Share Your Story

For 2020’s Coming Together, Journeys to Niles Township, community members are encouraged to share their personal and family stories that touch on how they came to be in Niles Township and what it’s like to call this community “home.”

If you would like to share your story, please share one of the following using the text box or by uploading a file:

  • Share a recipe.
  • Share a piece of artwork.
  • Share a 6-word story about:
    • What “home” means to you
    • What “family” means to you
    • Why you live in Niles Township
    • How you came to live in Niles Township
  • Share a short personal statement responding to one of these prompts:
    • What’s a tradition in your family that means something to you?
    • What are some family-history stories you’ve heard from family members?
    • What makes a place, community, or space “home” for you?
    • What would you like people to know about your story of coming to live in Niles Township?