New adult fiction

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  • Before this is over : a novel
    Before This Is Over : A Novel
  • The evenings : a winter's tale
    The Evenings : A Winter's Tale
  • The woman next door
    The Woman Next Door
  • The mighty Currawongs : & other stories
    The Mighty Currawongs : & Other Stories
  • Sorry to disrupt the peace
    Sorry To Disrupt The Peace
  • Helen : a novel
    Helen : A Novel
  • The kiddush ladies
    The Kiddush Ladies
  • Before the war
    Before The War
  • Eggshells : a novel
    Eggshells : A Novel
  • Harmless like you
    Harmless Like You
  • No knives in the kitchens of this city
    No Knives In The Kitchens Of This City
  • Ties
  • Two can play : an Audrey Harte novel
    Two Can Play : An Audrey Harte Novel
  • Black & blue
    Black & Blue
  • The good Negress
    The Good Negress
  • The loving husband
    The Loving Husband
  • The girl who lied
    The Girl Who Lied
  • The shores of Tripoli : Lieutenant Putnam and the Barbary Pirates
    The Shores Of Tripoli : Lieutenant Putnam And The Barbary ...