Hot Summer Reads 2017 (6th-8th grade)

Attention all junior high students: your summer reading list is here! Get them while they're hot and see how many great titles you can read from this awesome list.

  • Burning Midnight

    2016 by Will McIntosh

    Glass-like colored spheres have started to appear in remote places all over the earth. They confer enhanced abilities on whoever is lucky enough to find or purchase them. Hunting, trading, and selling them is a lot of fun, but no one stops to ask, Why are they here?

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  • Genius : The Game

    2016 by Leopoldo Gout

    Brilliant teens from all over the world are invited to participate in a mysterious game. The winner will receive funding for any project. But what happens to the losers?

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  • Paper Hearts

    2015 by Meg Wiviott

    Based on actual events, this novel in verse tells the story of girls who become dear friends in a most unlikely place: Auschwitz.

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  • When

    2015 by Victoria Laurie

    What if you could tell the date a person would die just by looking at them? Maddie has been able to do this with complete accuracy all her life—but no one believes her.

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  • Ghost

    2016 by Jason Reynolds

    Ghost is a seventh grader who’s a great runner. He has to be. Running has saved his life.

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  • My Life with the Liars

    2016 by Caela Carter

    Zylinn, 13, has lived her whole life with The Children Inside the Light, controlled by The Father Prophet. Now she finds herself in a car, being carried away from the only life she’s ever known. How will she survive in the outside world which Father calls The Darkness? And how will she get back home?

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  • Gutless

    2016 by Carl Deuker

    Play-by-play action highlights this story of Brock, a high school freshman who has the great luck to make the varsity football team. His good friend, Richie, isn’t so lucky: he becomes the target of bullies. Will Brock risk his social status to stick up for his friend?

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  • Goldie Vance

    2016 by Hope Larson

    Sixteen year old Goldie lives at the Florida resort her dad manages. She’s supposed to be parking cars, but she’s really solving crimes. Her success rate? 100 percent. She’s the new Nancy Drew. Meet Goldie Vance, who has never met a crime she couldn’t solve.

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  • To All the Boys I've Loved Before

    2014 by Jenny Han

    Since fourth grade, Lara Jean has written letters to all the boys she’s had crushes on—letters she never intended to send. She keeps them in a secret box as mementos of loves gone by. One day she looks in the box and they’re gone. Uh-oh.

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  • Wax

    2016 by Gina Damico

    The lovely town of Paraffin, Vermont is a tourist attraction due to its beautiful scenery and glorious candles produced by the Grosholtz Candle factory. A perfect little all-American town—with a horrific secret.

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