Winter Reading Is Here

Drawing of a giraffe in a winter scarf and sweater

Winter is here and so is another season of Winter Reading. From December 11th through February 4, it's all about two things: relaxing and revving up. We encourage you to relax and get cozy with a good book or rev up and challenge yourself to read something outside of your comfort zone (without having to go outside—brrrr!)

When you sign up, you will get a booklet that has three Relax levels and three Rev Up levels. To complete each level, you'll need to read and complete activities. Each time you finish a level, you'll earn a fun prize.

You have until February 4th to complete as many of the levels as you want whether they be all Relax, all Rev Up or a combination of both. Learn more in the video below:

To sign up visit the Youth or Readers Services desks, or the bookmobile.

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