An Evening with Harlan Coben

By Cecilia Cygnar

The wildly popular bestselling and award-winning author is coming to Skokie Library on Wednesday, September 21 2016 at 7pm. Register here! Here is a sampling of some Coben highlights, though it's by no means a full list of his works--he's published almost 30 novels! Use these titles as either a starting point to familiarize yourself with Coben or as a refresher of his past successes.

  • Play Dead

    1990 by Harlan Coben

    Let's start at the very beginning. This standalone thriller is Coben's first published novel. When her pro-basketball player husband dies on their honeymoon, Laura begins to suspect his death wasn't an accident and starts to uncover the truth.

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  • Deal Breaker

    1995 by Harlan Coben

    The first in Coben's now legendary series featuring sports agent Myron Bolitar. When Myron's prized quarterback client gets a call from a former girlfriend who everyone believes is dead, unraveling the truth just might get people killed. Winner of the 1996 Anthony Award.

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  • Tell No One : a novel

    2001 by Harlan Coben

    A standalone novel that really put Coben on the literary map when it became his first New York Times bestseller. David's wife has been dead for eight years when he receives a message from her. No one else believes him and he doesn't know how but David knows the words are from his late wife.

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  • Tell No One

    2006 by Guillaume Canet

    Coben's bestseller book becomes a French thriller starring François Cluzet and British actress Kristin Scott-Thomas. The film was very well-received with critics and audiences alike...grossing over $6 million in the US and landing on many critics' top-ten lists.

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  • Shelter : a Mickey Bolitar novel

    2011 by Harlan Coben

    To appeal to a whole new audience of readers, Coben began a young adult series featuring Myron's nephew Mickey Bolitar. After his father dies and his mother is deemed unfit, Mickey is forced to live with his estranged Uncle Myron. When Mickey's girlfriend vanishes, his world meshes with his uncle's as Mickey investigates her disappearance.

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  • Fool Me Once

    2016 by Harlan Coben

    The most recent standalone thriller on Coben's bibliography. A recent war vet sees something that she cannot understand or comprehend involving her recently murdered husband. Is her husband dead or not? And does she really want to know the answer?

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  • HOME

    2016 by Harlan Coben

    The book that Coben is here to present at the Skokie Library is the 11th in the Myron Bolitar series which began in 1995! Join Harlan Coben in celebrating over 20 years of Myron Bolitar success! Here's to (at least) 20 more!

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