New adult fiction

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  • Almond: A Novel
    Son, Wŏn-p'yŏng
  • Island Of Thieves: A Novel
    Hamilton, Glen Erik
  • Hush Little Baby: A Novel
    Herron, Rachael
  • The Secrets Of Us
    Berry, Lucinda
  • Not A Happy Family
    Lapeña, Shari
  • Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Treachery
    Freeman, Brian
  • A Song Everlasting
    Jin, Ha
  • The Women's March: A Novel Of The 1913 Woman Suffrage …
    Chiaverini, Jennifer
  • The Miseducation Of Henry Cane: A Novel
    Brooks, Charles Fictitious character
  • All The Little Hopes: A Novel
    Weiss, Leah
  • Colorful: A Novel
    Mori, Eto
  • Save Me The Waltz
    Fitzgerald, Zelda
  • All Our Shimmering Skies: A Novel
    Dalton, Trent
  • And Then The Gray Heaven
    Katz, Re
  • Bolla
    Statovci, Pajtim
  • Build Your House Around My Body: A Novel
    Kupersmith, Violet
  • China Room
    Sahota, Sunjeev
  • The Cover Wife
    Fesperman, Dan
  • A Cup Of Silver Linings: A Novel
    Hawkins, Karen
  • Dear Miss Metropolitan
    Ferrell, Carolyn
  • Elizabeth Spencer: Novels & Stories
    Spencer, Elizabeth
  • The Final Girl Support Group
    Hendrix, Grady
  • Ghost Forest: A Novel
    Fung, Pik-Shuen
  • Godspeed: A Novel
    Butler, Nickolas
  • The Ice Swan
    Ciesielski, J'nell
  • Kill All Your Darlings
    Bell, David, 1969 November 17-
  • Learning To Speak Southern: A Novel
    Cook, Lindsey Rogers
  • Lights Out In Lincolnwood: A Novel
    Rodkey, Geoff
  • The Lost Girls: A Novel
    Chiarella, Jessica
  • Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: A Novel
    Tarantino, Quentin
  • The One You're With
    Denton, Lauren K.
  • The Paper Palace
    Cowley Heller, Miranda
  • A Passage North: A Novel
    Arudpragasam, Anuk
  • Black Ice: A Thriller
    Thor, Brad
  • While We Were Dating
    Guillory, Jasmine
  • Daughters Of Sparta: A Novel
    Heywood, Claire
  • God Spare The Girls: A Novel
    McKinney, Kelsey
  • Leaving Coy's Hill: A Novel
    Sherbrooke, Katherine A.
  • No Hiding In Boise
    Hooper, Kim
  • The World Gives Way: A Novel
    Levien, Marissa
  • Such A Quiet Place: A Novel
    Miranda, Megan
  • Count The Ways: A Novel
    Maynard, Joyce
  • I Couldn't Love You More: A Novel
    Freud, Esther
  • The Shadow
    Patterson, James
  • For Your Own Good
    Downing, Samantha
  • The Therapist
    Paris, B. A.
  • The Book Of Accidents: A Novel
    Wendig, Chuck
  • Embassy Wife
    Crouch, Katie
  • Intimacies
    Kitamura, Katie M.
  • The Cellist: A Novel
    Silva, Daniel