New adult fiction

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  • Dear Ann: A Novel
    Mason, Bobbie Ann
  • Here We Are
    Swift, Graham
  • The Book Of Two Ways: A Novel
    Picoult, Jodi
  • The Last Agent
    Dugoni, Robert
  • A Man
    Hirano, Keiichirō
  • Summer At Firefly Beach
    Hale, Jenny
  • Rules For Being Dead
    Powers, Kim
  • The Coast-To-Coast Murders
    Patterson, James
  • Eli's Promise
    Balson, Ronald H.
  • The Awkward Black Man: Stories
    Mosley, Walter
  • His Only Wife
    Medie, Peace A.
  • The Abstainer: A Novel
    McGuire, Ian
  • The Glass House
    Colin, Beatrice
  • The Paris Secret
    Lester, Natasha
  • Remember Me: A Spanish Civil War Novel
    Escobar, Mario
  • The Evening And The Morning
    Follett, Ken
  • Homeland Elegies: A Novel
    Akhtar, Ayad
  • Piranesi
    Clarke, Susanna
  • Don't Look For Me
    Walker, Wendy
  • Call Of The Raven
    Smith, Wilbur A.
  • Hieroglyphics: A Novel
    McCorkle, Jill
  • With Or Without You
    Leavitt, Caroline
  • When I Was You
    Garza, Amber
  • Impersonation
    Pitlor, Heidi
  • The Lake Wobegon Virus: A Novel
    Keillor, Garrison
  • The Secret Lives Of Church Ladies
    Philyaw, Deesha
  • Fire In The Blood: A Novel
    O'Brien, Perry Edmond
  • The Heatwave: A Novel
    Riordan, Kate
  • The Second Wife
    Fleet, Rebecca
  • The Invention Of Sound
    Palahniuk, Chuck
  • Anxious People: A Novel
    Backman, Fredrik
  • Monogamy: A Novel
    Miller, Sue
  • One By One
    Ware, Ruth
  • The Brilliant Life Of Eudora Honeysett: A Novel
    Lyons, Annie
  • What Are You Going Through
    Nunez, Sigrid
  • A Long Night In Paris
    Alfon, Dov
  • Against The Loveless World: A Novel
    Abulhawa, Susan
  • Last One Out Shut Off The Lights: Stories
    Soileau, Stephanie
  • Transcendent Kingdom
    Gyasi, Yaa