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Terry Ratoff

Community Engagement Librarian, Business Services

Community Engagement

Terry connects Skokie businesses to library resources and services that can help them. She loves matching patrons with the books and resources they need and enjoys reading, cooking (and eating!), traveling, and riding her bicycle.


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Money Smart Week 2018

Needs money management tips? From budgets to bitcoin, we have much to offer both adults and kids during Money Smart Week this year.

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Get Smart with Your Money During Money Smart Week

Money Smart Week provides consumers with opportunities to learn how to manage their personal finances better. Programs are offered to people of all ages, backgrounds, and income levels that cover all facets of personal finance.

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Money Smart Week 2015

Money Smart Week is coming up and we have four events to help you be better at money.

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Money Smart Week

Are you money smart? Are you a saver? A savvy investor? No matter what your age, income, or future earning power, educating yourself about personal finances will help your money go further. Use the list below to supplement the activities we have planned for Money Smart Week this year. Included are books to help with investing and devising strategies for living, budgeting, and retiring. You'll find helpful books for kids and teens too.

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Business Narratives

Highly readable accounts of recent business scandals, investigations, meltdowns, plant closings, new product developments, and the occasional happy development.

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Be Money Smart in 2019

Personal finance books to help you manage your financial life.

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New Riffs on Retirement

Recent advice on preparing for a well-funded and happy retirement and possibly doing it at an earlier age.

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Become a Better Investor

Try one of these recent investment advice books.

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