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Dark Futures

From sci-fi to modern classics, these are worlds you wouldn't want to find yourself living in.

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Visually Stunning Films

Give your eyeballs a treat with these ground-breaking, fascinating, and gorgeous films.

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In Their Words

This list of funny, insightful, and inspirational audiobook memoirs deliver more impact when read by the actual authors.

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Off-Beat Graphic Novels for Adults

These quirky, often irreverent graphic novels are a bit off the beaten path. Find something new, dark, weird, or interesting to match your personality.

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Reading to Keep You Awake

From skin-crawlingly creepy horror to psychological suspense, these books will keep you up at night.

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Shah Rukh Khan Films

I'll admit it. I'm a little obsessed with the famous Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan. And I discovered his films about a decade ago by checking them out from Skokie Public Library! These are some of my favorite SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) movies, from when he was the #1 heartthrob in Indian cinema.

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