New adult fiction

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  • Heads You Win
    Archer, Jeffrey
  • Long Road To Mercy
    Baldacci, David
  • The Rain Watcher
    Rosnay, Tatiana de
  • The Kinship Of Secrets: A Novel
    Kim, Eugenia Eugenia SunHee
  • Night Of Miracles: A Novel
    Berg, Elizabeth
  • The Noel Stranger
    Evans, Richard Paul
  • Chosen People
    Whitlow, Robert
  • The Feral Detective: A Novel
    Lethem, Jonathan
  • Nine Perfect Strangers
    Moriarty, Liane
  • Past Tense
    Child, Lee
  • Sea Of Greed: A Novel From The Numa Files
    Cussler, Clive
  • Open Me: A Novel
    Locascio, Lisa
  • Juno's Swans
    Wolff, Tamsen
  • The Proposal
    Guillory, Jasmine
  • Alice Isn't Dead: A Novel
    Fink, Joseph Fiction writer
  • Deep Silence
    Maberry, Jonathan
  • Friday Black
    Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame
  • Listen To The Marriage
    Osborn, John Jay
  • The Paris Seamstress
    Lester, Natasha
  • The Ragged Edge Of Night
    Hawker, Libbie
  • The King's Witch: A Novel
    Borman, Tracy
  • Family Trust: A Novel
    Wang, Kathy
  • Christmas On The Island: A Novel
    Colgan, Jenny
  • The Craftsman
    Bolton, S. J.
  • Marilla Of Green Gables: A Novel
    McCoy, Sarah
  • I Am Behind You
    Ajvide Lindqvist, John
  • Little
    Carey, Edward
  • Elevation
    King, Stephen
  • The Corset
    Purcell, Laura
  • The Stylist: A Novel
    Nixon, Rosie
  • A Cloud In The Shape Of A Girl: A Novel
    Thompson, Jean
  • Evergreen Tidings From The Baumgartners
    Anthony, Gretchen
  • House Of Gold
    Solomons, Natasha
  • The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter: A Novel
    Gaynor, Hazel
  • The Little Shop Of Found Things
    Brackston, Paula
  • The Three Beths
    Abbott, Jeff
  • The Beekeeper's Promise
    Valpy, Fiona
  • In The House In The Dark Of The Woods
    Hunt, Laird
  • The Reckoning
    Grisham, John
  • Melmoth: A Novel
    Perry, Sarah
  • Vendetta
    Johansen, Iris
  • Desperate Measures
    Woods, Stuart
  • Every Breath
    Sparks, Nicholas
  • The Girl From Berlin
    Balson, Ronald H.
  • A Well-Behaved Woman: A Novel Of The Vanderbilts
    Fowler, Therese
  • God, Please Give Me Patience...And Hurry!: 24 Laugh-Out-Loud Short Stories
    Azzara, Candice
  • The Lake On Fire
    Brown, Rosellen
  • Love Is Blind: The Rapture Of Brodie Moncur
    Boyd, William
  • One Day In December: A Novel
    Silver, Josie
  • Life On The Leash
    Schade, Victoria