New adult fiction

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  • Lurkers
    Tan, Sandi
  • Friend: A Novel From North Korea
    Paek, Nam-nyong
  • 100 Boyfriends
    Purnell, Brontez
  • No Way Out
    Michaels, Fern
  • Red Island House: A Novel
    Lee, Andrea
  • Half Life: A Novel
    Cantor, Jillian
  • Libertie: A Novel
    Greenidge, Kaitlyn
  • Mrs. Wiggins
    Monroe, Mary
  • Of Women And Salt
    Garcia, Gabriela
  • Sunflower Sisters: A Novel
    Kelly, Martha Hall
  • Wild Women And The Blues
    Bryce, Denny S.
  • Good Company: A Novel
    Sweeney, Cynthia D'Aprix
  • Tell No Lies
    Brennan, Allison
  • All We Left Behind
    Graham, Danielle R.
  • The Red Book
    Patterson, James
  • The Book Of Hidden Wonders: A Novel
    Crosby, Polly
  • The Woman Outside My Door
    Ryan, Rachel
  • Dangerous Women
    Adams, Hope
  • Exit
    Bauer, Belinda
  • Hadley & Grace: A Novel
    Redfearn, Suzanne
  • The Invisible Woman
    Robuck, Erika
  • Sorrow And Bliss: A Novel
    Mason, Meg
  • Zorrie: A Novel
    Hunt, Laird
  • It's Been A Pleasure, Noni Blake
    Christian, Claire
  • On Fragile Waves
    Yu, E. Lily.
  • The Arsonists' City
    Alyan, Hala
  • Brood: A Novel
    Polzin, Jackie
  • The Echo Wife
    Gailey, Sarah
  • Eternal
    Scottoline, Lisa
  • Later
    King, Stephen
  • Meiselman: The Lean Years
    Landes, Avner
  • One Step To You
    Moccia, Federico
  • A Question Mark Is Half A Heart
    Lundberg, Sofia
  • The Sweet Taste Of Muscadines: A Novel
    Terry, Pamela
  • Vera: A Novel
    Edgarian, Carol
  • The Women Of Chateau Lafayette
    Dray, Stephanie
  • The Committed
    Nguyen, Viet Thanh
  • Every Vow You Break: A Novel
    Swanson, Peter
  • Her Dark Lies
    Ellison, J. T.
  • How Beautiful We Were: A Novel
    Mbue, Imbolo
  • Meet Me In Paradise
    Hubscher, Libby
  • 22 Minutes Of Unconditional Love
    Merkin, Daphne
  • The Resurrection Of Fulgencio Ramirez: A Novel
    Ruiz, Rudy
  • Are We There Yet?
    West, Kathleen
  • The Rebel Nun
    Charlier, Marj
  • Double Jeopardy
    Woods, Stuart
  • Red Widow: A Novel
    Katsu, Alma
  • Too Good To Be True
    Lovering, Carola
  • The Good, The Bad, And The Dumped: A Novel
    Colgan, Jenny
  • Raft Of Stars: A Novel
    Graff, Andrew J.