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Jarrett Dapier

Young Adult Librarian

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Jarrett Dapier received his Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He is the 2016 recipient of the John Phillip Immroth Award from the American Library Association for his work exposing book censorship in the Chicago Public Schools. He loves reading graphic novels, playing the drums, and drawing sleeping cats.

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Bringing the Final Weeks of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Life to the Stage

“We need to reclaim King from the sanitized version currently popular in our media and show him as he was in his final weeks," remarked playwright Dominique Chestand. This play does that in a powerful way.

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Teen (Graffiti) Artists for Equality

Skokie Public Library, in partnership with the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Trafficking, hosted a 6-week art workshop for teens who created a vibrant mural on an exterior wall of the library.

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Free Comic Book Day

Join us in celebration of Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 6 from 1-3 pm. Play games, meet friends, make new ones, and most importantly, get free comics.

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Disappearing Acts

In each of these sharply written, psychological YA mystery thrillers (plus one comedy) someone important to our hero goes missing, often under disturbing circumstances. Each entry also has that "something more" that will leave you thinking, imagining, and caring about the characters while your heart races out of your chest. Now, go get lost in these books.

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My Own Personal Tormentor

The books on this list feature characters tormented by bullies. Bullies can manifest in various forms: they can be siblings, peers, parents, even (or maybe especially) other teens who are themselves victims of bullies. In each of these raw, funny, sometimes terrifying books, our hero turns the experience of being bullied on its head and changes his or her life for the better—but sometimes for the worse.

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Life Is A Canvas: Teen Artists in YA Literature

In each of the following YA novels, teen artists find solace, courage, hope, escape, understanding, even windows into a town's ghastly past through the creation of art. This list includes historical fiction, realistic fiction, and several deeply inventive books that, like great art, hammer many forms and influences into one dazzling, colorful whole that excavate the minds and souls of their subjects.

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