Learn to Code with Treehouse

Treehouse is a fantastic way to learn how to write code, and the library is now offering access to this resource to learners of all skill levels.

From basic HTML classes to expert level API manipulation classes, Treehouse
can benefit anybody interested in advancing their coding expertise. Treehouse offers relatively short courses but also bundles the courses into more in-depth tracks. For example, the web design track (51 hours) bundles:

  • How to Make a Website Course (8 hours)
  • CSS Basics (7 hours)
  • CSS Selectors (2 hours)
  • HTML Forms (2 hours)
  • HTML Tables (1 hour)
  • CSS Layout Techniques (3 hours)
  • Design Foundations (2 hours)
  • Photoshop Foundations (3 hours)
  • Illustrator Foundations (9 hours)
  • Logo Design Basics (30 minutes)
  • Brand Identity Basics (55 minutes)
  • UX Basics (2 hours)
  • SEO Basics (2 hours)
  • Sass Basics (4 hours)

Phew! After going through that you should be able to build a pretty amazing website.

An aspect of Treehouse that I consider a game changer is the built-in Workspaces. Workspaces is an online space in which students can
practice coding languages such as HTML, PHP, Ruby, Python, etc. without having to install any programs or servers. It's online so it is easily accessible from any device. Students are permitted up to 100 workspaces to
practice writing code.

To access Treehouse you just need a Skokie Public Library card, and to fill out a request form. We have a limited amount of spots available for learners on
Treehouse and that means we can only provide access to those who are consistent users. But if you use Treehouse a lot, you will continue to have access as long as we have Treehouse available!