Be a Scientist

By Kathy Sexton

Science can be fun, complex, confusing, mysterious, fascinating, or all of the above. Before conducting any scientific experiments of your own, read or watch the titles on this list.

  • Science : A Discovery in Comics

    2013 by Margreet de Heer

    Need a fun, visual introduction to general science? Margreet de Heer's work covers a broad array of scientific topics in a variety of disciplines with bright drawings and humor.

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  • Letters to a Young Scientist

    2013 by Edward O Wilson

    Biologist Wilson uses a using a letter writing framing device to muse on the nature of science and the skills necessary to be a scientist. He won the Pulitzer Prize twice so his advice must be good, right?

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  • The Food Lab : Better Home Cooking Through Science

    2015 by J Alt

    Are you a foodie who thinks you don't like science? This book just might change your mind. Serious Eats's culinary nerd-in-residence, J. Kenji López-Alt, has penned a book that uses science to devise the best cooking techniques. It's time to up your cooking game!

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  • Euphoria : A Novel

    2014 by Lily King

    Lily King's novel is loosely based on the life of Margaret Mead and her anthropology work in New Guinea. She definitely takes artistic license and throws in a love triangle (although there does seem to be some truth to that) but the real standout is Nell's (the fictional Mead) interactions with the Kiona tribe.

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  • Version Control

    2016 by Dexter Clarence Palmer

    What does a fictional time traveling book have to do with being a scientist? Dexter Palmer's complex novel about a scientist working on a "causality violation device" and the havoc it is wreaking on his wife, takes place in a very plausible near future and presents a realistic portrait of a scientist and his research. Plus, since time is just a construct, this is completely scientifically possible, right?

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  • The Ultimate Book of Saturday Science : The Very Best Backyard Science Experiments You Can Do Yourself

    2012 by N. A. Downie

    Okay, let's get down to doing some actual science. Downie presents a huge compendium of science projects for a variety of skill levels that can all be done with common household items. He also explains the underlying science for each experiment so it's fun and informative.

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  • Wicked Weeds : A Zombie Novel

    2016 by Pedro Cabiya

    From actual science to zombies. Huh? That's right, learn about the scientific method in a novel about an executive at a pharmaceutical company, who also happens to be a zombie, trying to figure out a cure for his condition. He just wants to be a real person and find someone to love and he is going to use science to do it.

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  • Weird Science

    2008 by John Hughes

    It's 1985 and two nerds figure out how to make their dream woman by wearing bras on their heads. Well, there's also a lot of computer stuff that goes into it. What follows are madcap teen adventures—the hallmark of any John Hughes movie.

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  • Eureka! : Discovering Your Inner Scientist

    2014 by Chad Orzel

    We are all scientists! Orzel boils science down to four basic steps: looking, thinking, testing, and telling. He contends that we all use these steps in many ways every day. His pop culture examples, from fantasy sports to Where's Waldo, make a convincing case.

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