Exploring Race in Our Community: Coming Together in Skokie and Niles Township

In light of the recent controversial tragedies in Ferguson and New York City, the issue of race seems more important than ever. This year, Coming Together in Skokie and Niles Township explores race instead of focusing on a single cultural group. Although it can be difficult to talk about race, we believe that open conversation about race is necessary to sustain a community in which everyone feels safe and respected.

This year, we are folding our traditional winter reading program into Coming Together. As in years past, we encourage everyone to read books selected for their relevance to the program. This winter, given the breadth and importance of this year’s theme, we are expanding participation to include a variety of activities, including reading books, attending events, having conversations with loved ones, and sharing your reflections.

Stop by the Readers Services or Youth Services Desks to sign up and get a packet filled with resources to get you started on your journey. Together, we will continue exploring the diverse cultures of our community by listening to each other and learning how race affects us all.