New adult fiction

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  • The Man I Thought You Were
    Mercer, Leah
  • All The Ways We Said Goodbye: A Novel Of The ...
    Williams, Beatriz
  • Big Lies In A Small Town
    Chamberlain, Diane
  • The Wives
    Fisher, Tarryn
  • Cleanness
    Greenwell, Garth
  • Welcome To The Pine Away Motel And Cabins
    Bivald, Katarina
  • Lady Clementine
    Benedict, Marie
  • Moral Compass: A Novel
    Steel, Danielle
  • Treason
    Woods, Stuart
  • Good Girls Lie
    Ellison, J. T.
  • The Better Liar: A Novel
    Jones, Tanen
  • Dear Edward: A Novel
    Napolitano, Ann
  • Little Gods: A Novel
    Jin, Meng Novelist
  • Long Bright River
    Moore, Liz
  • Mr. Nobody: A Novel
    Steadman, Catherine
  • The Secret Guests: A Novel
    Black, Benjamin
  • Wake, Siren: Ovid Resung
    MacLaughlin, Nina
  • Murmur
    Eaves, Will
  • You Will Be Safe Here
    Barr, Damian
  • Detroit
    Moore, Michel
  • Rules Of War: A Thriller
    Betley, Matthew
  • Hunter Killer
    Taylor, Brad
  • The Playground: A Novel
    Shemilt, Jane
  • Such A Fun Age: A Novel
    Reid, Kiley
  • Recipe For A Perfect Wife: A Novel
    Brown, Karma
  • Baron Wenckheim's Homecoming
    Krasznahorkai, László
  • The Chosen One
    Gragg, Walt
  • The Clergyman's Wife: A Pride & Prejudice Novel
    Greeley, Molly
  • Further Up The Path: Flash Fables
    Oz, Daniel
  • Nietzsche And The Burbs: A Novel
    Iyer, Lars
  • The Other Windsor Girl: A Novel Of Princess Margaret, Royal ...
    Blalock, Georgie
  • The Peppermint Tea Chronicles: A 44 Scotland Street Novel
    McCall Smith, Alexander
  • Task Force Baum
    Shipman, James D.
  • White Rose Black Forest
    Dempsey, Eoin
  • Cosella Wayne: Or, Will And Destiny
    Wilburn, Cora
  • The God Game
    Tobey, Danny
  • Once Night Falls: A Novel
    Merullo, Roland
  • The Revisionaries: A Novel
    Moxon, A. R.
  • Split-Level: A Novel
    Berger, Sande Boritz
  • Mixed Doubles
    Mansell, Jill
  • The Network: A Novel
    Shaw, L. C.