The Lab is Open!

When I first started staffing the Youth Computer Lab five years ago it was a pretty quiet place. But if you’ve stopped there in the last year or so you know that has changed! The lab evolved naturally from a quiet space for individual work into a space for lively activity, sharing, collaboration, and yes, even learning. We found that what kids were really looking for was a place where they could work together in collaborative gameplay. That meant a great opportunity to build a connected learning space where kids could learn in a social, participatory setting. Welcome to The Lab!

We’ve updated the décor, changed the layout of the workstations for better flow and movement through the space, and added areas for experimentation, creation, and productive activity. Every month we’ll have different tech-related projects planned and guided by our digital literacy specialists who are on hand during all open lab hours. Up next in September kids will be able to customize their school supplies by designing and creating vinyl stickers. They can also build and program a LEGO alligator robot, or print something fun with one of our 3D Doodler pens. And yes, we do still have Minecraft!

The Digital Media Lab within The Lab was also updated, now featuring a sound booth equipped with a laptop, guitars, microphones, digital drum pad and keyboard available for recording music, a podcast, or gameplay. Our green screen wall got a fresh coat of paint, a floor extension, and new studio lighting. Be on the lookout for our monthly Digital Craft Time classes in the DML.

Stop in to The Lab any time after school, in the evening or on the weekends to make some friends, create some cool stuff, and get your learning on!
It's open weekdays 3-9 pm, Saturdays 10 am-6 pm, and on Sunday from noon-6 pm.