Shred the Gnar

By Mary Simon

Snow will soon be falling (we hope) and now is the time to get ready for the fun with simple exercises to help tone and refine the muscles you'll need for the season ahead. And to get you into the mood, I've included some fiction titles so you can think about the adventures ahead at the lodge, on the trails, and in the woods.

  • No-fall Snowboarding : 7 easy steps to safe and fun boarding

    2005 by Danny Martin

    Everyone falls about a million times when learning to snowboard, so the title is a bit of a misnomer. But the way you fall is critical to avoiding major injury. I know that I have developed some habits/tendencies that I want to correct this season so I have started reviewing from this guide by veteran snowboarder Danny Martin. It may help you to maintain your balance and execute those enormously fun and wild jumps. Martin uses techniques from martial arts and coined the acronym NBP (Neutral Balanced Position) which is the key to not falling. This manual is well worth reviewing, especially for novices, but seasoned snowboarders may learn a thing or two as well.

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  • Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness : reach your potential on the slopes

    2007 by Mark Hines

    Knee sprains, spinal cord and shoulder injuries are just three types of common mishaps on the slopes. Like Martin, Hines believes that off-season conditioning is extremely important to success on the slopes, whether it be cardio training or specific exercises to strengthen muscles and muscle groups. His regimen outlines exactly how many exercise/strengthening techniques to conduct along with proper alignment or stance. I have most of the equipment he recommends but they are readily available at most fitness facilities, gyms, or sporting goods stores. The photographs in the book provide excellent guides to make sure you're executing the exercise properly. Try these training exercises and see if your performance improves. If nothing else, you will be in much better shape.

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  • The New Guide to Skiing

    2001 by Martin Heckelman

    From simple maneuvers to more complex steps, this guide will provide a foundation for your skiing training. The intent is for us to become comfortable and confident with the basics before moving on to more strident challenges. I've used this books to teach youngsters and in every case it does make a difference to "build the base." For the more advanced skier, the author offers guidelines on ski conditions, equipment, movements, and acrobatics. The strength of the guide is the color photographs used throughout, and many stop-action sequences so that you can see exactly how to turn, align your body, and ski with greater precision, ease and control.

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  • Crazy Blood

    2016 by T Parker

    How about a family feud which takes place in a gorgeous ski setting to calm and relax you after all the workouts you've been completing? This fast-paced novel involves the Carson dynasty who rule the ski resort town of Mammoth Lakes in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California. It's the story of half-brothers and the women who play significant roles in their lives amidst the Mammoth Cup ski race--a qualifier for the Olympics.

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  • Any Given Monday : sports injuries and how to prevent them, for athletes, parents, and coaches --based on my life in sports medicine

    2013 by James R Andrews

    I'm including this book, which covers a broad array of sports and injuries, because it puts sports into perspective for parents and coaches. Overuse is an epidemic in sports these days and kids are pushed to continue to compete even when it is ill-advised medically. Skiing and snowboarding require downtime, just like any sport, and this guide counsels practitioners and their advocates.

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  • Impulse

    2012 by Steven Gould

    A science fiction thriller which features teleportation and snowboarding. The snowboarding scenes are especially vivid with an avalanche that is incredibly epic! Not just for sc -fi readers, as the storyline is action packed and fun.

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  • The Crash Reel

    2014 by Pedro Kos

    The first snowboard film created by Burton--a name synonymous with snowboarding. My son-in-law worked for Burton for 9 years and he introduced me to the film. Snowboard legends Shaun White and Kevin Pearce are featured along with spectacular scenery gathered from more than 15 years of shooting. The two athletes were in stiff competition leading up to the Vancouver Winter Olympics, pushing each other to attempt extremely dangerous tricks. Kevin sustained a life-threatening injury and the film attests to his resilience and determination in returning to the slopes. Must see for snowboarding fanatics.

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  • Fit to Ski and Snowboard : the skier's and boarder's guide to strength and conditioning

    2006 by Rocky Snyder

    Rocky Snyder is another certified strength and conditioning specialist and this manual includes many exercises to not only maximize strength but to increase your endurance and skills on the slopes. I must admit that this guide is best used at a gym which has weight equipment (stationary and well as free style). If you are more advanced, you will definitely want to take this book to the gym with you to provide guidance on the proper isometric and plyometric exercises. Very detailed and worthwhile.

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