Teen Volunteers 2017: Favorite Childhood Reads

We all have those books that we read, or were read to us as kids, that stay with us well into adulthood. This is a list of favorite childhood reads put together by our Teen Volunteers.

  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid

    2010 by Thor Freudenthal

    "Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a really funny book and movie which talks about and shows how bad his life is."—Mateo, 13

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  • The Snow Queen

    2014 by Michael Cunningham

    "This fairytale follows the story of a brother and sister struggling to reunite after one is captured by the Snow Queen. A journey of hope, perseverance, and love. The Snow Queen is a must-read for children."—Julia, 14

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  • Charlotte's Web

    1980 by E. B. White

    "Charlotte's Web is the compelling story of a pig who is taken under the care of a loving girl. This book takes you on an emotional rollercoaster that will make you cry and laugh. I recommend that young readers read Charlotte's Web because of the compelling storyline."—Jana, 12

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  • Because a Little Bug Went Ka-choo!

    1975 by Rosetta Stone

    "Written by Dr. Suess under the pen name Rosetta Stone, this free-wheeling, light-hearted book is reliably tons of fun for any child. Small things can have massive consequences is proven and exaggerated in a comical manner. A little bug sneezing causing a traffic jam is typical of the wildly creative storylines of Dr. Suess. This is—while not as widely recognized—one of his better works."—Elliot, 15

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  • The Giving Tree

    1964 by Shel Silverstein

    "The Giving Tree is quite a popular story for young children. It tells the tale of a boy who visits a tree every day. As the boy becomes a man, he drifts further from the tree he once shared his happy moments with. In the end he comes back to the tree-turned-stump once more. I recommend that all young readers indulge in this classic tale because it shines a light on reality and growing old."—Jana, 12

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  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

    1985 by Laura Joffe Numeroff

    "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie teaches kids cause and effect by showing what might happen if you offer a mouse a cookie. The illustrations by Felicia Bond are well done and help kids understand what is happening throughout the story if they are unable to read. Also the book shows kids the responsibility and hardships of taking care of each other."—Rabeeka, 14

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  • A Wrinkle In Time

    1962 by Madeleine Engle

    "A Wrinkle in Time is the perfect book for young readers who love books with sci-fi influences and modern twists. Meg Murry must save her father with the help of her brother and a schoolmate, Calvin O'Keefe. As a young child, I genuinely enjoyed reading this classic tale. I suggest that all readers pick up A Wrinkle in Time and truly immerse themselves in the story"—Jana, 12

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  • Small Steps : The Year I Got Polio

    1996 by Peg Kehret

    "A true story of hope and perseverance, Small Steps is the tale of Peg Kehret's battle with polio. It's perfect for anyone who likes true stories or stories about kids battling the odds."—Abigael, 15

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