Parties Gone Bad

By Mary Simon

We all love a good party. Many of us also love watching a good party go bad with sometimes dire, oftentimes hilarious consequences.

  • House Party

    2007 by Eric Walters

    Another teen party gone haywire. A teenage girl, new to town, caves to peer pressure and throws a party while her parents are away. I like this novel because the teen characters aren't simply cardboard cutouts of adults. This novel is short but the lessons to be learned are massive.

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  • The Guest Room : a novel

    2016 by Chris Bohjalian

    The bachelor party to end all bachelor parties. You think you're helping out the groom with a typical bachelor party when things go very, very badly. Will your life, your marriage, and your family ever recover? This novel features fine writing, excellent character development, and a mesmerizing plot!

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  • Sixteen Candles

    2008 by John Hughes

    This coming-of-age film includes an epic senior dance after-party that results in one completely trashed house. The party scene is unforgettable and has been imitated in many films that followed. During the bash, a small group of beer-chugging jocks pin the freshman head geek under a glass table, abduct his two friends, and take them on a joyride in the trunk of their car before eventually releasing them unharmed. Molly Ringwald, John Cusack, and Justin Henry star in this classic teen comedy.

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  • Agatha Christie Poirot

    2011 by Mark Gatiss

    Wholesome fun at Woodleigh Common turns harrowing when a children's Halloween party ends in the murder of 13-year-old Joyce Reynolds. This episode features an excellent cast and depicts the British version of Halloween, including songs and games we don't typically experience in the States. Sleuthing at its best.

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  • The Slap

    2015 by Jessica Hobbs

    A family barbecue in suburban Melbourne, Australia gets tense when a man slaps another guest's unruly child. Tensions run even higher when the boy's mother presses assault charges. It's a nightmare situation and a party you may want to avoid. This television series is based on Christos Tsiolkas' novel of the same name and was also developed into a miniseries in the US.

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    2007 by Stanley Kubrick

    You may think that the realization of erotic fantasies at an adult-only party would be tantalizing and titillating. Think again. Stanley Kubrik delivers many twists and turns in this epic film starring a married-at-the-time Tom Cruise and Nicolle Kidman. The film is based on Arthur Schnitzler's 1926 novella Traumnovelle (Dream Story) but the setting has been changed from early 20th century Vienna to 1990s New York City. The storyline follows the sexually charged adventures of Dr. Bill Harford who feels compelled to infiltrate a masked orgy/party hosted by a disturbing, secret society. [Note: we have the unrated version.]

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  • Risky Business

    1999 by Tom Cruise

    Joel Goodson's parents leave him to his own devices in a wealthy North Shore community near Chicago, but this kid is no partying slacker. He's a member of the Future Enterprisers club at his local high school and he's vying for the Young Entrepreneur Award so he can attend Princeton. After things go very badly for Joel, he is forced to convert his parent's house into a brothel to pay for the damage he's done to his father's prized Porsche. A young Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay star. An excellent sound track accompanies the movie.

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