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Mike Buhmann

Reference Librarian

Adult Services

Mike organizes the career resources at the library and assists local jobseekers in finding meaningful employment. He enjoys learning new technology, running, reading classic novels, and discovering new music.

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Memory of a Space Odyssey

A patron asks, did Skokie Public Library show the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey in the early 1980s? Our crack team of reference librarians explored the deep reaches of our files to find out!

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Discovering Skokie’s Indigenous Past

Who lived in Skokie before the Europeans arrived? Our crack team of reference librarians did some "super-sleuthing" to find out more!

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The Case of the Closed Grocery Store

Our crack team of reference librarians are ready to answer questions, track down info, and solve mysteries, just like super-sleuthing detectives!

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Making a Job Interview Count

These books offer excellent help when you're preparing for that big interview. They provide sample questions, tips on how to dress and how to follow up.

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Classic Job Search Books

These books have been around a long time for a reason. Take a look if you you're looking for a job.

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