New adult fiction

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  • The Moon Sister: Tiggy's Story
    Riley, Lucinda
  • Never Tell: A Novel
    Gardner, Lisa
  • The Chef
    Patterson, James
  • An Irish Country Cottage
    Taylor, Patrick
  • The Burning Island
    Young, Hester
  • The Heavens: A Novel
    Newman, Sandra
  • Leading Men
    Castellani, Christopher
  • The Victory Garden
    Bowen, Rhys
  • Bleak Harbor
    Gruley, Bryan
  • The End Of Loneliness
    Wells, Benedict
  • Talent: A Novel
    Lapidos, Juliet
  • The Boatbuilder
    Gumbiner, Daniel
  • The Boarding House
    Paziński, Piotr
  • Golden Child: A Novel
    Adam, Claire
  • Black Leopard, Red Wolf
    James, Marlon
  • Good Riddance
    Lipman, Elinor
  • The Hiding Place: A Novel
    Tudor, C. J.
  • The Matchmaker's List
    Lalli, Sonya
  • The Girl In The Glass Box
    Grippando, James
  • We Cast A Shadow: A Novel
    Ruffin, Maurice Carlos
  • The Dead Ex: A Novel
    Corry, Jane
  • She Lies In Wait: A Novel
    Lodge, Gytha
  • In Dog We Trust
    Kendrick, Beth
  • Mouthful Of Birds: Stories
    Schweblin, Samanta
  • The Orphan Of Salt Winds
    Brooks, Elizabeth
  • I Owe You One: A Novel
    Kinsella, Sophie
  • The Silent Patient
    Michaelides, Alex
  • The Golden Child: A Novel
    James, Wendy Novelist
  • Judgment: A Novel
    Finder, Joseph
  • Out Of The Dark
    Hurwitz, Gregg Andrew
  • That Churchill Woman: A Novel
    Barron, Stephanie
  • At The Wolf's Table: A Novel
    Postorino, Rosella
  • House Of Stone: A Novel
    Tshuma, Novuyo Rosa
  • The Plotters
    Kim, Ŏn-su
  • The Temp
    Frances, Michelle
  • The Nowhere Child
    White, Christian
  • Ghostographs: An Album
    Moore, Maria Romasco
  • Unclean Jobs For Women And Girls
    Nutting, Alissa
  • Anniversaries: From A Year In The Life Of Gesine Cresspahl
    Johnson, Uwe
  • The Weight Of A Piano
    Cander, Chris
  • The Smiling Man: A Novel
    Knox, Joseph
  • As Long As We Both Shall Live: A Novel
    Chaney, JoAnn
  • The Atlantropa Articles: A Novel
    Franklin, Cody
  • Big Bang: A Nonfiction Novel
    Bowman, David
  • Dreams Of Silver
    Baites, Mina
  • The Eulogist: A Novel
    Gamble, Terry
  • Ghost Wall
    Moss, Sarah
  • Holy Lands: A Novel
    Sthers, Amanda, translator.
  • Last Woman Standing
    Gentry, Amy
  • Restoration Heights: A Novel
    Medearis, Wil