Self-Care for Teens

By Nikki Palazzo

For five days in March Skokie teens had the opportunity to visit the library for a series of after-school self-care programs. Whether you were able to attend and want more information, or you weren't able to attend and want to get started, this list of books helps teens learn how to care for body, mind, and soul through meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and stress management.

  • Soul Searching: A Girl's Guide to Finding Herself

    2012 by Sarah Stillman

    Sarah Stillman wrote this book when she was 16 and it pretty much serves as the handbook for self-care. Her guide suggests many activities and exercises to make it easier to be your best self through yoga, meditation, philosophy, dream analysis, and journaling. Despite the title, Soul Searching is helpful for everyone, not just girls.

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  • Meditation

    2009 by Andrew Moore

    The cover makes this book look like the biggest drag ever but trust me, this isn't the old, dated textbook it looks like. It's actually a great guide for any teen looking to try out meditation and learn about its benefits to cognitive, emotional, and physical health. It provides a lot of great tips, tricks, and methods which could be used independently or in conjunction with meditation apps.

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  • Stress and Tension

    2015 by Rosa Waters

    I know, I know, this cover stinks too. That whole "don't judge a book by it's cover" thing is really ringing true for these teen self-care books. This book is best suited for middle schoolers. It talks about what stress is, how it connects to your body and mind, and how to cope with it so you don't turn into a big bouncy ball of tension.

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  • Make the Grade: Everything You Need to Study Better, Stress Less, and Succeed in School

    2013 by Lesley Schwartz

    School isn't easy. Every year you get more and more responsibility both in the classroom and in life. It's easy to succumb to pressure and feel totally overwhelmed and unable to succeed. But fear not, this book is here to help by talking about everything—even the stuff adults don't want to tell you, like how to handle a bad teacher and how much sleep you really need.

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  • Yoga for Your Mind and Body: A Teenage Practice for a Healthy, Balanced Life

    2015 by Rebecca Rissman

    Rebecca Rissman has a whole series of yoga books for teens. This volume focuses on the mind and body. Skokie Public Library also has her books about yoga to achieve calmness, get fit, and become flexible. Though the books are marketed towards girls they will be helpful to anyone looking to center their mind and body through yoga.

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  • A Girl's Guide to Fitting In Fitness

    2013 by Erin Whitehead

    Why are books always for girls or for boys? Let me say it again: this book is helpful for anyone. It talks about fitness which contributes hugely to a person's overall wellness. This guide offers handy tips for integrating exercise into your already busy schedule, be it a quick morning workout or something you could do at school. It also touches on healthy eating and relaxation methods.

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  • That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized and Distracted Boys Succeed in School and Life

    2010 by Ana Homayoun

    Pretending books are only for certain genders happens to boys too. This book is good for any person who is disorganized. As an adult female I also found this book helpful. I was a little bummed to find that it was written for parents of teens instead of for teens but it's worth pushing past that to pick up some great tips on note taking, scheduling, and excelling in spite of learning abilities.

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  • Overweight: A Handbook for Teens and Parents

    2005 by Tania Heller

    This one's written for teens and parents and it talks about what obesity is, why it's a problem, and how to know if you're obese. There are healthy lifestyle tips and it also touches on the problematic, unhealthy strategies some people use to lose weight. It's a great read if you're working on how your healthy mind can blossom with a healthy body.

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