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Reading Is Fundamental: Gender and LGBTQ Books for Kids

For far too long, stories have been predominately about white, cis-het, people, making those who do not fit into this category feel left out. New books featuring more diverse characters give adults and kids alike the opportunity to finally see themselves in the stories they read. These books can help children understand their feelings, express themselves, and remind them that, however they choose to identify, they deserve respect.

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Black and Proud! Black History Month Booklist (ages 5-13)

Want to celebrate Black History Month by reading books that feature black characters but don't know where to start? This list is for you. It has something that everyone will enjoy. Remember, any time of the year is a good time to read books by and about black people!

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Housing Insecurity

Finding affordable housing in Cook County is becoming increasingly difficult. With few options on the market, families may be evicted from their current home, forced to couch surf, or even end up in homeless shelters. These books may help parents with the tough task of explaining a difficult housing situation. Resources for parents are also included.

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Under-Told Histories of Racism and Immigration

"Why isn't this taught in our history books?!" Adults and children alike cry out when they learn about an injustice that the historical canon often does not discuss. While these injustices may not be taught in history books, they are being discussed today by many different authors. These books examine specific events in our time and in the recent past that deserve our attention. For kids ranging from about 7 to 17 and their families.

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