Teen Volunteers 2017: Books You Can't Put Down

  • Cinder

    2012 by Marissa Meyer

    "If you're looking for a book that gets you hooked, Cinder is the book to read. Cinder is a twisted plot of a sixteen-year-old who must find the demons of her past in order to liberate the world. This book captured me with its compelling plot and unique characters that have multiple layers."—Jana, 12

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  • The Book Thief

    2006 by Markus Zusak

    "This story follows the life of a young Liesel Meminger who is forced to live with a foster family during World War II. I read this book seven times. I cried every time."—Julia, 14

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  • A Great and Terrible Beauty

    2003 by Libba Bray

    "When a girl discovers she has magical powers, she ponders sharing them with her friends. She also is trying to figure out the mystery behind the burnt wing of the building."—Julia, 14

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  • Life As We Knew It

    2006 by Susan Beth Pfeffer

    "Teenage Miranda's life is turned upside down when a meteor crashes into the moon. How will she make it through this challenging turn of events if she also has to worry about the rest of her family? A story about family that is impossible to put down"—Julia, 14

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  • Thirteen Reasons Why : A Novel

    2007 by Jay Asher

    "This story keeps you glued all the way until the very end. It takes you through the mystery of Hannah's suicide. It almost feels as though you are right there with everyone in the book going through what they have to experience."—Anusha, 12

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  • The 5th Wave

    2013 by Richard Yancey

    "The Fifth Wave is a phenomenal book that pulls you in with its appealing dialogue and compelling storyline. I recommend this book to readers who like sci-fi books with modern twists on it. The Fifth Wave shines a light on themes such as love and family, which is why I feel that readers shall get hooked on the Fifth Wave."—Jana, 12

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