New adult fiction

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  • Daughter Of Mine: A Novel
    Miranda, Megan
  • The Warm Hands Of Ghosts: A Novel
    Arden, Katherine
  • Selected Stories Of Anton Chekhov
    Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich
  • Toxic Prey
    Sandford, John, 1944 February 23-
  • Leave It To Us: A Novel
    Arthur, A. C. Artist C.
  • A Dictator Calls: A Novel
    Kadare, Ismail
  • At Certain Points We Touch
    Joseph, Lauren John
  • Sharpe's Command: Richard Sharpe And The Bridge At Almaraz, May …
    Cornwell, Bernard
  • City In Ruins: A Novel
    Winslow, Don
  • Table For Two: Fictions
    Towles, Amor
  • The Angel Of Indian Lake
    Jones, Stephen Graham
  • Glorious Exploits: A Novel
    Lennon, Ferdia
  • Like Happiness
    Villarreal-Moura, Ursula
  • The Truth About The Devlins
    Scottoline, Lisa
  • The Wild Side
    Michaels, Fern
  • A Great Country: A Novel
    Gowda, Shilpi Somaya
  • Sleeping Giants: A Novel
    Denfeld, Rene
  • All The World Beside
    Conley, Garrard
  • Double Lives
    Monroe, Mary
  • In A Not-So-Perfect World: A Novel
    Alexander, Neely Tubati
  • The Trail Of Lost Hearts
    Garvis Graves, Tracey
  • Worry: A Novel
    Tanner, Alexandra
  • Burn Man: Selected Stories
    Jarman, Mark Anthony,
  • Finding Margaret Fuller: A Novel
    Pataki, Allison
  • Fervor: A Novel
    Lloyd, Toby
  • James: A Novel
    Everett, Percival
  • The #1 Lawyer
    Patterson, James
  • The Princess Of Las Vegas: A Novel
    Bohjalian, Chris
  • Expiration Dates: A Novel
    Serle, Rebecca
  • The Morningside: A Novel
    Obreht, Téa
  • A Woman Of Pleasure: A Novel
    Murata, Kiyoko
  • Fury: A Novel
    Mendoza, Clyo
  • Annie Bot: A Novel
    Greer, Sierra
  • Bad Animals: A Novel
    Braunstein, Sarah
  • The Best Way To Bury Your Husband
    Casale, Alexia
  • The Divorcées
    Beaird, Rowan
  • The Funeral Ladies Of Ellerie County: A Novel
    Swinarski, Claire
  • Has Anyone Seen Charlotte Salter?: A Novel
    French, Nicci
  • The Lost Book Of Bonn: A Novel
    Labuskes, Brianna
  • The Possessed
    Gombrowicz, Witold
  • Pride And Joy: A Novel
    Onomé, Louisa
  • Until August
    García Márquez, Gabriel
  • The Day Tripper
    Goodhand, James
  • Forgotten Sisters: A Novel
    Pelayo, Cynthia
  • Good Half Gone
    Fisher, Tarryn
  • The Inheritance: A Novel
    Goodman, Joanna
  • Jaded
    Lee, Ela
  • Kill For Me, Kill For You
    Cavanagh, Steve
  • Memory Piece
    Ko, Lisa
  • The Mystery Writer: A Novel
    Gentill, Sulari