What We're Listening to: January 2021

Our staff love listening to music! Each month, we make a playlist of songs we have on repeat. Take a look at the songs we couldn't stop listening to in January, and listen to the playlist below or on Spotify.

Please Call Me, Baby by Tom Waits

Something about these grey days make me want to listen to Tom Waits nonstop. "It's too cold to be out there walking in the streets" indeed. —Leah

Roygbiv by Boards of Canada

I take my dog for several walks a day still, even with the cold, frozen weather. This is the perfect soundtrack for our midday walks. —Leah

Criminal by Taemin

Perfect background sound (you don't have to be a KPop fan to appreciate it).

Treat People with Kindness by Harry Styles

The video for this song was released on New Year's Day and it has been living in my brain ever since. A delight and a message that I hold close to my heart.

Gentle Heart by Joshua Hyslop

"We found hope in a hopeless time." We all need hope, especially now.

Makes Me Nervous by Bad Bad Hats

I discovered this band in early 2020, and the album this song is on was one of my most listened to last year. They're officially one of my go-tos for casual listening at home (but who's not at home these days?). —Tiff

talkin' johnny & june (your arms around me) by Field Medic and Pickleboy

This was a suggestion on Spotify's "Missed Hits" list for me, and it's sweet and light. —Tiff