New adult fiction

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  • Near Miss
    Woods, Stuart
  • Drowning: The Rescue Of Flight 1421: A Novel
    Newman, T. J. Novelist
  • A Little Ray Of Sunshine
    Higgins, Kristan
  • The Adult
    Fischer, Bronwyn
  • Berlin: A Novel
    Setton, Bea
  • Between Two Strangers: A Novel Of Suspense
    White, Kate
  • Bread Givers
    Yezierska, Anzia, 1880?-
  • Close To Home
    Magee, Michael
  • The Comeback Summer
    Brady, Ali
  • Dead Drop
    Woodward, M. P.
  • Dear Chrysanthemums: A Novel In Stories
    Sze-Lorrain, Fiona
  • The Devil You Know: A Thriller
    Hauty, Chris
  • The Fawn
    Szabó, Magda
  • The Friday Night Club
    Lundberg, Sofia
  • Central Park West: A Crime Novel
    Comey, James B., Jr.
  • The Chateau: A Novel
    Goldis, Jaclyn
  • Did You Hear About Kitty Karr?: A Novel
    Paul, Crystal Smith
  • The House Of Love And Prayer: And Other Stories
    Reich, Tova
  • Beware The Woman: A Novel
    Abbott, Megan
  • Liar!
    Michaels, Fern
  • Rogue Justice: A Thriller
    Abrams, Stacey
  • The Senator's Wife: A Novel
    Constantine, Liv
  • The Old Lion: A Novel Of Theodore Roosevelt
    Shaara, Jeff
  • The Family Morfawitz
    Turtel, Daniel H.
  • Bad, Bad Seymour Brown
    Isaacs, Susan
  • Chain-Gang All-Stars
    Adjei-Brenyah, Nana Kwame
  • The Half Moon: A Novel
    Keane, Mary Beth
  • The House On Prytania
    White, Karen Karen S.
  • Meet Me At The Lake
    Fortune, Carley
  • The Secret Book Of Flora Lea: A Novel
    Henry, Patti Callahan
  • Swamp Story: A Novel
    Barry, Dave
  • Yellowface: A Novel
    Kuang, R. F. Rebecca F.
  • The Saints Of Swallow Hill
    Everhart, Donna
  • The Miraculous True History Of Nomi Ali
    Khan, Uzma Aslam
  • An American Beauty
    Abé, Shana
  • Blue Hour: A Novel
    Clarke Harrison, Tiffany
  • The Blue Is Where God Lives: A Novel
    Sochil Washington, Sharon
  • Eastbound
    Kerangal, Maylis de
  • Lovely Girls: A Thriller
    Hunt, Margot Novelist
  • Someone Else's Life: A Thriller
    Butler, Lyn Liao
  • The Trees Grew Because I Bled There: Collected Stories
    LaRocca, Eric
  • The Weight Of Air
    Duffy, Kimberly
  • What We Remember: A Novel
    Smith, Sarah
  • Identity
    Roberts, Nora
  • The Lie Maker: A Novel
    Barclay, Linwood
  • Flash Point
    Bentley, Don
  • The Covenant Of Water: A Novel
    Verghese, Abraham
  • The Guest: A Novel
    Cline, Emma
  • The Secret Life Of Sunflowers
    Molnar, Marta
  • Atlas: The Story Of Pa Salt
    Riley, Lucinda