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Beginner's Guide to Romance Books

The romance genre is one of the most popular genres in the country, but still remains a mystery for many. This Beginner's Guide is a starting point for getting into romance books.

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BookMatch: Your Personalized Book Sommelier

Sommeliers are trained and knowledgeable wine professionals. We’re your trained and knowledgeable book professionals!

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Royal Baby Birthday Party

Cambridge's second child is here! Let's celebrate the little princess.

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Summer Rut-Busters

Have you ever found yourself wanting to read but not "feeling it" for any book you pick up? That's where I am right now. Everything I pick up just feels "meh." This summer, I'm headed to the beaches of western Michigan where one of these books will pull me out of this rut!

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Good Morning, Vietnam!

After graduating college just over a decade ago, I ended up teaching English in Vietnam. It was a defining, thrilling, sultry, and eye-opening chapter in my life and I only recently had the opportunity to go back for a couple of weeks. (I'm not entirely ready to grasp the fact that it will probably be another five years before I'm able to go back.) These are the titles that keep me feeling connected to Vietnam.

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Eat Your (Fried) Veggies

These titles are to knowledge as vegetable tempura is to health food; there is a bit of good-for-you there, but really, they're just deep-fried delicious fun!

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Antidotes to the Election

No matter who you're voting for, we can all agree that this election is a bit...tense. I recently started re-watching The West Wing for the 13th time as my own antidote to this election and I asked my colleagues to help me compile this list of other election alternatives.

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