake
  • The Cast: A Novel
    Steel, Danielle
  • Princess
    Patterson, James
  • The Accidental Bad Girl
    Kaplan, Maxine
  • How It Happened
    Koryta, Michael
  • How To Walk Away
    Center, Katherine
  • The World Goes On
    Krasznahorkai, László
  • Frankenstein In Baghdad: A Novel
    Saʻdāwī, Aḥmad
  • All For Nothing
    Kempowski, Walter
  • A Breath After Drowning
    Blanchard, Alice
  • The Broken Girls
    St. James, Simone
  • Dark Queen
    Hunter, Faith
  • The Map Of Salt And Stars
    Joukhadar, Jennifer Zeynab
  • The Mars Room: A Novel
    Kushner, Rachel
  • Motherhood
    Heti, Sheila
  • Mr. Flood's Last Resort: A Novel
    Kidd, Jess
  • My Dear Hamilton: A Novel Of Eliza Schuyler Hamilton
    Dray, Stephanie
  • My Ex-Life
    McCauley, Stephen
  • Our Kind Of Cruelty
    Hall, Araminta
  • Regrets Only: A Novel
    Duffy, Erin
  • Shadow Child
    Rizzuto, Rahna R.
  • Tales Of Falling And Flying
    Loory, Ben
  • That Kind Of Mother
    Alam, Rumaan
  • Undiscovered Country: A Novel Inspired By The Lives Of Eleanor ...
    McNees, Kelly O'Connor
  • Warlight
    Ondaatje, Michael
  • The Weight Of This World
    Joy, David
  • Welcome To Lagos
    Onuzo, Chibundu
  • West: A Novel
    Davies, Carys
  • What Should Be Wild: A Novel
    Fine, Julia
  • My Oxford Year: A Novel
    Whelan, Julia
  • The Crooked Staircase: A Jane Hawk Novel
    Koontz, Dean R. Dean Ray
  • The 17th Suspect
    Patterson, James
  • Love And Ruin: A Novel
    McLain, Paula
  • The Forgotten Road
    Evans, Richard Paul
  • Adjustment Day
    Palahniuk, Chuck
  • The Cactus
    Haywood, Sarah
  • Exit Strategy: A Novel
    Pettus, Charlton
  • The Judge Hunter
    Buckley, Christopher
  • Limelight: A Novel
    Poeppel, Amy
  • Overkill
    Bell, Ted
  • The Perfect Mother: A Novel
    Molloy, Aimee
  • The Pisces: A Novel
    Broder, Melissa
  • Property: Stories Between Two Novellas
    Shriver, Lionel
  • Two Steps Forward: A Novel
    Simsion, Graeme C.
  • You Me Everything
    Isaac, Catherine