New adult audiobooks

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Audiobooks: Fiction

  • The Flight Attendant: A Novel
    Bohjalian, Chris
  • The Kremlin Conspiracy
    Rosenberg, Joel C.
  • The Rising Sea: A Novel From The Numa Files
    Cussler, Clive
  • Ut︠S︡Elevshiĭ
    Palahniuk, Chuck
  • Aĭvengo
    Scott, Walter
  • Kvest
    Akunin, B. Boris
  • Krepostʹ Somnenii︠A︡
    Utkin, Anton
  • Poĭdi Postavʹ Storozha: Roman
    Lee, Harper
  • As You Wish
    Deveraux, Jude
  • The Third Victim
    Margolin, Phillip
  • An American Marriage
    Jones, Tayari
  • Charade
    Brown, Sandra
  • Golden Hill: A Novel Of Old New York
    Spufford, Francis
  • The Clockwork Dynasty
    Wilson, Daniel H. Daniel Howard
  • Dear Martin
    Stone, Nic
  • The Paris Spy
    MacNeal, Susan Elia
  • The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel
    Robotham, Michael
  • I'Ll Be Your Blue Sky
    De los Santos, Marisa
  • The Escape Artist
    Meltzer, Brad
  • The Woman Left Behind: A Novel
    Howard, Linda
  • The Hush
    Hart, John
  • The Deceivers
    Berenson, Alex
  • Sunburn: A Novel
    Lippman, Laura
  • An Almond For A Parrot
    Delaney, Wray
  • Down The River Unto The Sea
    Mosley, Walter
  • Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine
    Honeyman, Gail
  • The Kremlin's Candidate: A Novel
    Matthews, Jason
  • Palace Of Treason
    Matthews, Jason
  • Raspberry Danish Murder
    Fluke, Joanne
  • Death Of An Honest Man
    Beaton, M. C.
  • The Gate Keeper: An Inspector Ian Rutledge Mystery
    Todd, Charles
  • Red Sky At Noon
    Sebag Montefiore, Simon
  • Righteous
    Ide, Joe
  • White Houses: A Novel
    Bloom, Amy
  • Fifty Fifty
    Patterson, James

Audiobooks: Nonfiction

  • Educated: A Memoir
    Westover, Tara
  • Ėnergeticheskai︠A︡ Klizma, Ili Triumf Teti Ni︠U︡Ry Iz Prostodyrovo
    Norbekov, Mirzakarim
  • Code Girls: The Untold Story Of The American Women Code ...
    Mundy, Liza
  • Brave
    McGowan, Rose
  • The Miracle Of Dunkirk
    Lord, Walter
  • American Wolf: A True Story Of Survival And Obsession In ...
    Blakeslee, Nate
  • Born Survivors: Three Young Mothers And Their Extraordinary Story Of ...
    Holden, Wendy
  • Muslim Girl: A Coming Of Age
    Al-Khatahtbeh, Amani