Culture Statement

We are Skokie Public Library.

We serve the community, and we are a community.

Each of us is a whole person with individual experiences and a unique perspective. Our diversity is our strength, and we treat one another the same way we treat our patrons, starting with a belief that others’ intentions are good. As colleagues, we respect, value, support, and encourage one another. We have the courage to collaborate because we recognize that we are better together, and we are committed to direct, open-minded communication.

We share a passion for learning, and partnering with others to build a better community. All of us are generous with our time, talent, and resources. Whether contributing to innovations, or continuing established practices, we stay flexible, mindful, and dedicated. We support thoughtful experimentation, and we gain insight from what we do and share that with each other, even when it doesn’t work out the way we’d hoped. We pause to celebrate our successes, and we leave room to experience joy in our work and our colleagues, because together we form a vibrant whole organization.