Be a Vet

By Lukie Marriott

To be a vet, you must love all creatures great and small, which is a common thread throughout this list.

  • The Patron Saint of Lost Dogs

    2013 by Nick Trout

    Author Nick Trout is himself a veterinarian, originally from England. He has written two Dr. Cyrus Mills novels, as well as several nonfiction books about veterinarians. Striking a good balance between drama and light-heartedness, the Dr. Mills novels are set in Vermont where the middle-aged vet takes over his late father's practice.

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  • Dr. Fisher's Life on the Ark : Green Alligators, Bushman, and other "Hare-raising Tales" from America's Most Popular Zoo and Around the World

    2005 by Lester E Fisher

    Director of the Lincoln Park Zoo for 30 years and host of the Ark in the Park television show, Dr. Fisher describes life at the zoo behind the scenes—and sometimes not so behind, as when Otto the gorilla escaped his enclosure. Operations on wild animals, expeditions to exotic places, and Fisher's love of animals make this an enjoyably engrossing read.

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  • All Creatures Great & Small

    2006 by Christopher Timothy

    James Herriot's name is synonymous with 'country vet.' Born in 1916, and a practicing vet by the time he was 23, he was in his 50s before he found the time to write about his Yorkshire, England practice. His first book, All Creatures Great & Small, is also the name of the popular television series based on his experiences. Whether you are reading or viewing these stories, you will get a taste of early 20th century Yorkshire life and a history of veterinary medicine along with your cute cats and cows.

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  • An Unspoken Art : Profiles of Veterinary Life

    1997 by Lee Gutkind

    Since animals don't talk and often mask their symptoms, veterinarians get around this by being sensitive to the animals' psychological states and using special diagnostic skills. Gutkind follows vets at a Manhattan clinic, a race track, farms, and wildlife hospitals. He touches on topics such as euthanasia, animal experimentation, and the predominance of women in veterinary medicine.

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  • All My Patients Kick and Bite : More Favorite Stories from a Vet's Practice

    2011 by Jeff Wells

    Like Herriot, Wells is a country vet (in Colorado), so his practice includes farm animals. A follow-up to his first book, All My Patients Have Tales, here are more amusing, sometimes heartbreaking and high-tension stories from a resilient and determined doctor.

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  • The Animals : A Novel

    2015 by Christian Kiefer

    In this literary thriller, described by Kirkus Reviews as "devastatingly beautiful," Bill Reed cares for the injured wildlife at an Idaho sanctuary and hopes to marry the local veterinarian. But a criminal past haunts him in the form of an old friend recently released from prison. Thought-provoking and suspenseful, this is a novel of both action and ideas.

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  • Dr. Dolittle

    1999 by Betty Thomas

    When successful veterinarian Dr. Dolittle almost runs over a dog, his childhood ability to communicate with animals returns and suddenly he is besieged by talking animals. Is he crazy? Is he going to lose his practice? Will it be saved by a tiger? Eddie Murphy stars.

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  • Just Life : A Novel

    2016 by Neil Abramson

    Veterinarian Samantha Lewis is dedicated to helping unwanted and abused dogs in New York City. A virus suspected to be spread by dogs causes the governor to institute a quarantine. Political expediency and scientific ethics collide in this suspenseful novel. Author Abramson is an attorney dedicated to the legal rights of animals and is married to a veterinarian.

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  • Jungle Animal Hospital

    2016 by Rob Sullivan

    Deep in the Guatemalan jungle, a veterinarian and a zoologist fight to save sick and injured monkeys, parrots, jaguars, and more, always striving to return them to the wild. Enjoy this short PBS Nature documentary.

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  • Ask Bob : A Novel

    2013 by Peter Gethers

    From the author of the true Norton the cat tales, this is a novel of family relationships—including those with animals—of romance, and domestic complexities, that is described as witty, charming and insightful. Dr. Bob is a veterinarian who's more comfortable with animals than people, and after a personal tragedy, must accept vulnerability and learn to love again.

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  • Saving Molly : A Research Veterinarian's Choices

    1998 by James Mahoney

    Jane Goodall once called James Mahoney "one of the most gentle and compassionate people I know." Working with chimpanzees for AIDS and hepatitis research, Mahoney's mission is to improve the living conditions of lab animals. In this book he focuses mostly on his relationship with the animals, the sick and needy ones he has taken into his home, and especially the almost blind puppy he nursed back to health.

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  • Muzzled : A Kate Turner, D.V.M. Mystery

    2014 by Eileen Brady

    The first in a frolicsome mystery series (the third is due out in December 2017) about a veterinarian who makes a home visit and discovers a dead body (that is not the pet). Brady weaves in details of the veterinary practice without overwhelming the mystery plot. A gentle but exciting new series.

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